This is how you change history.


Wait the 2nd was the controversial one? It was super close either one winning is fine. Its the first one where GGG is like 2-3 rounds ahead.


It was more than 2-3 rounds


More than 3 is being generous


From the first fight? Most ringside observers had it 9-3 or 8-4 Golovkin.


I had it 8-4 ggg


It was hard to judge but at the end of the day I had it 118-110 Canelo


Mrs. Byrd shouldn't you be watching the fight you're judging in stead of scrolling r/Boxing


Ggg clearly won the first. The second was very close.


I think the first was GGG and the second was a Draw or Canelo win.


I thought the second was so close, it was acceptable that either man won by a round. It just sucked to see Canelo get that nod when GGG was robbed in the first.


These types of decisions are unfortunately going to tarnish Canelo’s legacy, because we know he should have at least one or two more losses. I believe the Trout fight was poorly scored too? I might be mistaken because it was a long time ago. I’m sure someone will correct me.


Trout had one bad scorecard but other than that the decision went to the right man, same with Lara.


Thanks mate. Memory can be tricky. So it’s probably just the first GGG fight and the Mayweather MD?


The Bivol fight also had bad scorecards. Really frustrating part of boxing and I agree it does mess up a fighters legacy’s. Took me a while to like Leonard just because the hagler fight and his second fight with hearns.




Yeah I have to really lean Canelo to get a 6-6 first fight. Realistically it was a 7-5 GGG imo. The second fight was pretty easy to score 6-6 or 7-5 Canelo though and I’d struggle to find a GGG win from it


Yeah I mean you can make a 'fair' 6-6 scorecard for the first fight, I actually did when I watched it but you'd never expect more than 1 judge to have it that way because there are only 6 rounds you can possibly give him and 10, possibly 11 that you can justify for GGG. If you replace the obviously completely corrupt Adelaide Byrd with a fair judge you'd probably be looking at a 90% probability they gave it to GGG


Yeah I completely agree.


He won both fights


You won't find any opposition from me on that


When you are not the A side jabs don’t count.


Very intelligent.. this is how u change history.. 100 years on people will think Canelo was the best middleweight of is era despite him losing


Facts 100 years later, no one will look at the controversy or backstory of the fights. They will see wins for Canelo and assume he's better. It's BS


People still talk about Leonard vs Hagler scoring till today. The difference between Canelo and GGG will be based on what they did after their fights. The scoring controversy will live on forever


Not in the casuals eyes


“It was a close fight,” Alvarez said of the second bout during a press scrum. “I’m motivated to end this rivalry.” Asked to clarify that he ‘understood’ that many observers did not believe he earned the nod over Golovkin in the second fight, Alvarez responded, “I understand.” Alvarez, 31, has wasted no time in setting a confrontational tone in the build-up for the Golovkin fight in September. The Mexican superstar and current undisputed 168-pound champion has vowed to end the Kazakh’s boxing career and has approached his face-offs with Golovkin with a degree of malice not typical from the typically laid-back fighter.


He aint ending anything he’s fighting a fucking 40 year old for fucks sake


I was stone sober in some bar watching the fight with the commentary off and music playing and I remember thinking GGG was jabbing his head off.


Second? Interesting.. If so the 1st one was a daylight robbery which makes GGG 2-0 up


If only he said this in 2019


Second fight was super close and despite what the geniuses on here say, a canelo decision isn’t a highway robbery. The first fight however is bullshit.


Lol this whole media tour is so fucking dumb, and I’m a major fan of this fight happening. But both guys don’t really talk shit in general. The whole point of media tours were so that Floyd would talk mad shit the whole time and make it exciting. These guys just sit there and hardly speak lol. I mean the first time GGG speaks in initial conference, he goes “Can I speak in Russian?” 🤦‍♂️ Like dude.. I understand you can speak in Russian way better than English, but we’re here to sell a fight in America where predominantly most of the ppv buys are likely to come. Plus you speak English pretty damn good. Just say some shit like “he’s a good boy. He’s good” some back handed complement would sell a fight here way better than 3 minute responses in Russian where the translator can’t even remember half the shit he said. It’s just like this entire media tour, facing off 30 times, with two guys who don’t sell fights with their words is just a waste of time.


“is so fucking dumb” Ya, like this take right here. Go watch some WWE bud


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