The king of hypothetical match ups


Can't lose a fight if it only ever takes place in your head.


Ironically, he has been losing to mental health


I wasnt supposed to laugh at this. I wasnt


Ah the Ohma Tokita method


Listen I'm not saying I'd knock out God in 4, but if he touched my chicken nuggies it's a wrap.


I like Garcia fight, i knock him out within 3. Both statements hold the same weight.


I like you, I knock you out in 2


That was really funny


You wanna get knocked out too bro?


If you like me too




Ryan Garcia knocks out Jake Paul in MMA with a flying knee in round 1. Yeeeet


Just trying to keep his name in the news






People are calling out his mental health issues because he pulled himself out of a fight and was talking shit on Twitter like 2 weeks later (maybe less). If he would’ve shut the fuck up, got better, and then talked about like he’s done in the last few days people would be forgiving. Instead he just kept acting like a diva on social media. Same kinda goes for Fury. I do believe he had mental health issues, but it was fishy that his mental health issue coincided with failed A sample urine test.


So it's his fault people can make fun of his mental health because he invites it by saying stupid things on social media. Fucking hell, not quite as bad but this is one step removed from saying women were invited to be raped because they wore a short skirt. Give your head a wobble. If you've read my comments, you'll see I'm saying it's okay to criticise him for posting stupid comments on social media, it's where the criticism is aimed that's distasteful.


Wow. So you’re doubling down. Ok. I think your analogies are not correct, but whatever.


The thing with Ryan is it seems like he just hides behind it. He was pulling out of fights but literally doing tequila commercials and calling guys out on Twitter and hanging out with youtubers and tik tokers


You never know, once i got a call about my friends suicide attempt who showed no signs.


I've had a friend post his night out on social media and was having a great time. He got home and called me crying and saying he was considering harming himself, I went round to his straight away. Other people who saw what a good time he was having would never have known


You can't say it seems like he's hiding behind it, you literally don't know him or much about him personally, one day of filming for a tequila commercial, must be completely sound of mind then It proves absolutely nothing Also hanging out with friends, nobody who's depressed or has issues would do that, god forbid he do something he enjoys and posts a happy thing on instagram or whatever, must mean he's okay


That’s literally why I said that’s what it seems like because it’s not definitive but that’s how he makes it look. Can you explain why he pulls out the Fortuna fight but immediately and constantly calls out other fighters? He just seems pretty hypocritical. Obviously none of us really know for sure and you can give him the benefit of the doubt but it’s difficult for me to explain his behavior. Canelo has even said publicly that he doesn’t take boxing too seriously.


They are being condescending to someone casually and crassly invoking "mental health" at their own convenience and they probaly are (correctly) picking up on some insincerity on his part, as well.


Fucking hell, 'at their own convenience' 'correctly' picking up on insincerities, doctors should just quit and be replaced by you lot who can diagnose someone through their instagram and twitter activity


Why would you assume a doctor is involved?


To prescribe a condition


You mean diagnose. And you're that credulous to assume they have some sort of official dx every time there's an utterance of an over-used phrase?






Stop giving this IG celeb attention


*TikTok professional shadow Boxer


Fuck I coulda been a contender if I knew this was a career.


Me too been shadow boxing like Cubans for 15 years.


This ”IG celeb” would sleep Kambozo and put Haney into a dream


used to fuck w this guy, but cmon now u cant just be all talk


Bottom or top?


lol u know what “fucking w” someone or something means bud in the context i used it in.. nice try tho lil bro


More talking without fighting, typical Garcia


Of course he *likes* the Kambosos fight. Back of the line, pal.




He wont take it and hes just talking how he talks the same way about the davis fight… nether good matchups.. plus hes all golden boy has anymore so they gunna keep padding his record and cherry picking and getting every penny they can with an undefeated record…


Don’t they have Vergil?


Yeah and mungia, golden boy is stacked with young talent


Yea but how many ppv stars they have?


Who’s really a Ppv star right now? Is Ryan a ppv star? He had the potential but now he’s a joke.


Imagine if Campbell would have KO’d him on that early knockdown


I think that broke Garcias confidence, like he recovered well from the knockdown, but Campbell isn‘t a power puncher and Garcia got clowned pretty hard for that on the internet which I‘m sure hurt him pretty bad mentally


And the thing, is if that the case, he should focus more on how he bounced back and won the fight


Yeah but he probably spends a lot of time on social media and people there love to focus on the negative which will affect him, and I doubt he can survive without social media for to long


He got that Papadam Chin like Amir Khan


Lmao papadam chin


But far better recovery than Khan


He’s young. Everyone has recovery at 21


That was a flush shot. I'm surprised he was able to get up and shake it off so quickly. Haney hugged for 4 rounds after getting caught by Linares. Not everyone recovers the same.


I think I ko Garcia in 6 rounds. I like that fight. Sign the contract. I’m about to do an exhibition with Iran Barkley.


Young fighter that talks shit and fights once a year against less than top contender opposition, ya I don’t listen to you.


Campbell was a legit fight. Funny how he made it through that and ever since seems like he doesn’t want anything like that again.


I think Kambosos is a terrible matchup for Ryan. He was landing shots at will on Teo due to his hand speed which is honestly superior to Ryan’s (no I don’t judge handspeed by BS shadowboxing videos) Kambosos showed he can go 12 with Teo/ beat homies face into a pulp Ryan does not have the minerals to go through hell.


Kambosos showed his future opponents that win or lose, they're going to be in for a long shitty night. Garcia does not give off the vibe of a guy willing to go underwater with his dance partner 12 rounds straight.


Garcia did get dropped by Campbell and came back to win via KO. So there is something there, I think people are giving him a lot of flak because of their disdain for him (which granted is pretty fair). But Garcia definitely has the hand speed and the power to KO just about anyone. However, and this is the big thing a lot of these young guys don’t really experience, Kambosos is relentless. He doesn’t have much power, but he is non stop with his offense. And the new guys aren’t used to that, they’re used to guys slowing their work rate down because the guys are afraid of what comes back. Kambosos is too much of a dog for that, and imo is what he has that makes him such a threat. Especially coupled with the fact that he’s clearly always in top physical condition.


And Teofimo probably can take more shots and has better defense than Garcia. Edit: And Ryan's not even in the conversation. It's Haney or Lomachenko.


Yeah most likely better at taking shots. However he seems to be struggling mentally. So it also depends on whether he’s 100% or not. We saw a more vulnerable Lopez in his last outing, and it seemed like this was the reason why. Coupled with his god awful corner. At the very least, Garcia has Reynoso.


Yeah, Lopez has a lot of mental issues, too. Lotta personal stuff going on in his life.


He was landing shots on Teo because he was danferously weight drained. Reddit has no chill. They went from saying Kambosos was a waste of time for Teo to Kambosos is a god. There will be money to be made in Kambosos next fight if the stans put their money where their mouth is.


Kambozo doesnt have faster hands than King Ry 🤣 Kambozo beat a Teo who was on the verge of death that night due to health conditions




It’s fine. King Ry will sleep Kambozo


Given how Ryan loves his social media memes, I deem this one appropriate: https://youtube.com/shorts/08BgTHgXGU0?feature=share


I watched this fool and Campbell on a podcast talking about how Campbell exposed Lomachenko in their fight. With a straight face they both said that. There’s confidence and then there’s pure delusion.


Campbell IMO aside teofimo, and salido did the best against loma. You could argue i think that campbell also faced the best version out of the 3. Loma was way to slow to start against Teo, which cost him the fight. And Salido he was so green as a pro, he didnt understand and adjust to dirty tactics until after. The loma we all know/admire actually faced Campbell, and Campbell made a good account of himself. Now "exposed" i wouldnt say is the word at all.


Salido didn't do well against loma. He punched him in the dick literally a hundred times. Loma walked into exchanges with one glove covering his balls at times in the fight because he knew salido wasn't throwing punches anywhere else.




Negative attention is still attention.


I would really love to see this asshole getting KOd.




Jake Paul is more of a boxer than this joke


No, at least Ryan has fought other real boxers inside of his weight class and is not next going to call out some baking YouTube channel star for his next fight or something. I don’t like what Ryan has been up to lately either but Jake Paul is a fucking clown and should be treated as such.


Bro shut the fuck up


Yeah, I can probably knock out Kambosos within seven rounds too. But I guess I’ll never get a chance to prove it. I could knock out Ali and Prime Mike Tyson at the same time if they’d just get in the ring with me. But they won’t, they scared and running. I’ll probably knock out Fury and Mayweather in the first round, first punch, probably, if they’d just get in the ring with me.


Went to war with Campbell who was on his way out….Fucking kid is a joke. Needs to start fighting and shut up


I don’t think war is the right word, he won every round except the knockdown round and the fight ended in the 7th, you also speak as if Luke is some bum and not a Olympic gold medalist. Luke also didn’t go into the fight with retirement on his mind, that bout was for a mandatory slot. We can bash Ryan 24/7 and I’m in but he at least deserves his props for that win.


It was great win and showed he can be elite but cmon man he hasn’t fought since and is talking mad shit. I get it if he doesn’t want to fight anymore. But don’t keep acting like you want to.


I never touched on any of that in my comment, I agree he talks too much. I’m referring to the guy saying he went to war with Luke and trying to downplay the win.


He had peoples sympathies with his mental health issues but I feel like he has kind of shown to be a hypocrite on a lot of that and he isn’t doing anything to shake up his image of being an “Instagram fighter”.


War? LOL he lost one round and comfortably won the rest.


Ryan really shouldn't be out here talking shit, not when he ducked the champ when he was the challenger. ​ Usually, we hear about the champ ducking the challenger, or two champs refusing to unify and ducking each other. But Ryan? He was the mandatory challenger, but he ducked the champ! Who does that? If you're really good, who refuses a shot at the champ?




Just fucking fight, for christs sake.


All talk like always


I think Ryan Garcia's just scared of losing because he'll lose his clout. This guy grew up with a camera in his face while training. Clout is everything on social media. That's likely where his depression comes from. That's also likely why he keeps saying soundbites despite never fighting top opposition.


He fought Luke Campbell who’s a top fighter imo. Scared of losing a fight is huge, and a lot of fighters have it. Tyson had it too. Dying in the ring is a possibility, losing horrifically is a possibility. Give him a year and let’s see if he fights anyone. Reynoso might straighten him out.


With the exception of Luke Campbell of course, my fault.


Is this Ryan Garcia the boxer or the TikTok guy


Just got high and watched this old Kids in the Hall sketch called "The King of Empty Promises." Reminded me of Ryan Garcia.


Reynoso should’ve kicked him out by now.


The golden ploy isn't going to fight this year it seems.


And then Ryan wakes up and gets some breakfast


Boxing would be better off if this dude just went away.


Boy can't even beat depression


I like Jennifer Connelly. Doesn't mean it'll happen.


Lol Garcia sucks. Stick to Instagram kiddo


No doubt


All bark, No Bite.


The only thing he’s knocking out is his therapy appointments when he has another mental breakdown


No need to shit on people for their mental health. Shit on Garcia for not fighting.


He wasn’t fighting cuz of his mental health. Take a seat








Sounds like you need to speak to a therapist


And sounds like you need a chill pill, there’s no point of being mad at a kid who has mental breakdowns sometimes, i bet you have those too


No bro lmao




Kingry definitely sleeps Kambosos.


If putting him to sleep by making him read tweets with no fights sure.


lol anyone that refers to Ryan Garcia as “Kingry” probably has bias issues.


Undisputed GOAT of shitty nicknames


“Kingry” rhymes with “angry”, right?


the only thing he is gonna be knocking out is the bottle after Kambosos knock him out in 3 rounds




I bet he will retire in a few years after beating a few nobodies




so fight him


All cap 🧢 he couldn’t even fight for one title.




This guy needs to fight someone already


😆 the nerves on this kid!


Kambosos wilts Garcia with pressure. Funny he said within 7 because I think from 8 onwards is when Garcia starts to break.


2 questions: 1. Who is he actually going to fight next? 2. When is he actually going to fight next?


I think Ryan has taken the crown from Whyte when it comes to people who talk the most and do the least. I get that he has to stay relevant somehow but taking a tuneup would do him better at this point.


Oh Ryan…shut them bitch ass Twitter fingers up and go talk to your therapist.




Hahaha no chance Garcia loses and loses very comprehensively


Then fight him, quit bullshitting. I doubt you mentally tough enough to last the fight


I Campbell caught him n dropped him' George probably does the same but is more likely too finish Garcia. N Ryan should take a fight before these top monsters with how long hes been out the ring imo


I’ve never heard a guy with more fake confidence than Ryan. It’s like everything he says is to “promote himself” yet he doesn’t believe a word that leaves his mouth.


King Ry too fast and too powerful for Kambozo


Yeah because the fight will happen in 10 years haha


He should just start bodybuilding he’s been out the ring too long


He didn’t sound enthusiastic at all when Ellie asked him this. I doubt he’s interested. He looks good in training clips but I doubt he’s mentally ready.


I like Kingry but the more talk without action will make his mental health every worse.