Legend has it Algieri's trainer still has him in the cage to this day, never to be released.


Errol Spence Jr is lucky Algieri was never let out the cage vs him too


His trainer's dead.


He's gone to the great cage in the sky.


This is the funniest thing ever


What timing of that comment….


Legendary fighter unlocked: out of his cage Algieri. ….or you know…not.


Be kind… he lost the key


Benn was on the captain America juice


Close fight


6 freakin times I'm surprised the ref and the corner allowed it to keep going.


If you watched the fight it was a good call. He was knocked down a lot but was still fighting and wasn't out of it or severely hurt. It's boxing, a late KO or stoppage by a losing fighter is always possible regardless of how unlikely.


There are many times where they could have stopped it. They also could have stopped the Margo fight, people just don't expect for a smaller dude to beat up these bigger taller candidates. In your case, he just didn't have power and a stoppage was warranted.


the cage moment is one of the best moments in hbo history. makes me miss the hbo commentary team.


Does Chris Algieri still have the Honda Accord though?


Avocado toast, anyone?


Do you think Pacquiao was a coward by never giving Algieri a rematch?


I remember this, everyone considered this a statement before he fought Floyd the following year. But then people realized that Floyd is a little better than Chris Algieri. Lol.


Woah know, better than caged algieri yes, uncaged algieri is a whole different beast.


What is the chris algieri in a cage joke referring to? Dying to know.


There you go: https://youtu.be/ksBfJZPDPiU


That is fucking beautiful 😂




Styles make fights. I think Algieri Mayweather would have been interesting at the time and closer than expected. Mayweather still wins though.


And exactly what about Algieri do you think gives mayweather issues?


Uncage algieri > mayweather. anytime of the day. TKO r7


You look at his trajectory of Ruslan, Pac and Khan. He showed a lot of growth as a fighter in 3 fights. I remember Ruslan was a huge upset. Algieri was undefeated but fought 0 world class opponents. He was knocked down a lot but was in the fight and lost wide against Pac. He looked like a totally different fighter in a close loss to Khan. He was usually a guy that boxed on the outside but fought quite aggressively and forward against Khan and was largely successful. Khan's hand speed was too much, though. Neither guy had a ton of power, Mayweather's closest fights were against high volume pressure fighters and that was the style Chris picked up and was fairly successful using in a single fight. I have no doubt Mayweather wins but I would have liked to see what Algieri's plan would have been and if he would've been UNCAGED!!!


Fair enough, great points. You seem to know more about Algieris career than me, admittedly. Thanks for the evaluation.


*defend the WBO title Pacquiao let Marquez and Algieri fight for his title at catchweights, for all you that love talking about his catchweights vs Cotto and Margarito


The 144lbs cathweight was to accommodate Algieri who is coming from 140 and not for Pacquiao's advantage. For Cotto, he weigh 146 lbs 5 mos prior when he fought Clottey. He was asked to only sacrifice 1 lb at 145 to fight someone coming from 135. A fair compromise to make a fair fight isn't it? Margarito was also a 154 pounder and to make a fair fight against someone who is a small WW, then a compromise has to be set. Pacquiao weighed 148 lbs on a 154 lbs division during weigh in, while Margarito bloated up to 165 lbs which made the cathweight almost useless because there was no rehydration clause. We may all hate Catchweight but it is the only compromise to make impossible but interesting matchups to happen. It is to make it fair and to level the playing field. There is no more interesting fights happening at present because fighters refuse to give up something. There are a lot of very interesting high level fights that can happen if there's catchweight. Imagine if Haney vs Teo at 138 catchweight, Ryan v Haney at 138 and many others.


Agree with everything except your examples at the end. All them can fight at light welter easy. It's Davis, Shakur and Loma that would benefit from catchweight as naturally smaller guys and even Shakur is questionable.


The Margarito catchweight was grossly unfair at best, and an act of pure cowardice by Pacquiao, at worst. At 150, the weight was closer to welter than it was to junior middle limit. The huge Margarito was severely drained by that catchweight.


Yeah weightdrained my ass dude was 167 when the fight night came.


Cus he rehydrated after the weigh in . The weight cut was brutal he had to starve himself to make that weight of course he’s going to gain lots of pounds once he actually eats and drinks again


Then why did he accept the fight in the first place? Is he dumb? Contracts are the first to signed before fighting right? Surely they can read the catchweight to make the fight even. You seriously want pac to fight a 165 lb fighter without catchweight? Redditors here are dumbasses


For money obviously manny is a big name . Also he’s a 154 fighter not 165 that weight class doesn’t exist


See it’s coming from you it’s 154 weightclass how the hell manny can come up 160+??? He’s already eating x3 in camp to make 147. You acting that it’s pacs fault for making margarito go down in 154 when he can decline the fight. Can’t accept there is only one 8 weight division champ?


I actually think it’s a really good win of his I never said it wasn’t . Also what do you mean by come up to 160? The weight class was 154 . It is pacs fault for making him come down who else you think sent those demands ?


“Actually a good win” yeah right you are known for being a big pac hater in this sub


It is a good win . People often times discredit manny winning a belt in 154 division because of the 150 catchweight but I don’t . It’s top 5 win for manny imo I personally have this fight behind his second morrales fight , Thurman fight , second JmM fight , and cotto fight


The first boxing fight I tuned in to


This fight should have never happened. Man survived Ruslan, and got a shot at Manny. I don't care what nobody says, he didn't beat Ruslan, he survived. That was enough for the judges. Eye looked like a walnut.


You know physical injuries are not part of scoring right? At the time people thought Pac was ducking Ruslan. I felt despite the eye Algieri outboxed Ruslan in a close but definitive win.


you were getting downvoted but you are right. meldrick taylor looked like a rocky balboa cosplay against chavez but was still up on the scorecards.


Scorecard of 120-102