It would be a pretty significant achievement based on the size difference alone, plus the fact that Eubank is a tough out for anyone not A class or higher. If he stops him (and I think that's a distinct possibility) it would be pretty huge.


If this happens, it's a great win with all things considered. Benn is the much smaller man and much less experienced. Even with any excuses made for Eubank, Benn will have proved himself if he gets the job done.


I rate it, even though I don’t think much of Eubank, bc of the size difference


I don't rate Eubank all that much but given the size difference and experience gap, it would be a huge win for Benn. It would bump him from promising young prospect to a real player in the 147 division. I would still rate him under Ortiz and Boots tho.


In terms of personal goals, it’s an amazing thing, but in the grand scheme of things, it’s just alright. Bam Rodriguez went up two weight classes on short notice for a world championship fight. Benn is going up two weight classes for a non-title fight with a hydration clause, other person has to slim down considerably, and that person has yet to win a world title/do anything significant.


To be fair the weight and height gap between lower weight classes is a lot smaller lol


It’d be nice but how good is Eubank Jr really? He’s a contender at 160 so it’d be impressive for a 147 contender to beat him but it’s not like Benn would be winning a 160 title or anything


He can't this is the impossible scenario.


A good achievement given the differences in size and experience (not a lot of people mentioning the latter - Eubank has fought at world level). But Eubank has never lived up to the promise of his family name and simply is not a top tier fighter…so it could never be considered a truly ‘great’ achievement.


Word on the domestic circuit is that it's a fight that should not be happening. A lot of people concerned for Benn going up against a big super-middle in Eubank Jr - who seems to have inherited his Dad's chin so if Benn could stop him... that would be huge and remembered for years to come for sure. Not because of the name but because it would be akin to David vs Goliath.


Eubank isn’t even that big at middle. He walks around at 170 out of camp, by the end of camp usually he’s often under 165 anyway. That’s a small middleweight. That’s a lower fight weight than Kell Brook at welter


This is a bit disingenuous considering Eubank Jr keeps himself in shape all year round. Almost like saying Ricky Hatton was a massive 140lber 'cause he walked around at 220 lbs out of camp lol.


But cutting 5lbs of water isn’t a big cut. You’d struggle to find a real middleweight as light as he is on fight night, and you’d pretty easily find plenty of 154 guys that rehydrate past 170. Yes, he’s in shape all year round, but he never cuts much, plenty of other guys that are in shape all year round like Canelo, Beterbiev, the Charlos etc still cut a lot of weight. I don’t know much about how Ricky rehydrated, but if like gatti he went 160+ I’d say he’s a huge 140er, but I’d like Floyd he only rehydrates a little bit then I wouldn’t say he’s huge. I go more by actual ring weight than walking round weight.


If Benn stepped up from Algeri to stopping Eubank, who is absolute granite. It would be like Buatsi going up to KO McCall or Joyce or Something. That would be pretty wild


More like Buatsi stopping Lawrence Okolie


Sheesh, does every athlete have a “legacy?” I know Benn the Senior was good, but Conor Benn? Legacy?


He's young he's still building his legacy.


everyone has a legacy. Its the impression you leave behind when you've kicked it.


Somewhere between top 2 options. If he does that, it raises his stock significantly and is a serious title contender.