Please put an NSFL warning next time before posting Barto's face


I almost puked




I will never get the video of him dancing out of my head. Pure torture seeing that smug, stupid face.


What a bunch of twats those two were.


Still sad about aguero not playing more


It such a shame we couldn't see him continue in a Barca shirt who knows what he could've added. Definitely would be finishing off chances like auba


Definitive proof that Rosell and Bartomeu never played Football Manager.


And never watched Zealand


Only included first-team players, because I didn't really think that it made sense to include the fact, that Bartomeu signed ... let's say Nili Perdomo for free from Las Palmas in 2016. Anyways, I think it's good that we're making decisions like these once again. While some of them were misses - particularly Rüstü, Ezquerro, and Albertini - most of the players signed for free during Laporta's first presidency had a positive impact. Pinto was an amazing guy for the atmosphere in the locker room and a solid backup, all things considered, van Bommel contributed nicely in a CL-winning season, Gio was our main choice on left back for a few seasons, and Henke was a super-sub that played a significant role in our CL win in 2006.


who the fuck is Nili Perdomo




Well he’s free now




Was perdomo another off our pedri Torre dream?


Those mfs just wanted to launder money and make their acquaintances and friends rich. They never cared about the club.


Laporta looks so cool man, he was born to be a president. Just look at him he looks like an abosolute baller


Només veritats aquí dalt.




He basically said "only truths above me" in Catalan. As in the comment above me is speaking the truth.


Lol that shit got me


Why did Laporta get replaced as a president in the first place??


you cant stand for more than 2 terms together




two rats in the middle 🤮 get those vile mugs off this sub


Is Laporta our best ever president?


By a long shot if we are talking about the modern era. Signed Dinho instead of chasing after Beckham, signed prime Henry, on the advice of Cruiff gave the helm of the club to Pep, then there's the two CL (I'd even say 2011 ucl was more laporta than rossel)..


2011 was 100% Laporta's as well. It was Laporta who signed Villa as one of the last things before handing over the keys to Rosell. That 2011-team was built almost entirely by Laporta and Txiki.


Dont talk about Txiki… that hurts so much. We had everything, and the Cules were warned not to elect Russel, and this Motherf. started a campaign against Cruyff!!! And the Cules again voted for Barto because of the damn CL title. Its our own failure.


What would it look like if you dropped the "0" to keep thematic consistency?


My best guess is ... slightly different but almost the same? 🤷‍♂️


Man it is so sad that during a decade of messi’s barca career he had absolute inbreds at the helm. Just avg competence would prob have gotten us another ucl


he was given a lot by them too


Can we please renew Gavi to a long term contract? Pretty please


History Repeating itself... SEXTUPLE coming soon


Rosell was crooked but Bartomeu is the one who really finished off Barcelona. I hope both rot in hell


Sandro Rosell looks like if Michael Sheens father had a passionate love affair with a potbelly pig


Depay was a free ??


Weren't Aguero and Eric Bartomeu signings?




Rosell giving us the stank face


Aguero :(


Yet some people here keep saying that Laporta is just like Barto/Rosell ..... Smh


Laporta is the king of free transfer. Thanks for posting.


What if we went Laporta - Someone like Victor Font - Laporta, instead of the two Blood sucking Mites in the middle......


And United and Chelsea fans would still say Laporta is worse than Barto lol


This may seem simple. But this is a very alarming stat. No free signings for so long????? Wtfuck.


Ironically Bartomeu did manage to have several truly ridiculous panic signings in January most notably KPB as a 9 and Braithwaite.


Laporta gotta be charismatic af and speaks with passion about the club cause he truly loves it. Add that to the fact that Xavi is intelligent as a manager with clear ideals about football. On top of being in lovely Barcelona. We are massive


But what are the wages? Wages typically make up the cost of free transfers


One example, Frenkie, wasn't free and look at his wages are causing some...issues


99% of the players don't have a bidding war involved when you try to contract them.


Yea we had a real bargain wages with Griezmann, Coutinho, Dembele etc.


Think a big signing on fee for the player is more of an issue than big wages with free transfers, but agree with you that you need to look at the total cost of the transfer.


What a bloody lazy posting. First, calling any player “free” is a joke. These kinds of players receive a signing bonus that's not that far off if a club had to pay a transfer fee. The transfer fee for Depay is currently 20M according to rumours. His original price was something like 25-30M, so I wouldn't be shocked if somebody told me that Depay got at least 10M plus signing bonus.


> The transfer fee for Depay is currently 20M according to rumours. His original price was something like 25-30M, so I wouldn't be shocked if somebody told me that Depay got at least 10M plus signing bonus. This is utter nonsense. What transfer fee? Depay was out of contract. And sure, of course, there is a sign-on bonus for free agents, but if Depay got one of €10 Mio. that is still one hell of a deal compared to what you would have to pay for him if he was still under contract. You do realize, that players usually *also* get a sign-on bonus when they transfer while still under contract? And then you can add agent commissions, probably image rights payments, and *then* there's the fee you would have to pay his current club to terminate his contract with them. No, a free transfer is never free. But yes, they are *absolutely* cheaper than a regular transfer when you consider all things. If they were genuinely as expensive, why would any team ever wait for a player to run down his contract? What would be the upside for the *"buying"* team?


Dude 10M is the lowest end what Depay would have gotten and if somebody told me that he got 20M as a bonus I would not be shocked. Second…look at how much value was lost in players leaving for a fraction of the cost of getting them of even for free. Just Messi leaving alone is a bigger loss in terms of value than any so-called free players that aren't actually free. ​ >No, a free transfer is never free. End of discussion, and I applaud you for agreeing with me.


> Dude 10M is the lowest end what Depay would have gotten and if somebody told me that he got 20M as a bonus I would not be shocked. I call absolute bullshit on these rumors. The market is going in the exact opposite direction in terms of free transfers. Kessié reportedly didn't even get one, Dybala fucked himself up by trying to get a fat sign-on bonus and ended up settling for Roma, and sources are saying that some Premier League player has been trying to get a £10 Mio. sign-on bonus all Summer but nobody is latching on to him. I simply don't believe that Memphis got €20 Mio. - especially not when he is reportedly on something like €7 Mio. a year. > Second…look at how much value was lost in players leaving for a fraction of the cost of getting them of even for free. Just Messi leaving alone is a bigger loss in terms of value than any so-called free players that aren't actually free. This is a word salad that would take me ages to figure out. Be more concise. What are you trying to say? That losing your star players is a bad thing? Yeah, no shit. > End of discussion, and I applaud you for agreeing with me. Come off it. I didn't think that I need to explain to anyone that free transfers are not actually completely free on a fucking Barcelona subreddit. Let me ask you this: Do you genuinely believe that signing players out of contract end up costing as much as signing players that are currently under contract?


You’re telling me “free transfers” will be close in value for high profile players like Messi, Dembele and Neymar? In those cases the transfer fees will be very substantial. Why else would Chelsea run down Dembele’s contract? And you’ve totally ignored that guy’s other point - these players receive sign on bonuses and agent bonuses even when they are under contract. It is not exclusive to out of contract players. Just look at Haaland’s case. You saying a free transfer wouldn’t make his move significantly cheaper? Even in the case of Memphis you brought up we’ve saved 300% of his sign-on fees had he been under contract. Not some insignificant number.


What arguments? Neither you or OP are actually making arguments, except agreeing with me that free transfers aren't free. How many players have left Barca for a fraction of the cost or either free? With the valuation of Messi you could probably buy the entire Barca squad.


Dude, nobody here is asserting that free transfers are fully free. The point is that they are much cheaper than signing the same players whilst under contract. I fail to see how bringing Messi into this is relevant. Yes his valuation is high but so what? Had we sold him for a transfer sum the buying club has to pay his sign on fee AND the transfer fee. We would then be able to reinvest that transfer fee, something we can’t do because Messi left on a free. This is simple maths dude you’re embarassing yourself.


Bro, you came in with a dishonest argument as if nobody fucking knows that players cost money, how dense are you?


Yea...that's common knowledge just not for the person who post this meme > signed for free during ​ >single first-team player on a free transfer. Also, let's ignore amount of players that were sold for an either a fraction of the original purchase or walked out for free (Messi). In a couple of years, you lot will shit on Laporta as well for selling off Barca assets to buy players regardless of how much fee was paid.


Free transfer means that they were free agents not that they were free of charge. Freedom of speech means you can say whatever you want, but saying that Memphis has a 20m signing bonus is just a blatant lie you pulled out of your ass. By your mental juggles we could also say Messi didn't leave for free as we stopped paying him 100m before tax per year. And lastly, Madrid sold 100% of their TV rights for a 7 year period in the past and look how "bad" it went for them. Stop trying to mold the narrative to your conspiratory guess and wait for result or lack of them before complaining. Or just be quiet.


Clueless person. Go back to r/soccer


I know he is a joke and I am ready to be massacred by downvotes but at some point we were monsters under bartomeu. They team we got the cl with ney was a joy to watch.


That was a great team indeed but look at the core of the team. For the most part, they were players that had been promoted or bought during Laporta's first presidency: * Marc-André ter Stegen: Bought by **Bartomeu** in 2014. * Dani Alves: Bought by **Laporta** in 2008. * Gerard Piqué: Bought by **Laporta** in 2008. * Javier Mascherano: Bought by **Rosell** in 2010. * Jordi Alba: Bought by **Rosell** in 2012. * Sergio Busquets: Promoted by **Laporta** in 2009. * Ivan Rakitic: Bought by **Bartomeu** in 2014. * Andrés Iniesta: Promoted by **Laporta** in 2004. * Lionel Messi: Promoted by **Laporta** in 2005. * Neymar: Bought by **Rosell** in 2013. * Luis Suárez: Bought by **Bartomeu** in 2014. Subs: * Jérémy Mathieu: Bought by **Bartomeu** in 2014. * Xavi: Promoted by **Gaspart** in 2000. * Pedro: Promoted by **Laporta** in 2009. Keep in mind that this is five years after Laporta has left office, yet almost half of the starting lineup were players that he either bought or promoted to the first team. That should tell you something about the impact his presidency had compared to that of Rosell and Bartomeu. Rosell was a crook but he was definitely much better than Bartomeu with his transfers. He brought in Cesc, Alexis, Mascherano, Alba, and Adriano. Bartomeu also had his moments, particularly in the first couple of seasons. I think 2016 was *really, really* good. André Gomes and Paco Alcácer - especially Gomes - may not look good retrospectively, but at the time they seemed like really solid transfers considering our needs. Umtiti and Digne were genuinely great transfers. 2014 was obviously also good with Rakitic, ter Stegen, Bravo, and Luisito. But after 2016 everything just descended into chaos, pure and utter chaos.