It honestly seems like Golovkin is ready to be done with boxing soon. I can’t really blame him. He’s had a long career and I’m sure he feels like at least one win against Canelo was stolen from him.


Everybody knows the first fight was stolen from him. It wasn’t a domination but GGG clearly won


If Golovkin were to beat Alvarez, would he be interested in a fourth fight? “Probably not because it’s too expensive. For who? For DAZN? I don’t believe it. Just for who? For ESPN? Showtime?” Golovkin told BoxingScene.com. ... "I was not 100% sure [if the third fight would ever happen]," said Golovkin. "There were some developments in court from Alvarez. He wasn’t trying to take the fight at some point and was postponing it. But there was hope. On the other hand, I believe it is reasonable for him to agree to this fight right now."


Wow, I didn’t expect GGG to be so transparent. DAZN WILL NOT recoup their money from their $160 million dollar 3-fight deal with Canelo. In fact, neither would ESPN. Maybe Showtime because they sold tf out of Canelo/Plant and recently Tank/Rolly, but I doubt it! This is not a knock on Canelo, but boxing as a whole just isn’t selling. The era of the inflated guaranteed paydays are over, especially from DAZN.


Why can't fighters just be given a percentage of profits? I guess that opens up a whole load of accountancy shenanigans to manipulate how much they made on the books though. Boxing is such a dirty business.


If the promoters aren’t making money… Short Term: pay boxers less Long Term: figure out how much boxing is worth to live National Television Broadcasters and how much they can profit from airing it live. Like how EVERY other sport does.


It doesn't help that ESPNs coverage is going down the toilet. That Haney Kambosas fight was top to bottom one of the most unwatchable productions I've ever seen.


This is the way




Boxing will need to adapt for sure.


That would be the best way


>This is not a knock on Canelo, but boxing as a whole just isn’t selling. Seeing Ortiz v. Martin and Thurman v. Barrios on PPV was a warning of things to come.


Psssh try DAZN 11-fight $365million deal w/ Canelo (Canceled after 2 years) DAZN 6-fight $100million deal w/ GGG (Canceled after 1 year) DAZN paid M.Garcia ($7mil) vs Vargas ($2mil) DAZN paid Julio Cesar Chavez **Jr.** $6mil to fight Daniel Jacobs 😂😂 These numbers are wicked! Lmfao… the writing has been on the wall for a while


Fox licensing fee dropped so thats why those fights were on PPV(so that PBC could get over the line revenue wise to make those fights happen)..hilariously stupid stuff but Thurman been a guy getting like 3M while not even fighting on ppv(besides the Pac fight). and Ortiz made all that money fighting wilder twice. I imagine Fox will be done after this year with boxing


> DAZN WILL NOT recoup their money from their $160 million dollar 3-fight deal with Canelo I'm kinda shocked DAZN doesn't have their fingers in sports betting, that seems like the *easy* way to pay for high-profile events while also making more than their fair share of money back.


In steps Anthony Joshua


Canelo is going to win but can't blame Golovkin for wanting this fight win, lose or draw GGG gets that last large paycheck


I can’t see ggg winning this one, Canelo has done a good enough job stalling it. In their primes though convinced ggg was the better fighter.


They fought twice, GGG should have looked at other legacy fights for his career.


I’m aware, and the judges were bent in the first and the result questionable in the second. GGG wants the win he deserves but sadly don’t think he’s gonna get it


There would be no reason for a 4th fight, because if Golovkin wins this fight, he knocked canelo out. Canelo has only officially lost 2 fights, and both of them had very close scorecards even though canelo only won a single round at best in either of his losses(Mayweather fight was a complete shut-out, and bivol won 11 rounds). Ggg isn't fast enough at 40 to win on the cards.


11 rounds is too generous for Bivol. I think you could make a pretty good argument that Canelo won 3-4.


Obvious troll.


I believe ggg won both fights ! Ggg has to ko Canelo ala Pacquiao vs Marquez no doubt left after a KO


If GGG wins by KO, I would advise him to spit on Canelo's prone face, smile, and retire.


I love when the GGG fans show their true vitriol outright.


Fr though why the hate


it was a joke


what does he mean by too expensive? i’m sure he nets millions in profit?


hes saying DAZN won't be able to make the fight happen again bc they'll lose money paying out the fighters


I think he means in terms of permanent damage


Have you guys tried reading the article?