Certainly not but he should be commended for his bravery to even step in the ring with Deji.


As a huge fan of Floyd since his pretty boy days, I unfortunately must concede that Deji’s power and skills are on another level and so I don’t see any way Floyd won’t get KOed


Floyd has really been taking the difficult fights lately, he is risking too much.


Tough training camps take their toll on your body.


Finally someone who isn't biased😎😎😎




Probably first round, at that


Man is one of the greatest of all time, you’re predicting a ko?


He's joking.


I am ashamed of myself. In my defense I don’t think it was a good joke.


Don’t blame your inability to read on that guys humor




Are we under this weird assumption that Floyd is actually gonna win? Like actually? This is Deji we are talking about. Deji to murder Floyd by 2.


there is no official winner or loser in these exhibitions but I say that people like deji and logan win just by getting to do anything with mayweather even if that includes getting knocked out


It’d laughable you’re being downvoted


I think if you blindfolded Floyd and gave Deji a knife I'd still put money on Floyd.


If it wasn't fixed


Mayweather has a massive ego. You think hed let people see him lose? As soon as deji starts to surprise him, mayweather will end it early like he has been in his exhibitions


Yeah that's why he decisively won against both Logan Paul and Don Moore. These are just money grabs. They're almost always set up to be declared ties.


Just seeing if anyone else saw what I saw - the fight before put a different look on Floyd’s face, and he was visibly mad and frustrated at the level of clinching Logan did during the fight. Logan got himself an out at the start by saying that “if I make it to the end I consider it a win”, and proceeded to wrestle Floyd for 8? rounds.


watch the Asakura fight dude. Asakura tries to kill Floyd early on, throwing massive power shots, and Floyd just says fuck this, starts throwing back, and knocks him out. When the opponent shows they have something for him the ego comes right back to him.


Are you joking? Exhibitions aren't sanctioned bouts, there is no winner because it isn't a competition, it's a show. They're often sparring matches, usually the referee just stops them if they get to violent, insurance issues blah blah blah. Floyd is able to get away with stopping people becuase of the money involved, that shit is pretty rare. (Source; have actually competed as a amatuer, had plenty of smokers and exhibitions)


Cool, try rereading my comment lol. You're clearly a little lost.


Yeah it must be fixed because there’s no way Mayweather would step in to ‘fight’ Deji without it being fixed


He's got nothing to prove to anybody. He already did that. Every superstar in history going back to Jack Johnson did exhibitions in the exact same way.


I’m not hating on Deji doing exhibitions, like you said he’s got nothing to prove to anybody.


We're talking about the guy who tied Logan Paul... It's an exhibition match against a retired fighter who's 1-0-2 in exhibition matches, not a title fight against prime 50-0 Floyd.


Didnt the rules of that bout state that its automatically a tie if it goes to the judges?


Yeah because they're not fights designed to have a winner. Which is why everyone saying "Floyd will do this, Floyd will do that" are so off base. Floyd isn't there to do anything besides sell an exhibition and make some money. This isn't a legacy fight. It's a retired fighter in a cash grab.


Exactly, but just to correct you all those were fixed, he knocked Logan Paul OUT COLD but held him up. If this isn’t ‘fixed’ Deji will knock Floyd “1-0-2” Mayweather and he’s not holding him up. I’ll tell you that right now. Fouseytube would’ve killed Floyd, Alex Wassabi? Slaughter. Vinnie Hacker? A massacre, then he’d do a tiktok dance on his grave.


I am ctfu !!!!


Mayweather needs to bring out the best 45 year old version of himself


Deji’s got his number, he’ll get it done in 3


What fucking onslaught 🤣


Come on, Deji got at least 7min of almost average output in him before he gasses


Thats a bit much, maybe 3.5.


I was thinking the same. I train kick boxing 2 days a week and I'd fold deji like a chair. Mayweather by murder


Jokes aside, I think Deji beats you.


I know you're just trolling lol we all watched him fight.


Yeah and I also reckon he’d smoke you in a blunt, all jokes aside


Oh wow that's crazy.


Yeah dude I've got Deji destroying you easy


Not a single chance. Put Mayweather in there left hook right uppercut Mayweather is MaySLEEP


How could you sleep mayweather when you'd get beaten to a pulp by deji?


No way wrong lol


Paralyzed neck down


Imagine what I'd do to you.




U needa socialize with some bitches 2 days a week 🥱


Only with your mom and aunties


Deji is KSI’s brother. The KO power is in his genes, it just depends on if he can harness it.


Lolget out of ksi arsehole he wasn't even the best YouTube boxer on his own card


Bro I’d watch your mouth or Deji gonna come beat your ass


Well Deji's the 🐐 so obviously not.


Mayweather claims he is TBE and acts like Jake Paul isn’t worth his time yet here he is fighting Jake Paul’s leftovers. 🦆


Tbh I don't think Floyd is ready for Jake yet. Need to face someone like Tyquil Woodley first before even thinking about stepping up to Jake.


Even better mayweather told Logan the event made no money and logan did not get paid.


I really hope he never got paid. Him flaunting all the money he fell ass backwards in and they had dollar signs so big in his eyes that he didn’t read the contract thoroughly or more likely did and expected Mayweather to do the right thing lol just got big business son’d is the most embarrassing shit about that whole clown show


Jake is too big and has too much power. Mayweather ain't risking his health.


Logan Paul is bigger. And Mayweather was able to walk him down. Mayweather would win but not knock him out which he wants


Logan sucks compared to Jake though, even he will admit that.


He would knock him out if he wanted to lol


I dunno. Those Paul boys got alot of chin and few brains. He'd probably break his hand on it.


They’ve never even been hit for real, they MAY have chins but who really knows


Idk T Wood dropped a bomb on Jake and he survived to a decision, although the ropes held him up and tyron just like, stared at him like his controller died.


Mma fighters don’t punch like boxers. Especially old mma fighters that fought at a low weight class.


jake was whiffing big against silva at times, i really don't think he has the speed to even be a threat, and he's not as big as his brother logan. It would be boring but floyd would win a dec


To be clear, I don't think Jake lands one solid punch on Floyd. But Floyd has always been risk aversive and in recent interviews he even admits he trusts his team to pick fights with little risk. At nearly 50 years old, Floyd isn't taking a risky fight. He doesn't need to.


Ngl, I’d be nervous of a Jake vs Mayweather fight.


Pretty sure Mayweather is too young to fight Jake though, maybe in 2028?


If Jake Paul knocked out Floyd Mayweather I'd actually cry and shit my pants


And cum


Well yeah Mayweather would be outweighed by 50 lbs and he's already getting old and slow. Jake stunning him isn't out of the realm of possibility, the mans closer to 50 than 40 now.


Floyd is still much quicker than Jake and wouldn’t tire. Floyd wins easily and it’s laughable that people think otherwise. Jake wouldn’t even beat Jordan Grant.


I can’t tell if you’re serious or not… There is no world where Paul would even touch Mayweather lol idc if he’s fucking 80..Paul can’t even jab properly ffs.


I must have imagined all those punches Logan landed on Mayweather then. Or the bum who just stunned him a few months ago.


Bruh if you think any of those punches actually affected May than I got a bridge to sell you.. Idk what it is with you Paul nuthuggers but the man isn’t a boxer, he’s an entertainer. In no world would he be even close to beating an ATG like May and I’m not even a fucking fan of him, it’s just facts. If you say otherwise than you know the ol’ adage…YDKSAB.


you did imagine them, only one solid right hand landed and it was a slapping punch that didn't even wobble floyd, floyd vs jake would be boring with a lot of clinching but i doubt jake would land anything big. Floyd is too fast


Sounds like he's almost at Jakes criteria


The comment you’re replying to is saying that mayweather is too young, implying that Jake wouldn’t fight him until he was like 46 or something like Anderson


he will never take that fight. not to talk about jake paul like he’s some badass threat, but floyd would most likely lose that fight. jake is the best influencer boxer by a mile and has actual legit ko power. mayweather was getting touched up his last exhibition. and also account how much bigger jake paul is. would be funny asf seeing mayweather fans try to cope but it will unfortunately never happen.


Not a fan of either. Buy the floyd who beat canelo, could be jake paul anyday. And floyd was a great boxer. So good it almost seemed rigged.


he’s not the floyd who beat canelo tho. yes if it’s that floyd no question, but it ain’t. he’s out of prime and is 45 years old and has been getting hit clean and hard by guys who are just as good or worse than jake paul.


the guy that hit floyd was a featherweight who is fast, jake is a decent boxer but i doubt he has the speed to land a clean punch, and he's not as big as logan either. It wouldn't be easy for either guy but floyd would win based on experience and speed. Jake still gets sloppy with his footwork and wings some punches.


Wtf is happening on this sub rn?!


boxing fans struggling with the fact that a retired 45 year old welterweight wouldn’t do well against a active, young, and decent cruiserweight.


>decent cruiserweight Jesus fucking christ.. Your username is way more relevant than I thought cuz DAMN…enjoy your coloring book.


He's ranked 200 out of 1000 cruiserweights, I'd say that's decent


Ahh yes those boxing rankings that are SO LOGICAL amirite? I forgot how many *actual boxers* he has beaten…silly of me. The fact he is even ranked without ever fighting an actual boxer says more about the absurdity of the ranking system than anything else. But sure man…Paul is a decent boxer who could for sure catch the greatest defensive boxer ever when literally other ATGs haven’t been able to even touch him. You guys can downvote me all you want, it’s just crazy how fucking dumb some of y’all are lol


Floyd is 45, his reflexes are not anywhere near what it was even 10 years ago. He was getting tagged clean his last few fights. And Silva is a boxer with a 3-1 record who beat JC Chavez jr a year ago, who no matter how washed, was still a ranked bocer and former champion.


Remind me of Silva’s rank before he fought jake? Jake’s ranking makes 0 sense.


Why can’t you just debate the points? Looking all emotional throwing personal insults in


didn’t releaze jake being decent is a controversial take. thought that was the common take. decent doesn’t mean good, it means mediocre. if you don’t understand the toll of time and that time is king then i don’t know what to tell you.


It depends. If your talking about decent for someone his size/athleticism/age and 4 years training. Yes he is definitely decent. Maybe even slightly above average because of his power. If your talking about decent for a pro cruiserweight your fucking nuts. Most 2-10 journeymen have better developed skillsets. Most amateur fighters with more than a few fights would smoke him. I know they sham ranked him #200 but they are just seeing the $$$ behind him.


Mayweather faced Logan Paul.


Nope. What's going to happen is that Deji will KTFO Floyd then on Dec 10 we will see DK Yoo KTFO Pacquaio. Around April next year, the 2 Youtubers who KTFO the legends will make the biggest fight in the world.


Deji's sacred olatunji onslaught is too much for even Floyd. Deji solos low diff.


Unfortunately, Dejis raw power and speed will overpower Floyds defense with relative ease. I got Deji in the 5th.


I genuinely think in his prime Floyd could’ve dodged a bullet. The dudes reflexes were insane.


From 5cm away from his head right


deji is better


Deji will win and become the goat


Yh but none of those fighters have the knockout power of Deji. He only needs one.


Are these comments jokes or r y’all serious


peeps are acting like exhibitions are real fights . My brain hurts fuck this.


It's actually not too far fetched once you really think about it. Most casuals don't think about boxing on that level though, they just look at records. So they'll *assume* Floyd > Deji when in reality it's a much more interesting match up to those who study the science of boxing.


thank you for teaching us casuals mr scientist


This is just the tip of the iceberg. Boxing has a slew of knowledge attached to it, its how I fell in love with the sport. Not just for the big knockouts.


Comments in here are crazy


Big he is “running” 😂


Will Deji have a gun?


No, deji by first round ko


As soon as Deji lands that 1-2, Floyd will be knocked out, concussed and vegetated


I really hope deji takes it easy on mayweather


Mayweather is one of the greatest of all time but he's never faced anyone with the boxing IQ of Deji.


Who keeps on posting this stupid shit? Floyd really trying to sell them PPV’s


Why do none of these combat sports fans understand what an "exhibition" is. It's not a real fight, it's just a show. It's like a wwe match.


are you kidding? this is absolutely a real fight, at least it’s gonna be really fucking real when May is trying to find his mouthpiece on the canvas after the GOAT and TBE Deji obliterates his orbital bone in round 2🙏 Mayweather gets his first loss, and Deji takes his well deserved spot as p4p champ🔥💪


Deji in the fifth.


People say the same shit about the Tenshin match, and the other Japanese dude. Those weren't fights either. Mayweather didn't "go in there and knock em out", they were literally just shows. Youre pretending like youre goofing around rn, but y'all say the same shit about them "fights" too. Just a few weeks ago Muay Thai legend Buakaw took an exhibition match, and ACTUALLY KOd his opponent, and is a ton of legal trouble for breaking the contract, because he wasn't supposed to actually fight him, because you aren't actually fighting in an Exhibition.


How you gonna downvote actual facts


Because you are getting wound up at obvious jokes. No one here thinks Deji will win.


I ain't talking about Deji


A lot of fighters have good hand speed but Mayweather’s entire body was quick.


Really hope this is a troll


The god of defense




He is


Hahhahahhahhhahhaha onslaught


Why do you advertize this garbage?


When mayweather eventually gets caught and goes to sleep against a YouTuber it’s gonna be so glorious


Hot Take: I think Floyd will do just fine


Onslaught? What fucking onslaught?


50-50 chance to be completely honest. Can go either way.


Onslaught? Lol it’s like people didn’t even try to hit him in the 2nd half of his career


Fighting everybody but the problem child , man still 🦆


idk if this comment section is full of trolls or idiots lol neither deji or Jake paul stands a chance against floyd




Jake does deji doesn’t. Floyd is 45 and got hit hard in the chin by a mma fighter smaller than him.


🤦🏾‍♂️jake has ZERO chance he's too slow and sloppy I hope your trolling


he’s bigger and stronger than mayweather and fast enough. Mayweather has been noticeably getting a looooooooooot worse and that’s to be expected he’s 45. He got his chin checked by a 145 pound mma fighter.


after watching floyd absolutely play with deji u still think jake has a shot? Logan is bigger then Jake come on now don't disrespect floyd like that


Yeah I think Jake has a even better chance now. Also Logan is longer than Jake but his punches have less power and technique.


what did u see that I missed??? floyd wasn't at all serious and still dominated as he should have jake would be easy work lol yea jake would be more of a challenge sure but he would get destroyed 4 years of boxing doesn't equate to almost 40 years worth of experience


Yes even if Jake trained since he was 5 there’s a 99.9% chance his boxing skill wouldn’t come close to mayweather’s. However jake definitely has a chance if mayweather lets him come in as a cruiser. Floyd getting marked up by deji isn’t a good sign.


TBE and The GOAT, Floyd MONEY Mayweather.


Only time Floyd was ever in trouble was vs Mosely rd 2


Maidana genuinely hurt him. But that's pretty much it, in his entire career


Maidana, Judah and Chop Chop Corley would like to say hello, lol.


obviously not


Mayweather could have potentional fought fousey. Watch Mayweather's last fight he was getting tagged and hit.


I can't imagine caring.


It's a show anyway. They not in there to hurt eachother. Floyd's last exhibition put me to sleep.


Tbh I wish he goes back to this but recently he’s been fighting more traditional with both hands up


Forget about floyd vs jake, put the kid in front of bivol or beterbiev.


One of the finest that ever laced the gloves !


Floyd got 45 year old legs.


I still don’t know who Deji is…


Retired dude


I was really hoping this would just be a compilation of every time Floyd got hit clean


Lols at :23s with the left right look.


Greatness ✨️


If Deji connects one good punch, can we please forever insist that Mayweather lost the fight? Actually, regardless of what happens, can we pretend that Mayweather lost?


Floyd Mayweather has an extraordinary defense. But he’s past his prime, so he will struggle. But I don’t see him getting knocked out.


Floyd must really need the money. He was so obsessed with keeping his record immaculate and would explode at anyone questioning his competitors legitimacy. Now he’s fighting YouTubers… Vegas must have a pipeline of money from his house to their bank.


He wouldn't take the fight if he couldn't.


No. Deji is a different animal, he doesn’t operate on the normal human wave length


Floyd hasn't fought anybody with the ring cutting capabililities and the offbeat rhythm of Deji


It's an exhibition fight. It don't even count. They are going to try just enough to get paid.




Mayweather marketing team is active on r/boxing I see...


Who is Deji?


Mayweather went too far this time challenging the greatest boxer of our generation


What? Is he fighting Deji now?


Deji by KO round 1


I take my hat off to Mayweather for accepting this task




Come on everyone, stop denying the truth. Deji is the chosen one who will finally take down all the ranking organizations and unify the sport


Out of all the fights , that Canelo one was impressive


I’m actually worried for Floyd’s health. Hopefully he gets home safely to the wife and kids.


This Mayweather fella doesn’t seem too bad. But he’s not enough to contend with the ComedyShortsGamer


This sub is a fucking joke. How is anyone taking this fight seriously. Deji KOs Floyd in round 1.


Mayweather was just playing games with this man by throwing his punch at a very low force 🤣