He’s a young fighter, let’s see where he goes. These tweets 100% not that wild tho. I was expecting like some real hard shit.


I imagine they tell them beforehand the questions, or at least discuss what's not acceptable to ask.


fight fans be so aggressive online ... ​ some have the gift of gab and make it funny and original ,, lotta times it just seems like unnecessary anger and its quite cringe


Social media is just pure toxicity when celebrities are involved


I somehow knew this would happen sooner or later


Oh, he admitted to being insecure about his tattoos? People going to dig on that shit now lol


A lot of Ryan's recent hate has come from the fact he ditched Saul and is no longer manipulated by him and his team. When Saul was in his back pocket? It was King Ryan this, King Ryan that. As soon as he came to his senses and decided he didn't need Saul and was being manipulated, it went downhill.


Yup, Team Reynoso fandom attacked Ryan Garcia hard after his departure. It was just a simple matter of Reynoso not having time for Ryan, he was too busy with training many fighters and also acting as Canelo's manager and whenever he was there Ryan needed his dad for translation due to language issue. There was no need of all the vicious attacks across all social media platforms like twitter, instagram and youtube for a simple decision of changing training camps and coach which is a normal thing for many boxers.


Not everything in this sport is about Canelo lmao, chill


Tell that to this sub.