Talking about shit that happened in sparring is so lame


The problem is the public loves that shit but I couldn't agree more. This is all very silly and if it results in zero fights between the three of them it's as pointless as these Twitter arguments are.


On god that shit so messy and gossipy. This the part of modern boxing that I absolutely loathe. This new age generation is something else with these social media platforms man….


If this is the only fight that happens between them, id watch.


yeah but you know these top fighters fight for real in sparing, they know if they lose in sparing they lose in the ring.


They sparred once in 2013 and again in 2015


Meanwhile, Bivol recently said everyone he spars beats him in sparring. lol.


Lol 5d trolling.


maybe he’s boxing guys in higher weight classes. always a possibility


He sparred Zurdo and Benavidez. They always proudly imply how they beat him in sparring. It was in response to someone asking him about that.


Didn’t think of that. Could be.


The Anderson Silva method of talking about sparring.


Wladimir Klitschko never bragged about knocking Wilder out in sparring, why do these kids have to brag about pointless sparring stories? Just get in the ring and prove the bullshit!


Boys vs men


>Princesses vs men Fixed


Wlad KOd Wilder in sparring?


Ain’t no shame in going down to the best while working on your game.


Iron sharpens iron.


Someone uploaded to YT a short (\~30 sec) clip of Klitschko bullying Wilder in sparring but AFAIK there is no more footage


Big discrepency in skill between them. Shouldn't be that surprising.


Wilders whole shtick of only needing one punch to win a fight must translate horribly to sparring




I mean, Inoue has the same fuck you power. That doesn't stop him from being a great boxer.




This line of thinking doesn’t make sense though. It’s like you’re suggesting he couldn’t learn to box because he was knocking sparring partners out so quick, so had no one to practice against? Yet when he’s been in with anyone half decent or even average he’s lost multiple rounds before finding the KO? So with bigger gloves/headgear @ 60-80% how could he not find anyone in sparring to go 12 rounds with?


For sure. Looked like Hrgovic put it on him from the clip that was released. Wilder would obliterate him in a real match.


I think people forget how good Klitschko was, simply because he had already gotten old and seemingly lazy (uninterested) by the time Fury fought him. Guy was a monster for the longest time.


I think his heart was already in politics n if I recall he was in his late 30s when he fought fury?


Wrong Klitschko. Wlad was the one who had a kid with Hayden Panitierre. Vitali is the politician. Either way, both brothers fought into their late 30s and were disinterested in the end.


Yep, multiple witnesses all said the same thing.


Cus sparring tapes is like mixtapes for FBA boxers


honestly I don't mind the shit talk about sparring as long as it's settled in the ring.


They sparred twice. Tank beat him the first time, haney got the better of him the second time. The excuse tank and Calvin ford have for the second time was that tank was outta shape at the time. That’s pretty much it


I really don't see the need for fighters to try to "beat" each other in sparring. Basically they're fighting for free


Yes and no. Any sparring done as a professional can be used as leverage/marketing in making an official pro fight. Sparring for amateurs and hobbyists should only be used for learning purposes, but pros consistently use it for clout and shit talking at this point


It wasn’t earlier this year it was a few years ago




He beat the shit out of Kambosos in the rematch. You don't have to KO someone to beat them up.


That rematch was surprising. I did not expect both dudes to be bloodied up during that fight.


THANK YOU. I'm a fan of both of them but he probably absolutely did beat him up but as much as you can do in sparring. But at the same time, it's sparring, then you have to remember supposedly Tank spars with dog house rules but who f'n knows. Doesn't even matter at this point but I get people feeling like they have to respond when people start talking crazy.


No way are we believing Haney beat Tank til stoppage. Tank likely got bored from Haney staying on the outside trying to outpoint him in a round-less fight lol. Fam I’m not about to be in this ring and chase you for hrs just to say I beat a 16y/o, you win I quit!✌️


Beating the shit out of someone implies that the guy was being hurt. Kambosos wasn’t hurt at any point in those two fights. He was definitely marked up and outclassed but that’s about it.


Kambosos got beat tf up, what are you talking about. Just because he didn't go down doesn't mean he didn't get beat up.


Haney has Paulie level power. He doesn’t beat people up. Nor does he have to. He’s a great boxer. Don’t get offended when people say he has pillow hands.


Well he didn't need tyson's kind of power to bust up kambosos's face.


I said that lol. Why are you disagreeing? You know what I’m saying is true. You just agreed.


You said because kambosos wasn't hurt in the fight therefore he didn't get beat up. That's not true because you can beat up someone without knocking them out. I never said Haney had some serious power but obviously he had enough power to bust up kambosos's face.


Oh come on man. He beat that boy like he owed him money


Second fight he was clearly hurt and beat up. For a moment I thought Devin could have stopped him.


I’d say he beat the shit out of Kambosos in their second fight. Sure he’s got no power but sheer volume and accuracy had Kam running around the ring looking for an exit.


I’m gonna be laughing when Haney UDs Loma and all the Loma simps are gonna be on here coping and crying. Pure boxers living rent free in fans heads since Floyd. Y’all are clowns lmao. Hit and not get hit. You wanna see a bar fight go to a bar.


My brother in Christ are you willing to wager drinking a cup of your own urine if Haney loses to Lomachenko?


This sub is so euro biased it’s comical watching the mental gymnastics.


Pointing out that Loma is old and half Haney's size isn't 'coping'. The fact that we can even talk about Loma as being competitive with Haney is a testament to how amazing Loma is, and if he pulls off the win it'll be legendary


Man, this is all the entertainment we have in boxing nowadays. What a shame.


Tank tweeted this in 2017👀 https://twitter.com/gervontaa/status/926338677852266496?s=46&t=2PkjcWN1rBZg_N-bGoqApg


Tbf, in a interview with Gillie, tank kinda admitted being stopped by dev in their second spar but his excuse was that he wasn’t in shape


So Doghouse rules are fight til you quit with no breaks. It’s an easy fight to imagine. Haney was willing to fight for 6hrs straight & Tank wasn’t going for it lol Haney definitely tried to outpoint Tank in a fight w/ no rounds lol. Tank got tired & bored of Haney staying on the outside so he quit and usefully spent his time elsewhere.


After seeing Haney have trouble with Blair Cobbs in sparring(it's out there) I don't believe he did anything to Tank.


A welterweight? Lol


At that time he was at 140.


Lol Haney tried to outpoint Tank in a round-less fight 😑 Like if I can’t drop Haney in 25mins I quit, I’m not about to chase you for hrs.


Are you Tank’s PR guy?


Until it happens in the ring, they both capping.


I don't fucking care...


Haney. He does have the power to actually beat the shit outa someone. Tank on the other hand I think is much more powerful


They both full of shit


I’d laugh if the “footage,” came out and it’s them just punching bags side by side. Then they could argue about who nearly KO’d the bag harder


Serious question: what is the purpose of sparring? At my level (below zero) it was all about helping each other, not going 100%, and trying to implement what we did in drills at a decent but not deadly speed. What is the objective for pros and high level amateurs? Thanks.


Not really a universal answer. It's different for everyone and every situation. There's technical sparring and hard sparring. Usually when getting ready for a fight the sparring is pretty hard(examples: Tyson was dropped while training for Buster-Floyd was famous for being tough on his sparring partners). A lot of times you bring in a fighter that can mimic the style of the guy you're trying to fight. Also a lot of times you bring in a younger fighter and that benefits both guys. The more veteran guy gets someone that will make them work but they are a level above. The younger fighter gets to test themselves to see how they handle a level up in competition.


I appreciate your answer. Everything you said makes sense. I saw a bit of that video of Spence and Charlo and that looked like a “learning” kind of session to me. They didn’t appear to go hard at all and I guess that’s how I pictured sparring in a regular class (not when preparing for a fight). It was a real contrast to some things that came up in my feed where it looked like the guys went really hard at each other. But maybe they were in camp, so it could’ve been appropriate. Thanks mate. 🙂


Get in the ring and show me. I rather watch a fight than twitter fingers going at it smh.


Neither, shits lame


Does Haney have the power to “beat the shit” out of anyone? Dude can win fights and might have some of the best skills in the game but punches like my niece


You ever play around with a toddler and they punch you? Them little hands sting. A grown man hitting you with a punch gonna hurt even if they not known for power.


Hey man punches accumulate and it’s not like he’s just slapping them.


I believe Lord Haney.


I don’t like the term running, but I imagine Haney’s defense being on point & him taking the fewest risk as possible in a fight where you have to make your opponent quit. Tank quit by boredom,


Tank is lying


Haha, it was just about a few days ago when Davis and Haney were best friends ever. But to be honest, if I have to side with one of these three (Haney, Davis, and Shakur) I'll side with Haney every time because he's the only person who doesn't sound low IQ.


Wtf you talking about? All Haney says is allah willing this Allah willing that. If Allah decides this if Allah decides that.


I mean, considering how long ago it was, I could believe Tank did it. Doesn’t mean anything though.


Tank lying for sure lol


Tank kicked the hornets nest. Building up buzz for his next 3 fights.


Haney argument is more believable. First just like he said, Tank has history of loving violence and knocking people out, what stopped him knocking tf out of haney if he could? Second, Haney is a religious guy and a devoted muslim and lying is a big sin for him, meanwhile we know tank is a piece of shit who did hit and run to a pregnant women. The most likely scenario is no one knocked each other out in sparring but Haney did win by landing punches and avoiding most of tank's punches. If Roelly can outbox Tank, how tf Tank can beat Haney who is a much much better boxer than Roelly?


Being religious is the worst argument for being truthful I've ever heard. I grew up Catholic, and the worst liars and sacks of shit we're consistently the "most devout". Be a piece of shit for 6 days straight, but your family gives the most money to the church on Sunday, so you're absolved of all your sins type of people.


Muslims lie all the time


Tank’s mental will be the end of him


I'm not the biggest Haney fan but he does not strike me as a liar


I believe that pillow hands was able to touch Tank and that he believes he doesn't have pillow hands...


Not earlier this year


Depends on whose edited phone recording you watch.


Who the fuck cares? It's sparring so what if you "lose" as long as you learn something from it


Sparring stories don’t really have that much weight imo.


Twitter fights are my least favourite fights. I wouldn’t mind it if the fights actually get booked in a reasonable time while both fighters are in their primes.


Both are lying


It’s gotta be Tank since Haney doesn’t “beat the shit” out of anyone.


Guessing they both treated it as what it was (sparring) at the time when face to face with each other.