What effect? I think the sport would die along with the fighters lmao


>what effect do you think it would have on boxing? A lot more people would die or end up physically and/or mentally crippled.


A lot of dead people and too brutal of fights for most fans. Boxing would die. Less new fighters due to in crease in brain and physical damage which results in shorter careers. And that’s if you don’t die.


Violence. Simple as that.


I wish senzu beans were real so this could be the case. lol


No PEDs allowed


the guys with the best stamina would win.


Mayweather gym invented this?,,,


They didn’t. It happens at plenty of gyms across America, and I’m sure it’s been going on for a long time. I remember people called out Ann Wolfe for doing it too at her gym


Is this why Kirkland was a glass cannon? He had incredible stamina for his style but maybe his punch resistance got reduced in these camps.


A few days someone posted a video of Ann Wolfe throwing medicine balls at Kirkland‘s head and back. Kirkland is lucky he isn’t paralysed or something from all the things Ann Wolfe probably did to him.


Mayweather hate boner has been real recently


It's not so much the hate, it's more because Mayweather is known for going the distance and winning by decision. Sounds a little contradicting tbh


No people have been posting shit like how Canelo losing is also the “Mayweather effect” wearing off even though boxing has been on fire for a year and a half, people saying Mayweather probably invented the dog house concept, Mayweather hasn’t had as good a run as Canelo, stuff like that


>No people have been posting shit like how Canelo losing is also the “Mayweather effect” wearing off I haven't seen any posts like that >even though boxing has been on fire for a year and a half Tbf that's more the Canelo effect than Mayweathers. Boxing started picking up around the time Canelo started the undisputed run >Mayweather hasn’t had as good a run as Canelo, stuff like I've never heard or seen anyone say that


in that case..... give me prime Calzaghe.... May not rock the other guy but 100 punches every 3 minutes for 36 minutes will do the trick.


Calzaghe‘s wet dream is literally this. Just throw until the guy gives up.


Lmao like Mayweather was the one to invent these rules for a combat sport


Some people also believe he invented the philly shell


How is this entertaining? I want to see adjustments, and science not a brawl.


Eubank jr would be a p4p talent


This is the way boxing used to be before queensbury. Dudes would die or be permanently injured. It was not invented by anyone. The boxing would be worse and people would die from it. Rounds are an important element for the sweet science. Where you regroup and recalibrate while you are not getting hit in the head.


Boxing in the early 1900's was actually like this. Unlimited rounds. Fight was over when someone quit or couldn't continue. And it was bare knuckle.


\>For those of you who don't know, the Doghouse rules were (probably) invented at the Mayweather gym and refer to boxers fighting each other until one drops or quits. No, they weren't invented at the Mayweather gym, Jack Johnson used to fight these type of bouts all the time.


im no boxing historian man i just wrote that down so people would have an easier time understanding


OK, cool, I had an interest in BKB prizefighting.