Tank's best fight


Masterclass. Pedraza came at him all wrong but tank delivered as he should’ve


He said Mayweather tried to set him up with this fight. He said he wasn’t ready for this fight


That right almost took his head off.


Good restraint to pull the left after that massive right.


For a big KO puncher Tank is, he’s also very strategic & settled on taking the right shots and not punching himself out. The lead jabs to the body changed Pedraza’s will to continue fighting


Agree. One of the most interesting parts of this round is just watching Pedraza’s movement slowly deteriorate into nothing as he is ground down.


you can see pedraza style start to break as tank started to land the heavier shots. gotta respect the power


Man props to Tank for starting to take his training/career seriously the last couple years. You can see the subtle differences in his physique even from this fight. Seeing the type of training he was doing in the AllAccess clips this fight and last are a stark difference from the IG Live videos we’d see of him coming home blasted drunk with AB eating a mountain of gas station food lol


Both an excellent Boxer and Puncher. They call Tank overrated because he hasn't had another big name like this on his resume. But I believe he is still underrated in my book. If he fights and wins against Loma, Garcia, and Haney, he will be top 5 p4p, no more questions.


Proud to see pedraza still fighting 💪🏽🇵🇷


The last time that he was in a 50/50 or 60/40 fight (at the time) which was over five years ago. Pathetic


This fight, as the comain event of the largest ppv ever, should have catapulted Tank’s career. The world thought this kid was the next face of boxing perhaps. A mini Mike Tyson who demolishes those in his path/ taking the reigns as boxings star from his idol and promoter Floyd. This fight could/ should have been his easiest opponent from the time he won until today. And here we are 5 years later and pedraza is the best opponent on his resume. Tomorrow, Tank fights an opponent who has 14 pro fights, one of was a ‘win’ against Marinez that he lost 11 out of 12 rounds of and was gifted the decision. Rolly Romero is not ranked in the top 10 in any of the four major sanctioning bodies or ring magazine. If you look at the rankings across all, it is difficult to say he is a better fighter or more difficult matchup than any of the top 15 across all bodies. That is the type of opponent a 27 year old tank Davis is fighting tomorrow. And it’s on PPV. If tank doesn’t leave Floyd his career will be completely ruined/ he needs to stick to his guns and move on. Devin Haney is fighting for undisputed in Australia on free tv. Shakur Stevenson has unified belts at 130. Loma and Teo both raised all them straps. Gervonta is fighting a trash can. Sad.


Can someone explain why the ref starts the count at 5?


Theres someone outside the ring who starts counting the moment a fighters body makes impact with the canvas and the ref takes it from there. You can see him ushering Tank back before he starts counting. If the ref had to do it all by himself maybe he fucks up the count.




He watched James Toney highlights pre fight and thought he could just slip and shoulder roll every punch stationary on the ropes


even though he hits the canvas, it's clear here he has good defense. Does he feel more comfortable standing in front of people making them miss ('cause he can) than grabbing on?


And he hasn't fought an opponent as good as this since.


I don't know why, but there is a particular personal pleasure in watching these leapfrogs getting grinded by someone slower and more tactical. Stop shaking around, this isn't a rap battle. Well, I guess he did stop in the end.


Tank is so fucking skilled man it's sad we are not seeing him with the best.


Pedraza still going on strong at 140, got robbed in his last fight vs Ramirez imo I think he’s Lomas and Tank’s best win tbh


He's slow for a little guy