This dude has an 18-0 boxing record. Why is this an exhibition?


"I personally negotiated with the senator together with my team and after months of talks, we finally agreed to a face off next year. He already signed the contract so it is a go," said Zayani to the paper. "Call it an exhibition or something but when the senator signed the deal, I told him to prepare well because I'm going to give him a real fight. He then told me, 'you better be prepared' "I was honest with the senator that I'm looking at this as my biggest break which I will surely maximize. I aim to create a buzz and become a household name. Sure, the organizers are calling this an exhibition but for me, it's a chance to exhibit my talent as a future world champion. That's going to be a December Samgyup party for the senator but once he meets me inside the right, he's going to get French toasted."


Lmaaao. Talk down about Floyd just to follow in his footsteps


Lmfao the difference here is that he doesn't seem to be fighting his close friends or his best friends for that Saudi dollar lol /u/stayhappystayblessed


What does that really change tho as it an exhibition with no winner. Floyd gave his friends an easy payday


yeah lol his point makes no sense


Fighting best friends or not an exhibition is an exhibition actually its smarter to fight your best friends so they can get that pay day with you.


this sub real qwiet.


All those Pacquiao fans who ridiculed Mayweather for taking exhibitions in retirement, will naturally insist that Pacquiao's exhibitions are equivalent to the Thrilla in Manila.


I thought Mayweather’s exhibitions were dumb and I think this is dumb too.


They're just exhibitions. You can't look at them as real fights. Just done as entertainment and not a real competition.


So where are all the dumb Floyd haters?, Come on! Send your complaints! "He should stay retired and off the spotlight!", "This is disrespectful for boxing!", "Why isn't he fighting real fights?", "He's going broke!", "I will not pay for this!", "Saudi?, WTF!" Dossers!


I think exhibitions are great for fighters post retirement. You can make money still doing what you love and not get hurt. So shoutout to Floyd and the other boxers for organizing this.


I personally don’t like this move for Pacquiao tbh. But there are some recent reports of Pacs exhibitions are for charity but idk what Pac is will do with the money for this.


Sad. He must really need money to get in the ring with an absolute nobody. I don't understand why anyone wants to watch these 'exhibition' fights.


You just promoted Floyds upcoming shit exhibition fight yesterday lmao. They are all stupid tho.


the best account on r/boxing lmao


People watch because a lot of people believe that they are real fights and not a fight with the purpose of being 85% entertainment.


pac fans dont be quiet, when floyd did this yall slandered him


Who is going to watch this expect some Filipinos


What happened to the korean guy?


DK Yoo? Idk