When does the fight start?


Copy paste that into Google and you got your answer 👍


Usyk by stoppage in RD 8. AJ wins a few early rounds, but gets put to a knee multiple times during the fight.


Usyk Wins after R8 stoppage.


Quickly get my prediction in. AJ wins by KO.


Usyk by stoppage. AJ has some early success but gets buzzed and can't recover.


Usyk KO


Joshua TKO R3




Difference between wanting something to happen and thinking it will!


AJ is gonna get hit so hard in round one. His mouth piece goes flying straight into crown prince Bin Salman eyeball making him lose one eye. Usyk unfortunately gets executed the next day and the crown prince will be from that moment on called Bin Eyebalman.




Usyk UD or SD. I don't think Usyk will be better this time around. The war took a huge toll on him by all accounts. He is older (only a year but his style favours youth strongly and he's mid 30s where every year counts) and all this nonsense people spout about how the war in Ukraine will push him to fight harder is nonsense. People don't perform better under these circumstances. The best he can hope for is to be about as good as last time. AJ has experienced what Usyk brought last time and can make some adjustments. I think he still loses to Usyk, but it's a slightly closer decision in Usyks favour than last time. This all assumes AJ shows up to fight and hasn't lost his drive/confidence after being shut out most of the last fight. If AJ doesn't show up he could get stopped in the championship rounds. Best of luck to Usyk who I am cheering for.


Damn spot on.


You nailed it. Well done.


AJ KO round 2. The universe has told me this


Barring controversy i have Usyk by stoppage inside 6. Wouldn’t be surprised if Joshua quit on his stool.


Same! I see AJ not answering a count or quitting early


Usyk TKO 11 or UD If Joshua doesn't pull off a KO early I don't think he has the tank or mentality to pull this off.


Usyk TKO9+ or UD


Lmfao wtf how are there so many Usyk knockout predictions in here


Because it's realistic, he nearly finished AJ at the end of their last fight. It's a different fight this time, but the potential is very much there.


Why shouldn't there be in your opinion?


AJ KO 5-7 / Usyk UD Usyk is more technical and AJ will focus to KO him. I guess he will succeed otherwise Usky by points.


Usyk wins via decision


Usyk win, round 5 stoppage


AJ Struggles early on and looks like he can't find Usyks timing, in round 4 he finds his way back in and starts to wear on Usyk, it looks like Usyk could and should go down on several big shots. Up to round 7 AJ's added bullishness starts to catch up to Usyk and the movement slows down. AJ starts to tire as well, it turns into a bit of a brawl with AJ winning the exchanges in 8th to drop Usyk for a clean 10-count.


Usyk TKO's AJ in Round 11 after AJ's gas tank blows out and his chin gets swivelled by a counter right , his legs go and he falls out of the ring like Del Boy when he fell through the bar, canned laughter and all.


It's a fight that's kinda hard to tell but i'll say Usyk by TKO in rounds 6-7. AJ could win only if he'll pull out a Wilder.


Joshua SD


Usyk KO7


Usyk TKO 8. AJ hasn't learned. He thinks he can be a little more aggressive and it'll be another Ruiz 2. Still acting cocky like Usyk doesn't belong there. But Usyk is more motivated and a different fighter altogether. His footwork will let him avoid AJ's aggression and it'll be the same as the first fight just AJ getting hit more often...


Usyk by decision again.


Usyk by late stoppage. Joshua will not have had time to make the necessary adjustments to beat such a superior boxer. No matter what he does, he won't be able to match Usyks footwork. Once the earlier rounds are over and AJ slows down a touch, Usyk will turn up the tempo even more than last time and he will run AJ ragged.


Usyk TKO round 11. The war in Ukraine activates something primal.


AJ by KO 8 - 10


Usyk round 10 TKO


Usyk by TKO 6th round


AJ round 4 TKO Usyk is going to get hurt to the body early


This aged like milk


Usyk TKO in 7th Or. AJ KO in 2nd


Carbon copy of the first fight. Even-ish (5-3 or 4-4) until the 8th, then Usyk wins rounds 9-12 on all judges' scorecards.


aj round 5 tko


Idk why, but my gut says we will all be surprised by the end of this.


I am least surprised i have ever been.


Surprised a judge has AJ winning.


Oh shit, you right.


I hope its a good fight, I'm getting fury vs whyte vibes, and AJ is whyte. I hope I'm proven wrong.


Usyk. He said this fight would start where the last one left off.. AKA the 12th Round.. AKA when he was about to KO Joshua or the ref was going to call a TKO. Watch the end. They even rung the bell early


They didn't, the clock on screen started later than the round actually beginning, if you rewatch you'll see.


Uysk tko round 9


Usyk on points again - paving the way for 20 wins out of 20 and p4p the best ever? ;-)


Usyk TKO round 9


I'll take this bet as well.


Y’all sleeping on Aj


This did not age well.




Joshua to bottle it after getting clipped on the temple, round 6.


USYK by Unanimous decision


Joshua rd 3 TKO with himself mentally which in turn will have osyk win by split decision


we can expect the fight at 530pm EST?


It's supposed to be around 10:30 BST main event time, so whatever that is in US time.


How many Statue of Liberty's away is Saudi Arabia?


Idk more than 12 probably


Probably 5:30, then


Usyk TKO 10 / KO 12


Usyk TKO round 11 or a Joshua KO in round 5. I'm not putting any duckets on this one because I genuinely have no idea.


Usyk by DQ AJ will hit him with the [clean 3 punch combo](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9-LkdzRtRr4)


I've picked Usyk to win both fights, but I think there's also the possibility of a controversial decision in AJ's favor. That's looking at it from the business/entertainment side of boxing, where sometimes if one outcome is deemed to be more desirable or lucrative, the ref and judges will tilt it toward that outcome if given the opportunity.


Joshua TKO round 5 or 6


Usyk round 8 tko


Usyk tko round 6


Usyk KO round 10. Joshua to retire afterwards.


Usyk by TKO Rounds 10-12 Exactly the same as the first fight - Usyk comes on strong in the championship rounds again but this time he stops Joshua.


It might be nothing, like the supposed weight gain, but listening to the BBC boxing podcast they mentioned whispers of a issue for Usyk in sparring. Seems Joshua has heard the same https://twitter.com/IFLTV/status/1560979261464477696?t=_ys6TkLGrPP6NsJywyCbtA&s=19 I can't shake the hope that AJ wins.


What would've happened?


Talk of usyk being hurt/suffering an injury to the body in sparring


Usyk was sparring Bakole who is AJ’s mate.


Joshua's more aggressive but Usyk handles it. Joshua runs out of steam and there's a stoppage in the later rounds.


Wow this was almost spot on. I was amazed by how much of a beating Usyk took and kept going


Usyk by TKO, rounds 7 - 9


Usyk round 9 TKO


I'm going with the same prediction as last time. AJ by KO/TKO but I'm routing for Usyk.


Usyk wins by midround KO, I'll guess the 6th, this sub rejoices and spends a month in ecstasy at AJ being knocked out, within 12 months everyone will miss him because he consistently gave us the best and most competitive fights at HW.


I think you're underestimating the POWER of Spam 😂. Seriously though, I'm expecting it to be a lot closer than last time. I'm hoping Joshua tries to use his power and fight close. Will be interesting to see how Usyk deals with that. I think Joshua will hunt for the KO, but if he's not got it by round 7/8 then I think Usyk will win by KO in the last couple rounds.


Usyk by UD. a couple of knock downs. Usyk down by a flash knock down early, AJ down by a real banger 9th, but gets up and finishes


What will the narrative be if aj comes out and just smashes through him? The last fight saw a timid aj but let’s not kid ourselves he’s a beast, loads of arm chair warriors thinking they could beat him… It’s not ridiculous to say he ko s him real fast


Do people remember that Usyk has never been dropped as a pro?


If he does that, doesn't knock out Usyk, then he'll gas out, though. That's the issue. Plus Usyk took some good shots from AJ already and didn't look like it rocked him too hard.


Usyk TKO 10 Joshua has early success with a more aggressive, pressure style, he even manges to put Usyk on the canvas in the first half of the fight. But Joshua is made to pay a price for his success and absorbs a lot of counter punches. Usyk doesn't panic from the knockdown, and when Joshua's existing stamina issue combines with a more active style from him to force Joshua to take his first 'round off' in the early second half of the fight, Usyk steals back the initiative and does not give it up again. Joshua is never given a time to rest and recover during the rounds, Usyk makes him work every second as well as continuing to land good shots. Eventually Usyk forces the referee to stop a clearly exhausted Joshua in round 10, after an accumulation of damage. Joshua gave everything, fought well with a different approach but it was a case of a very good fighter being beaten by a great fighter.


Usyk comfortable UD12


Joshua by TKO in the 9th. A bad call for certain, but that's what I want for an exciting fight, so I'ma call it and see if it manifests. In reality I don't see AJ winning that late. I think if it gets to the 9th Usyk will be in the better spot, and AJ will be too gassed for get a stoppage on a Usyk who has more in the tank than he does. But hey, not like this is a bet. A man can dream.




Stupid take...I like the person, therefore I think he wins... This is a prediction of the fight based on what both fighters can do, not how you feel about them...


Usyk inside 6 rounds. Great fight where both fighters will taste the canvas


Fan Man Part II: This Time He's Wearing 8 ouncers and ready to rumble


I think that there is a good chance that usyk stops Joshua in the later rounds


Usyk Joshua is shot my Ukrainian special forces as he’s about to knock Usyk out.


Joshua on points. I predicted Usyk points in the first fight. I think AJ does enough to take 7 rounds or they have 6 rounds each but AJ gets more knockdowns.


Usyk UD


I've bet on Usyk to win. However since I have horrendous luck with betting 90%of the time I lose my bet, so unfortunately for Usyk I've cursed him. AJ will definitely win tonight because of me. Sorry Ukraine☹️


Usyk gave AJ a boxing lesson in the 1st fight and will do so again. AJ will start aggressive but won't land much. AJ get gassed out around halfway and because of this gets outboxed by Usyk again. Usyk wins by UD or late round TKO. I hope the latter tbh.


Yeah exactly. If Joshua could have done anything in the first fight he’d have done it then. Usyk put it on him and it’s highly doubtful AJ has closed that gap.


This times x1000.


Replay of Ruiz 1. He will stun Usyk. Go wild swinging. Get caught.


I think Joshua has learnt his lesson about careless, wild swinging


Heart says AJ in 7 Head says Usyk in the 9th


Hearn says AJ in round -1.


Usyk to win by TKO in rnd 8 Aj will try to impose himself, set the pace and control the fight. Aj will seek an early stoppage, bullying and working usyks body. Usyk outboxes aj and aj gasses out, aj crumbles mentally and loses by tko in the later rounds...round 8.




Joshua Round 6 TKO


Usyk round 8 or 9, Joshua certainly has a punchers chance but that is it. He will probably hurt Usyk early, but as the fight goes on Joshua will gas and Usyk will be too much for him.


Usyk with a stoppage in round 9 or 10. AJ should stick to what he does best: promotional photoshoots for sportswear brands


Imagine telling a world champion boxer that he's better at photoshoots than at boxing


he's an Olympic gold medalist you can't be bad at boxing to do that


Should never have won it, hometown decisions galore


Y’all can down vote as much as you like but that Cuban dude clearly beat him


I'm sure he's struggling to sleep with his gold medal because u/Hagler3-16 on r/boxing said he doesn't deserve it


Joshua better let them hang and go balls out. No more pusC post Ruiz AJ. I wanna see the guy he was right before he ate that left hook from Ruiz. AJ KO 5th or 8th


AJ by KO in round 5


Joshua has got to get him KO in under 6 rounds otherwise it's a Usyk win. Joshua mentally has lost the ability to box after the Ruis defeat and Eddie Hearn knows this. He's been a over managed stadium fighter and would get seriously damaged against Fury or Wilder. Just my thoughts on the fight.


Absolute tripe. He has the best resume in the heavyweight division. I’m not saying he’s the best, but I am saying that “he’s been an overmanaged stadium fighter” couldn’t be farther from the truth.


Seriously do you think he has any decent footwork round the ring? He's honestly garbage and he's suckered so many people into thinking he's decent. If he does come up against Fury or Wilder he will and I mean will get very badly damaged.


Thanks for the constructive conversation. I thought we might have a good conversation there. I'll be sure to respond back to you with either you were right or I told you so later tonight haha


Assuming you are right and he is garbage… how on earth does that make the rest of the division look? And Wilder who admitted he’d ducked him.


I'm not trying to be right, it's just my opinion of him over the years and I respect your opinion that he's a decent fighter. The heavyweight division looks very healthy to me at the moment with some outstanding young fighters on the up. But I think there's one thing we can agree on here and that's Joshua has to win tonight, otherwise it's back to the bottom he goes and those big fights he wants go out the window.


If he wins, he’s the best in the world. If he loses, he drops to probably 3rd behind Usyk and maybe Wilder. It’s not over, but you’re right, he absolutely has to rebuild.


I guess we will find out tonight. Great conversation by the way I thought I'd lost you earlier with the "get a new sport" comment haha. Have a great night and may the best man win !!


You need a new sport!


Look usyk fights for ukraine and the current situation will boost him even more. AJ gonna get clapped


Joshua by KO on 3 Usyk is just not the same after the first beatdown. I feel like Josh will capitalize on this this one and actually stop him sooner than later.. #LetsGoTony


Didn’t aged well.


I have a gut feeling that Joshua will upset the world.


Usyk round 10 tko. I think Joshua will be better this time around, but not enough


AJ KO: Round 5. I woke up this morning to thought that AJ put on an absolute clinic and looked relatively godly. He dropped Usyk 6 times throughout the bout (apparently) and finally got it called off after a massive left uppercut. Fury then came out and said he was gonna come back in a WBC title fight vs Wilder then fight AJ for Undisputed. So that’s my prediction now for tonight.


Usyk TKO/KO anywhere from round 8 onwards. Joshua starts well with measured aggression and activity as he should - he might even put Usyk down. Game plan looks like it’s working but as rounds wear on and Joshua’s assault slows, Usyk weathers the storm and starts to put his own punches and combos together. Joshua is very tired and fatigued as we enter the mid-late rounds and Usyk piles the pressure on to get the stoppage.


For those who can have the Ukraine network with a VPN, you can watch the game for free in [Usyk's YouTube channel](https://www.youtube.com/c/USYK17/videos) Joshua on points.


I'm a UK DAZN subscriber which means it's unavailable for 'free' here. But it is elsewhere (US I believe) Can I just use a VPN for that?


I don't know. Try now to see if they accept VPN.


Do we know that will definitely work? (Sorry if that's a dumb question!)


I hope so. I have IPTV. So, it will be on DAZN or maybe Sky Box Office. But I've found it in an article about the broadcasting of the event


Usyk on points


Usyk decision. Wilder fights Usyk, wins KO in 5. Fury comes out of retirement, beats Wilder in 6 for Undisputed. Fury retires. Wilder retires. Joshua retires. Ruiz fights Usyk for all the belts, Ruiz KO Usyk in 7, becomes Undisputed. Ruiz retires. Usyk retires. Ortiz beats Chisora and nobody cares anymore.


Anybody know what time the fight starts UK time?


It will start near 11pm: [*'The main event ring walks are expected at around 10pm-10.30pm with promoters Matchroom confirming the first bell is set to sound at 10:54pm in the UK, which is gone midnight local time.'*](https://talksport.com/sport/boxing/957137/anthony-joshua-vs-oleksandr-usyk-rematch-date-start-time-live-stream-tv-channel-ppv-location-eddie-hearn/)


Are these for US times? Or Saudi times?




10pm I think.


It will start near 11pm: [*'The main event ring walks are expected at around 10pm-10.30pm with promoters Matchroom confirming the first bell is set to sound at 10:54pm in the UK, which is gone midnight local time.'*](https://talksport.com/sport/boxing/957137/anthony-joshua-vs-oleksandr-usyk-rematch-date-start-time-live-stream-tv-channel-ppv-location-eddie-hearn/)


thanks mate.


Usyk stops AJ in round 11


Usyk by decision Joshua goes hot for the KO, gets outboxed and loses steam on the tail end of the fight


Pretty accurate, congrats!


AJ by KO 8/9 AJ to come out throwing bombs and score knockdown in 1st couple of rounds. Usyk to run/cover up for a few rounds, AJ scores another knockdown in 7th, Usyk struggles to cope, ref stops it in 8/9.


AJs corner throws in the towel in round 8 Usyk celebrates and tears up in the ring giving a speech about Ukraine to a lethargic crowd AJ is crying and blubbering in his corner while MBS look at him in disgust from the VIP box


AJ just needs to stop being afraid since the Ruiz fight. He needs to to in and just demolish Usyk. Usyk is a magnificent boxer but he's not a Heavyweight. AJ has lost their mentality of a boxer which is "seek and destroy". If he loses, he should just go down in weight because he's not cut out to be a heavyweight. His legacy is tarnished. Lost to Ruiz, baby boxed an out of shape Ruiz to "reclaim" his belts, lose them Again to a smaller faster man because he just wanted to box a better faster boxer. If he loses he's done if he wins depends how, if he clobbers Usyk we'll ask why he didn't do that in the first fight and if he gets a decision we'll all think he doesn't have it no more.


Usyk KO rds 9-12 AJ to get some joy early and may well be ahead on the cards by round 6. The Usyk will come back into at as AJ gasses. He’ll finish what he failed to do from the first fight. Despite the overly dramatic build up as a must win for AJ he will come out of this with a slightly improved reputation and continue with his career. Wilder next. Usyk will fight Fury next for the big one.


Joshua TKO in the later rounds.


This fight will not go past 3 rounds. AJ will take a gamble and go guns blazing instantly on usyk. Within those 3 rounds the ukrainian will hit the canvas, get up, then get sent back and never recover. Aj will become 3 time HW champion, and this subreddit will then spam that he was always supposed to beat Usyk, a ''smaller'' man, in quick fashion.




Not even close..


As an aside. The bigger man is supposed to win, that's why we have weight classes.


Usyk will be able weather the storm. He has one of the best footworks in boxing while Joshua moves around like a big stiff idiot. If anything, Joshua will get caught early and possibly stopped if he goes with this plan.




Usyk is going to win this fight. Late stoppage or decision.


Usyk stops AJ inside of 8 rounds. I think that man is coming out, not just to make a personal statement but a national one.


heart says AJ in seven, he has to have figured out at least one way inside between fights head says usyk stops a frustrated and demoralized joshua in ten


Expecting Joshua to come out more aggressive, burn out, and get finished in the mid to late rounds.


Usyk via UD


Usyk by Unanimous Decision, 9 rounds to 3 We’ve seen fighters get new trainers before and promise a different style, but a talent gap can’t be fixed by a new trainer. As much as we’d like an all UK undisputed super fight, AJ is the inferior fighter here. Sloppy footwork, bulky frame, unable to make adjustments. Usyk will outbox him again and win easily on points even more convincingly than last time.


Ugh. AJ seems like a nice bloke and really seems to learn (or at least attempt to learn) from his losses which combined should make me think he's going to win. But I don't see it. Usyk SD


Usyk, taking a leaf from Wilder v Fury, continues round one as if it were round thirteen. Supplants AJ's proposed aggression with his own. Takes fight to AJ, holds middle of the ring and rattles him in the first round to such an extent that AJ returns to the fearful jab and run like he did in Ruiz v Joshua 2. I see AJ's height and weight are still a factor for many AJ supporters, with many believing that he's simply too big, and up until the Ruiz fight too aggressive. I think many are repeating the same mistake as last time, willfully believing Usyk's relative inexperience at heavy weight, only two fights at the weight before, (one against a past his sell by date Chazz Witherspoon, the other one against Chisora, almost an advert to lull Team AJ into believing he was too small for heavyweight), are still the key and that a resurgent AJ will blast him out in the first few rounds. As at the last fight, I still think Usyk's 300 + amateur bouts have given him the tools to handle everything that AJ and his new coach throws at him. I see Usyk matching, dominating and surpassing AJ's aggression, continuing to hurt him as in round 12 where he landed 29 punches on AJ, the most he's ever suffered from. We have to remember that USyk's punch accuracy was almost 10% better than AJ's. One important factor in this fight is the psychological disadvantage that AJ won't have the huge stadium home support that he has become accustomed to since the Klitchsko fight. I'm going for Usyk with an early stoppage, somewhere between rounds 4 and seven, but still happy to see him retain his belts with a UD. I'm willing to go in the Hall of Shame if I'm completely wrong, as I was when I predicted a Ruiz victory over AJ in New York...


Usyk fists him to a finish late


Fuck me would they even be allowed to show that in Saudi Arabia?


Usyk TKO 7


Usyk KO8


Why does everyone misspell Aleksandr Usyk name? He literally spells it with an A on his own instagram account and on his website.


Have you considered that both spellings are valid? Looks like he doesn’t mind using the Ukrainian spelling of his name ;-) https://www.instagram.com/p/ChXLa67MP0U/?igshid=YmMyMTA2M2Y=


Usyk late stoppage AJ will come out aggressively but will gas out by the middle rounds. As the rounds start slipping away from him again he will just start going for Usyk late in the fight with all he has left and Usyk will stop him when he's dead on his feet Or something else will happen in which case this was a joke


Note this, all you guys saying aj will come out aggressively then gas out, we should meet after the fight so I remind u of what u said


Usyk UD Usyk will dance around Joshua, with his quick movements frustrating AJ and eventually by round 7-8, Usyk will make his move and AJ will only try to survive till round 12. The way Usyk is training for longevity in the ring, Joshua can only hope for a lucky shot catching Usyk.


Usyk wins via stoppage in the 10th I have a feeling we will see a more aggressive Joshua tonight though


Usyk gets cut above the eye with heavy bleeding, the ref stops the fight as a result.


Usyk by stoppage. Joshua's head isn't right.


usyk tko r11 anthony comes in strong early. looks good, akin to wilder in fury wilder 3. eventually usyk picks him apart tho and joshua gases out into a tko.


Aj will come in strong, trying to be aggressive and chase usyk around the ring. He might even catch usyk a few times, knocking him down. But he will not finish him and he will eventually get hit hard, then he gets scared and going into cruise mode, trying to defend himself and smile, faking it that he’s all right. I can see usyk ending the fight in round 10 or 11 when he will have significantly more stamina. I think this fight will be very similar to usyk vs bellew, except that this time it will be a bigger and stronger bellew who might hold on longer. But the result will be the same.


Joshua in 12 probably a SD or MD, controversial, hopefully with a Kd. Right or wrong I must be praised or mocked


Usyk Round 9 TKO Joshua will come out aggressive, and try to catch Usyk, but Will struggle to land. I think Joshua will gas and Usyk will come out of cruise control and start hurting him