Dillian Whyte supposedly KOed Fury in sparring, we know how that ended up. Zurdo supposedly got the better of Bivol in sparring, we know how that ended up. Moral: Sparring stories don't mean shit!!


Ain’t no way Zurdo got the better of Bivol in any way 😭 that man caught a beat down like I’ve never seen. He made Zurdo look like one of us in there




I keep telling people this but they never listen.


Hopefully he’s really done with Mayweather and will start pursuing better fights, the Ryan matchup is a start We have been robbed of seeing how truly good Gervonta is for too long


I know. Tank is supposed to be the cream of the crop. We want to actually see it. He is considered the A side for these matchups on paper. No excuses why they don't made, especially if Tank wants them.


On paper without all the media involvement if we look at it from a pure records and titles standpoint then Haney would be the A side and yet he has the least power behind him in negotiating.


I agree. However, media involvement is absolute in this paradigm, so it has to be factored into negotiations. Since Tank has that in his favor, he has no excuses to why he can't get the fights made.


No haney is not the a side. Cut it out. Devin can box but people don't pay for snooze fests!


Davis will continue to duck them like the plague. They’ve already done more than tank has in their careers.


They would both UD him, as long as they are careful for twelve rounds. Tank could not try to look for the ko with out setting it up offensively first. They aren't going to walk into it like Rolly did.


Tank Shakur Haney in a Round Robin tournament, all basically split even odds. Tank has the power & takes risk, Shakur is the all-around more complete boxer, & Haney is the most discipline with the best jab.


I feel like neither guy is lying, Devin prolly did touch up tank but it prolly did absolutely nothing. 24 year old Haney with 8 oz gloves gloves can’t put someone down, cant imagine he was any stronger as a teen with 16 oz sparring gloves


Honestly we just need Tank, Haney, Stevenson and Garcia to enter a four way agreement which will make them all fight each other once in a table format and the winner walks away undisputed.


Devin Haney and Shakur already did more in their short careers than Tank been able to do. Hating ass would get boxed for 12 rounds and get passed around by Haney and Shakur. It’s the funniest when pillow fisted fighters neutralize hard hitters like Tank and make them miss for 12. Boxer > puncher. All day long and twice on Sunday’s.


I know Tank is a puncher but his actual boxing IQ & skills is impressive. Has elite inside framing ability & is difficult to catch when fighting off the backfoot. He’s won fights as both the puncher & the technician


Shakur has a better chance than devin. Devin probably gets clipped!!


Keyword is talks, cause he ain't fighting either


lol at the dude having to backtrack after trying to hit Tank with that.


Using other people's names to sell his fights, what a surprise!


ironic being that shakur was ringside at tank’s last fight


asking for a picture like a groupie and talks shits later on tweeter


Dude its an interview where other fighter’s names get brought up


Dude is a troll when it comes to certain fighters lol


Yeah other black boxers. Dude learned from Mayweather well.


Whatcu talkin bout? I troll everybody 🤣


Shakur is a phony


Tank right about that first part lol can't find out if he can beat Devin or Shakur if he's in jail


Big talk for a guy, who gt touched up badly by fucking Rolly. He is at the stage where he has to refer to past spar stories, when they where boys and he was already a man


22 punches landed within 6 rounds at a 19% connect rate, idk your definition of touched up badly but 4 punches landed per round isn’t it. A very patient & low output fight imo.


He was definitely wary of his power and he was mrked up aftr the fight


If being wary of power results in Tank opponents only landing 19%, pretty solid game plan & execution… it’s boxing, those marks are worth the victory


Yes because Rolly is big and can hit. Tank would be stupid to get into a firefight and risk losing, he made the right move letting the lesser iq fighter lead the dance and when he made a crucial mistake, Tank made him pay for it.


Rolly isn't big lol. have you seen their face off? He is jacked, but only because his frame is small. Dude is like one inch taller than Tank


Have you seen his frame on fight night? Frame wise he is clearly bigger than Tank, stronger, and he can punch. Tank fought a smart fight by respecting Rolly’s strength and power and just boxing instead, it led to a KO without the risk of getting caught because of recklessness.


Disagree on frame. He was packed with muscle, that's the opposite o having a big frame. A guy with a big frame looks lanky and not packed with muscle, he has potential to pack something on. I do agree on that Tank fought a smart fight, but he also was marked up after the fight and did not perform how he should against a guy like Rolly


Jaron Ennis would eat all 3 of them on the same night. No cap


I mean he is a welterweight. Not a fair comparison.


Yeah true lol


I can't really see him in the thumbnail either