Short answer is you can't. 1. Unless you can't get wet regardless of mood then it maybe a medical thing you need to get checked up. I don't know what the actual word used to describe women with this condition but its when you naturally cant produce the natural lube in your body due to a deficiency. 2. If its not because of #1 then maybe you can try some different type of foreplay. Experiment with things that could turn you on. This is where the internet and google excels at.


I just re-read your post, have you considered that your friend needs to do other things? For example, play with your boobs, rub your belly, massage your legs, massage your feet, that kind of stuff.




Okay, then maybe he could try rubbing your belly or massaging your feet or something like that?


Ah you ace by any chance?


You might be asexual. I don’t fully understand it, but from what I understand, it’s someone who doesn’t feel the need for sex. There’s more to it than that but I think that’s the basic outline


If you're never turned on or in the mood, maybe your friend is not for you(gender, type, etc.), maybe sex isn't for you(asexuality), or you could be stressed (that can kill your sex drive too)


Do you ever see people you fancy? If yes do you look at your 'friend' and fancy them in the same way? Are you just trying to do sex stuff because they want to?


Could there be an emotional or psychological element? Perhaps anxiety? Alternatively, is it possible that you could be A-Sexual?