Rios was the hype at one point


Rios display of defense here was topnotch. He used his chin to block Pacquiao's pitter patter punches. Pacquiao was so frustrated he couldn't break that chin.


HBO Boxing with a Grudge Match advertisement? The nostalgia


I completely forgot he fought Brandon Rios


Yeah, as amazing and unparalleled as his resume is, there's a period of Pac fights that I regrettably just kinda checked out of and left no mental impression on me even though I actually watched them. All three Bradley fights, Rios, Vargas, Matthysse, Algieri.


Mattysse is the one everyone forgets. Don't remember anyone posting clips of that fight


Including me hahaha.


Its crazy how fast people forget this is the fight after pac got kotfo by marquez. People thought he was done at that time. This was his comeback tune up fight.


People shit on Rios a lot for being a punching bag, but he was better than people give him credit for imo (even though Pacquiao completely clinic’d him here). Rios rolled with punches a lot more effectively than many realized, just look at how rarely he swelled up or suffered cuts. Also had an incredible jab along with some awesome inside fighting and combination punching. He went 230-35 as an amateur, was National Featherweight Champion, and was an Olympic alternate. He had some skills. He definitely had his limitations, especially once he moved up to 147, but there was a time I genuinely think he would have been absolute hell for almost anyone at 135-140. It’s a shame Alvarado came into their third fight so checked out because it undersold the last glimpse of Rios’ prime, the Rios who fought Bradley and Garcia was a shell of himself.


Brandon Rios at his best was a rugged contender. This was an aging manny. It was at this fight, or maybe 2 previous that people started questioning how much pac had in his tank. I watched this fight live and marvel at how Pac made Rios look like a 3rd tier sparring partner. It was almost a replica of his fight vs david diaz, except rios has a way better chin


looking back on it, it's amazing how pac let him off the hook given how much shit Rios was talking pre fight. like just short of Mayorga levels of trash talk. mid 2000s pacquiao with a chip on his shoulder probably would have put him in a coma


I buy into the theory that Manny was concerned about hurting opponents after the Margarito fight. Edit: just rewatched some highlights of the Margarito fight. He really beat the fucking piss out of that guy.


Boom! Bang!!


Brandon "I like to get hit in the face repeatedly" rios


I fear for Rios's health.


Such a cherry pick