>Ryan and Tank’s resume are quite similar in terms of greatness, both being mediocre Actually got me laughing in restaurant with this line, cheers OP


Luke Campbell is the best fighter on both their resumes.


Jose Pedraza Leo Santa Cruz Tank has the better resume lets cut the BS. Luke Campbell was coming off covid and that lost ever round to Loma a year earlier. Luke Campbell a good boxer but he never beat a champion and Tank has.


Leo's best weight was 122. The only weight class he was elite in. Lets cut the bullshit.


Name someone from Ryan Garcia resume that is better than Leo Santa Cruz....


Lets put it this way. If Tank would’ve beat Campbell it wouldve been a better win than Leo, even tho Leo is the more accomplished fighter


Luke Campbell. Fortuna also beats him. Remember, Campbell was at 135 and Fortuna at 140. Leo Santa Cruz was never great above 122. 126 and up he was fairly average, hence, why Tank fought him. Literally, made for Tank to KO.


Leo Santa Cruz was going up two weightclasses, I agree, let's cut the BS


They fought at 130 not 135, so that's a lie.


I wanna add something to your point about people saying Ryan doesn't belong in the ring with Gervonta. This would assume that it wouldn't be a competitive fight. To those people who are saying this, how could it not be competitive when Gervonta's last 4 fights have been competitive?! Santa Cruz, Barrios, Isaac Cruz and even Rolly made it competitive with Gervonta!! Everyone is competitive with him!!! If they can give Gervonta trouble, Ryan definitely will be competitive whether he wins or loses.


Lmfao this is dead on


Lol I mean tank managed to make a fight vs a near 40 year old with a torn Achilles competitive. His stans forget that.


He‘s kinda like Porter. Somehoe able to make it a 12 round war with every guy he faces


“Even rolls made it competitive” There’s your answer as to why Davis would get bullied


See this is why I’m a little shocked when ppl say that. Tank drops too many rounds for it not to be competitive. And Ryan will be the best fighter he’s gonna face


Spot on


Rolly doesn't really fit in with these others but that's a great point


Not sure what you mean by that, do you mean Rolly doesn't fit in as a good fighter with the other fighters? I'd agree with that, he is technically very poor and unskilled. If you meant that Rolly didn't give Gervonta a hard time, I'd disagree because Rolly actually won rounds against him.


Yeah for the people who think Garcia doesn't belong in the ring with tank, can you please make the argument for how Romero did? I watched his previous fights leading up to that one and came away with the guy is basically a smaller version of Deontay Wilder but without the power. His boxing was awful and he just seems like a genuine low IQ person.


Won nearly every round against him too


Ugh, can't wait for four + more years of this discussion before they even consider signing a contract


Thats why Im all about JP now. That guy is going up and fighting HWs... at CW. If they are willing to drain themselves....


Fight aint happening next so just hold those thoughts for later


I think Tank is more skilled than Garcia. However, Ryan has a whole 5 inch height and reach advantage as well as fast handa and real power, and I think he will land more often on Tank than most people realize. It's a 50/50 fight imo.


This, as of now I’ll put my money on tank but long term Garcia definitely has more upside.


Yeah especially since Garcia is 4 years younger and looks to be improving under Goosen too.


Tank has a much higher ring IQ than Ryan as well, and Ryan seems like just the type of guy who'd fall into Tank's trap of letting his opponents become overconfident so that Tank can catch them. He's demonstrated this in the fights with LSC and Rolly.


Ryan also can actually go to the body, punching down is not an issue for em like it can be for some tall fighters. He’s actually used to it. I find it funny how some people here are like “show me why…” and they proceed to not show any reason why tank is superior. There’s a reason this fight won’t happen and it’s on tanks side. We all know this but are deep down hoping it happens.. But keep it real… who WONT do this fight? We all know it’s tanks side.


“Ryan has shown better fundamentals in his last fight, and ring iq, than Tank in all his fights” As objectively as I can be, that is not true. No offense but tell me, when it comes down to skill, what does Ryan do better than Tank. Throw speed and power out the window because those are attributes. What fundamental aspect does Ryan beat Tank in? I also don’t see how he has a higher ring iq and how he’s shown it more than Tank in his fights by stalking and beating up on Fortuna. Gervonta has shown a great ability to adjusting mid fight and setting traps against bigger fighters. I’d say the ring iq Tank showed against Rolly and Barrios is more than we’ve ever seen from Ryan. Ryan doesn’t set traps, he doesn’t have great ring generalship, he hasn’t shown a great abilty to take away a fighters toolset, he just beats them up. Ryan’s size, speed, and power will give Tank trouble forsure, and maybe if he comes 100% correct a win. But Tank has him beat by a decisive margin when it comes to boxing ability. Better defense, better head movement, better feet, a more diverse punch arsenal, better ring generalship, and he’s significantly more comfortable fighting off the backfoot, which will be a huge factor if this fight ever comes to fruition.


You don’t even need to say Tank has better head movement, you can just say Tank HAS head movements. Ryan’s only head movement is when he sticks his chin out. Dude’s only defence is sticking his front hand out to post and move backward linearly.


Neither of Them have head movement.




You are dead wrong


I agree with you, good points


In Gervonta's last 4 fights, he's fought 35 rounds. Of those 35 rounds, he's been outlanded in 20. I really think Davis is getting a lot more credit than he's due.


A big part of tank's game is movement in head and feet, so speed, and strong hands, power. So throw that out. His ring generalship over bigger competition has been lacking. Tank's traps are questionable. Taking shots from Rolly looks like a trap, because Rolly is such a sloppy fighter, he's going to leave himself open doing that. But even Tank acknowledge the ko was intended and that most of the momentum came from rolly. I see Tank doing a lot of moving backwards and fighting off the back foot. Its nice that he's comfortable there, but as Ryan's been working on the jab, I don't see how that's going to be relevant. I think people are mad at Garcia because he doesn't have the skills of Usyk, or Loma, or Canelo. But there have been great slow footed boxers who were less interested in taking away their opponents best whatever and only interested in beating the other guy up. There's always a limit to those types of guys, but nothing about tank suggests that he's the limit. It'll probably be Teo if that fight ever gets made.


The thing about Garcia is that his defense is very questionable. He does not tuck his chin and stands really tall, which opens him up for the overhand(Campbell is a great example). On top of all we have not seen him yet how he reacts to body work, which I can assure you a shorter fighter like Tank will exploit. On top of all when Garcia throws, his hands tend to drop down. Needless to say he tends to go head hunting, with little to no set ups. About the resumes, that is bullshit - Tank has fough Santa Cruz, Pitbull, Pedraza. Even a young and undefeated chapiong like Barrios at a new weight. They are in no terms equal.


I'm of the camp that believes a focused Ryan will beat Tank. However, he is not fundamentally better than Tank, nor is his ring IQ better. wtf. lol. I favor Ryan because, stylistically, he has all the size advantages, is a counterpuncher, and has crazy speed + power. Tank has never faced a guy that big that has that talent. But purely skill-wise, Tank is a level above.


Agree 100% with this. Ryan wants the fight at 140 because he's going to probably end up at 154, Tank is a blown up super featherweight that can get away with it because of his power. I'll bet on Garcia by KO, but Tank is a better boxer although not by nearly as much as some male out.


I think Ryan probably has a slightly better chance of being competitive against Tank than people give him credit for, if that’s your real point. But I still think get gets knocked tf out by round 8 or 9.


I think being able to adjust your style after you break your hand mid fight against a pressure fighter is pretty high ring IQ. Multiple times he has set up uppercuts or hooks to end fights.


Ryan's jab isn't great. His weaknesses are in his movement, both head and feet, and his defense. Tank will absolutely land one clean on him at some point and I don't think Ryan will be able to handle it


Ryan's jab is one of his best features. But I agree with you that his defense is just much more simple than Tanks is. Watching them both, it just feels like Tank can do more things in there. And ya, tank may be able to handle Ryan's shots but I don't think Ryan will survive tanks.


Gotta downvote sorry man I just simply disagree and for you to say that Garcia showed better fundamentals and skills than tank which is insane to me when in Garcias last 2 fights showed his skills and techniques are out the window. He’s still flat footed and really hates to use his jab. All Garcia has right now are his check hooks.


I'm with the side that tank is the better boxer and has more ring IQ. But Ryan is still a great boxer with significant physical advantages. So I see it as a closer fight I'm like 60-40 in favor of tank


Just imagine if Tank hit Ryan with the left hand that Campbell dropped him with. Seriously though, Tanks ring IQ and footwork is actually exponentially higher than Ryan Garcia's. Tank would wash that boy.


Seems like you’re trying to convince yourself of this more than us. Show us a pic of your Ryan Garcia body pillow.


I’ll show you my Gervonta Davis body pillow if you show me yours. No shame in fanboying. But Ryan pillows are 🤢


Plot twist: OP is Ryan and trying to crowdsource intel on if he thinks he can actually take Tank


Ryan can’t write this fluid and eloquently lol


It’s a big head with a shoebox underneath it


i like ryan but i think tank would destroy him. kinda see it going the same way as canelo vs khan.


I've been one of the "tank kills Ryan" persons for awhile now but ecently I've been thinking exactly what you described may actually be a possibility. I completely disagree on the skills part though, I feel like if we evened the playing field of all the lightweights in terms of speed, power, reach etc. Ryan is easily the least skilled of the bunch.


tank fought and beat more world champs with 4, ryan only has 1 and its with luke campbell..


Ryan has poor movement and can’t fight on the inside. He can also be very impatient and I think all this will play into Tank’s hands perfectly in the later rounds. For me Tank wins UD or late stoppage


What I saw in Ryans last fight he was flat footed, no head movement and the right jab he was throwing looked mechanical as hell, but above all, I don't think Ryan can take a solid shot from Tank and withstand. But for now I'm pretty tired of hearing about it.


Tank would win (most likely by a mid-round stoppage) but not so easily enough to take the fight, at least not just yet. He's about making money, not memories--just like Mayweather. There are easier dollars to be made and that's where he'll go. So all of this is sorta moot.


Next you’re going to tell us Ryan has a big ole winnie and cute toes. Tank by KO.


You really watched the Tagoe fight and came with the conclusion Ryan has better ring Iq


Ryan head too small, neck too thin, chin too weak and got wooden legs. Tank will run him into a punch and KO him cold


Tank is like Canelo, they wait for their money shot to land, don't matter if it's in the beginning or 11th round, that motherfucker gonna land. Ryan is too lean and tall, he is not grounded enough to absorb the big shots, and he has bad defense. He throws some shit, and his head stays on a line afterwards, tank is gonna time that shit, and when that uppercut lands it's lights out. Ryan is too slim and tall to absorb a power punch and have that energy and power transfer into the ground, he's gonna feel all that shit. He is getting out to sleep when that uppercut lands, his defense is too shoddy to avoid it. Guaranteed Ryan doesn't get up


Yea Ryan getting KOed bad. If he gets up it’ll be a vicious standing TKO. Tank is a finisher


Garcia wins. He's faster and more versatile. Punches just as hard. Don't see Davis as some sort of superman. Fight after fight, Davis falls behind and needs his power to bail him out. It won't bail him out against Garcia. He'll be outboxed, outsped, and in the end out punched. Boxing fans always love to dump on pretty boys. They think they're soft and can't fight. Ali, Leonard, De la Hoya. Folks never learn.


Rolly and Ryan are the same fighter in terms of matching up against Tank. Ryan will need to learn to keep his fuckin eyes open and chin down if he wants a chance


This is not true Ryan is ten times the fighter Rollie is don’t lie


You wasted your time thinking and typing all that for shit, you just got into boxing within the past three years huh lmao


i don’t see anything wrong with what OP said


I definitely agree with you that people are writing Ryan off too soon. Ryan isn't an easy fight for anyone in the division because what he does he does so well and with such unique ability. But I think you're underrating tank now. There's no way tank just stands around letting Ryan jab at him for the first half of the fight. Tank jabs really well and is going to be playing the jab game with Ryan the whole time. Also, to me, tank appears to be the more technically sound boxer between the two of them. I think the main difference will be that tank has better defense than Ryan and I think he can find himself more comfortable in a long competitive fight.


I wouldn't be surprised one bit if Ryan outboxes him quite convincingly. There is definite significant difference in physical attributes and Ryan is very experienced and Tank doesn't exactly look outbeatable. Then again if Ryan gets knocked out cold I won't be shocked either.


Ryan gets hate because he no longer wanted to be the pawn of Saul and Reynososo. This is the main reason why people say he'll get sparked.


That mf Ryan has anomalaic speed . N you know what they say . Speed kills It’s simple with him Dawg I never seen a punch in all of boxing that I literally had to watch at .50 speed to see . N I’ve caught sugar Ray Leonard’s hands during his flurries ... etc etc prime zab / floyd etc This mf Ryan threw a punch I literally had to put in slow mo I don’t understand it but what I will acknowledge is ...that... has never happened to me before . It’s something to point out yanno ? Shit obv STANDS OUT to me 😂 I don’t even like the kid atm .. but goddamn wtf 😳


If Tank doesnt knock him out or hurt him real bad, I see Ryan winning


>Additionally, Fortuna is a lot more worthy than someone like rolly romero. I read this as Fundora.


i think tank will ultimately win but he’ll have tank in similar trouble that people like barrios and cruz gave him when they were aggressive. i can see Ryan just standing right in front of tank and constantly trying to land hooks around the guard and tank not firing back out of fear of getting hurt bad by one of them. I think Ryan will actually rock tank properly with an intercepting hook behind the ear as tank slips towards the punch while doing his rope a dope thing, but in the later rounds tank will figure out some holes in Ryan’s defence and land one big shot that drops him, and once he gets up tank just goes crazy and eventually tkoes Ryan. at least that’s what I think will happen


Nah tank will kill him. Won’t happen


These 2 never gonna fight


People here arguing for the fight that yet to happen (or not). Style makes fight. You can only think in individual skillset. But making a judgment who wins base on their attributes is futile. You can only analyze their fight (strategy, IQ, style) once it happened. Can't wait to see the match, though.


I had a similar take recently and got downvoted, and some dumbass told me idksab Maybe idksab but Ryan and Tank would be a hell of a fight right now, and I slightly favor Ryan atm


Ryan has trained with Jake Paul, who as we know is a god boxer. So tank has no chance


tbh there is no point in arguing what happens in the future. People get picks wrong all the time. I think they are fairly evenly matched up, but I could be wrong about it.


In terms of skills Ryan is the better boxer and he can beat Tank if he’s patient and use his footwork and better boxing skills to coast to a decision, with that being said Tank is deceptively fast and his counters react accordingly. My concern with Ryan is his chin and how it reacts to a shot by Tank whom in My opinion is the harder puncher. The most disciplined fighter wins this one meaning the one who fights to their strengths the best wins


In what universe does Tank have a worse ring IQ than Ryan Garcia?


Well you here. The reason Ryan doesnt have a shot is because he wont be allowed to punch. At least in the scenario Tank fans are thinking of. Ryan is going to come out with his hands tied behind his back with his chin sticking out.


Ryan can bang, I’ll give u that, but he leaves himself exposed while banging. Furthermore his chin isn’t iron, as proved in the Luke Campbell fight. Tank is a very defensively responsible strong counterpuncher, the second he times Ryan, it’s lights out for King Ry.


In fact with Ryan’s defense being so poor (he never needed it) I think Isaac Cruz (or any defensively responsible pressure fighter with power) takes him out fairly easy


I don’t agree at all about Ryan having better fundamentals but I think the size difference makes it closer than people think


Is it absurd to think of Ryan vs Jake Paul? Does Ryan do what mayweather did to Logan?


I think Ryan uses his speed and overwhelms Tank especially if he gets contact early


The wilder phenomenon. Never fought anyone, got memed into relevace, sheep folllowed cuz "muh i dont wanna get weft outtt fwom the subweddit meeeh" and there you have it


I’m 100% with you OP. It’s bias towards Ryan that tank is benefiting from in the public eye. My one concern with Ryan was his inability to let the fight come to him, we saw that in his first fight vs an actual contender in Campbell.. but he looked so composed vs fortuna.. People forget how slow tank has started recently.. against what I would say is weak opposition. Y’all tell me, if the fight gets close, who’s the one who’s busy yapping at the crowd DURING the fight? I’m not ready to bet against Ryan yet, I was at some point.. but we wanna sit here and act like tank hasn’t had some very questionable moments in his career (ie one legged Gamboa). People need to put the IG hate aside.


The style on paper is a nightmare for tank. Elite speed, power, counter punching, etc. However the intangibles of ring IQ, experience, is where tank holds the edge. I do think however Ryan CAN beat tank.