Joe Goossen building up a nice little stable, wondering if he's still going to have time to commentate on PBC cards


Joe Goossen gets way too much hate as a commentator I think he’s fantastic


The only card that FOX has coming up is the Ortiz/Ruiz PPV all the other PBC fights are on showtime.


Ryan's Dad was the one training Frank


Henry Garcia was training both Ryan and Frank while Reynoso was missing, it was just a matter of time both of them left Reynoso.


“Frank Sanchez is a byproduct of the Ryan Garcia scenario because Lupe Valencia is his manager as well,” Goossen said on The 3 Knockdown Rule on Triller. “Henry Garcia, Ryan’s dad, works with Frank as well up in San Diego. So now Frank is at my gym as well.” … “So between Chris Arreola, who’s going to be fighting in August, Frank Sanchez, who is going to be fighting I believe in early July, and then I’ve got Geovany Bruzón out of Cuba. And one of my favorites is a fighter from the Olympic team over in Armenia, Gurgen Hovhannisyan, 6’6”, 280 [pounds]. “I’ve got four heavyweights and Ryan, five guys, but I give a lot of time to each guy individually. Like I say I’ve got no complaints at all.”


Goossen > Reynoso


Sanchez needs to talk more shit and get bigger fights