One of the best performances I’ve ever seen live


Bam is that dude.


The Legend Killer. He's going to destroy all the old gen 😟


I was amazed


Dude is a generational talent. He next up fr


2 down , 2 to go Enter the New Blood Era


He’s committed to step aside for his older brother. I think his older brother loses to both Estrada and Gonzalez and THEN we will get to see him against the remaining two.


I think Chocolatito would give him trouble. Dude beat Martinez soundly. Unless he aged overnight.


Chocolitito is the final boss Bam should fight a champ or 2 at 112 , move up to challenge Estrada .. then challenge Choco at his finale at 115 before chasing the Inoue fight


That sounds like a horrible gameplan for Chocolatito. He would be 2-3 years older than he is now. He is in the final stretch of his career. The sooner the better for Chocolatito. Even then, Bam is a tall order.


They will keep him away from Inoue at all costs. Entirely too dangerous. They don't want to mess up his marketability.


realistically I can see that fight happening late 2025 - 2026 .. by that time Bam will be 26yo , fought a couple champs at 112 , 115 , and hopefully 118 .. in that time , Inoue will fight Butler , try out 122 .. either become the man at 122 or move back down to 118 if its too much ... so by late-2025/2026 ,, I think the timeline will be right for them to meet


We forgetting Inoue isn't exactly young he will be like 32 or 33 by the tike they fight and Inoue might exit his prime by then.


SSR wasn't exactly a development gimmie fight


Didn't the final boss get fucked by this Thai twice


That was 5 years ago, and in the meantime SSR has withered into a shell of his former self and Gonzalez looks as good as ever. I'm not saying Bam loses, but it would be a much bigger test.


Bam looked great here, but man SSR looked kinda shot. Like he was so much slower and a lot of his punches looked like they had so much less snap to them.


that's because he is.


A legend that is 35 and coming off a 15 month layoff. That is the reason why he was chosen as an opponent.


Correct. Rat Punch was just a name at this point. He looked horrible in that fight with the 40+ Thai opponent.


Fought with 40+ thai opponant and focus on WBC only, It's waste of time until he got 35 today!


His longtime girlfriend broke off with him and (allegedly) took a lot of his money. He was never the same after. Edit: some source https://www.boxingscene.com/amp/sor-rungvisai-struggling-mentally-return-postponed--128062


Martinez is flat footed as fuggg


Martinez and Bam are worlds apart in skill. Its like saying well Pacquiao beat Brandon Rios so he would easily beat Roberto Duran.


Poor comparison. Bam isn't Duran caliber. Insult to even put his name as comparatives when discussing Rodriguez. Dude beat a 35 yr old SSR coming off a 15 month layoff. His last fight was against Cuadras who was 33 yr and coming off a knockout lost against Estrada. Let's not act like Rodriguez is some kind of world beater. He is a young talent on the rise. They are being selective with his matchmaking for a reason. Also put some respect on Chocalitito's name. Dude is a future hall of famer for a reason.


Dont be dramatic. I was using it as a comparison of the difference in skill level. Eat a snickers


Martinez was just a bit Overrated. Bam Vs Chocolatito IDK I didn’t see his fight vs Rungvisai.


Chocolatito vs Bam would be the finale to the golden age of the super flyweight division. Provided, like you say, he hasn’t aged overnight, Gonzales would give him the fight of his life imo


Fucking monster Bam vs. Chocolatito 🤤


Man, I feel like this would be a very tough fight for Chocolatito but I am here for it. Bam was able to box circles against SSR because of how slow his feet and hands are now. I think the fight against Chocolatito will be great since he should be able to bring the heat to Bam, unlike SSR, through his footwork, accuracy, inside fighting ability and activity.


What a performance. Can't believe he's only 22, already boxes like he's in his prime. Please make the Chocolatito and Gallo fights soon, should have no problem since they all fight on DAZN.


Bam just proved he's a special talent, I hope we get to see him against Chocolatito or Estrada soon


What a performance by Bam. Can't wait to see his career develop, and he's only 22... Crazy


Bam future P4P fighter, amazing performance against a King


Bam is the real deal! He will sweep 112-115 and will beat every fighter but the monster in 118 as well. It is sad that casuals do not pay attention to lighter class talent.


This man Bam is something special! Phenomenal performance


Great win for Jesse. I've stated before how I'm worried about the damage he'll take in exchange for stepping up early against the best due to the circumstances he's found himself in. Nevertheless, it has been so awesome to see the new kid in town come in and take the scalps of the old guard in a way you don't often see with this sport. I wish him nothing but the best, and I hope his career can have the same longevity as the greats he's been claiming victory over have had before him.


Chocolatito vs Bam is the fight to make right now.




If Estrada beats Franco then I would have to assume we'd see him against Bam next


Is Estrada-Franco still on? I thought I saw somewhere that Estrada’s going straight into the Chocolatito trilogy in the fall. Maybe I’m tripping


There was rumours about the trilogy but it was last reported that Estrada-Franco was rescheduled to August 20th


I'm ok with a one sided beatdown if it's as action packed as that!


P4P level and only 22, damn.


Bam will beat all the veterans - Choc, Estrada etc


Insane performance. I had chills. Dude is next level.


Bam was phenomenal. The atmosphere at the venue was incredible too


Just a great display of boxing. The way he stepped to his left a a lefty and kept his right up countering with the left over the side or stepped to his right and turned on that left hook. His defense, hand placement, holding on the inside when he had to and pushes off the shoulders to set up his side steps was just a thing of beauty. Rodriguez is gifted, he sees everything in slow motion.


So glad I came to see this after watching his last fight, Bam is incredible. San Antonio crowd probably got him super hyped too


Oh snap this is the same lad who fought Cuadras and did that stylie uppercut! Definitely one of the most exciting fighters right now! My boy SSR though :(


The competition at 115 is incredible. Super excited to see how Bam matches up against everyone


Amazing performance by Bam, sad to see a legend like Srisaket get beat like that, dang, but for Jesse meanwhile, would be interesting where he goes next, Chocolatito Gonzalez, unifications with Puma Martinez and the Ioka vs Nietes winner would all be nice fights, also a possibility Nonito Donaire slims down to 115, he has already stated he would want to go down to get a 5th division title if he dosent retire, future is bright for Jesse as long as he beats more top competition, heads up


Man some of these comments are absolutely fucking stupid. They somehow discredited this win and then started discrediting Inoue‘s 115 run for not fighting these guys all the while instigating that he apparently ducked these guys. You guys are weird.


Inoue could come down to 115 and KO every name fighter there.


There is no division better than Super Fly. Its phenomenal. People talk about "4 Kings" in the LW division who aint fighting each other... Super Fly has the real kings - Choc, Estrada, SSR and Ioka. Now add Bam to that mix. And it could get even better if Nakatani moves up. You love to see it!


4 Kings at Super Fly are Choc, Estrada, SSR, Cuadras


Is it too early to put him in the top 10 P4P?


A little too early but not way too early.


its not too early he just beat 2 very good fighters back to back


I mean they put Haney already I wouldn’t say it’s too early for Bam to be there especially with him beating a elite fighter in this manner


Eye test but not resume test


Yeah, two or three more wins at this level though and you can safely place him there.


This sub had Lomo there right after losing to Salido and Teo so why not?


I have Shakur number 1




For anyone wondering, M-150 is an energy drink I saw a lot in Thailand.


Say what you will about Eddie but he puts on the best fucking cards.


Would love to see him v Estrada


Watching Bam fight is truly a treat. Only Chocolatito and Loma make me say damn out loud this much


Shades of Pernell Whitaker


he's going to be special. interviewer said his camp plans on him going back down to 112 for his next fight, does that mean he has to vacate?


It depends on if he has to a mandatory to fight if not he should be fine.


The Grim Reaper came too early in ending the Golden Age of the 115lb division.


I like how dazn kept hyping up a ssr knockout that never came


He's only 22 ? My god, he looks like he's top 5 p4p.


I've never seen Bam fight before, but I'm a huge fan of SSR. That was tough to watch - but Bam did a spectacular job. This division is so incredible.


Meh. SSR is past it and idle. Slower and looking like there's no power in those punches. And Chocolatito, is way past it as well. He's just so high up in skills he makes it up for it. Not too mention Bam is thicker than most in this division. And if he fights like that against Inoue, he's not gonna last.


So instead of saying even 1 positive thing you shat on him for fighting someone who was champ not too long. You also forgot that he’s 22. Not in his prime. And how tf does Inoue fit into this? Isn’t he on the verge of moving up to 122? Bam is still a fresh 115. “Bam is thicker than most in that division“ yet he’s the one who was fighting at 112 just 1 year ago.


if anything, I shat on on folks who thinks he's gonna go through Inoue. It was a good win, sure. But let's not act like he met the truck that went through the P4P great that Chocolatito was.


This was supposed to be Inoue’s moment five years ago. His opposition at 115 puts a dent on his legacy imo


Bam beats inoue


not even gonna lie I'm surprised. I thought Visai would win since mexicans been taken lots of L's lately 😂


Dude is a beast. Hope we get Choco vs Bam in the pretty near future.


Is this the guy who got low-blowed by Dogbae and lost? (not actually lost, obviously bc of low-blow)


Im blanking right now but who is at 112 that would be worth going down for?


Maybe Julio Cesar Martinez? I see an ouboxing clinic for Bam


You got to love young boxers take the world by storm.


Bam's a beast, special fighter.


If bam can beat chocolatito and Gallo Estrada, he has an ATG resume.


The kid has spunk!!


Beautiful boxing


Really seems like Bam isn’t fighting the last two. Really believes Franco will do it.