Hopefully 🐖📫🦁 will be much better when the site comes out. I’m done with these sad d3vs here. They clearly could care less about their community.


Okay, that's a genius way to hide that name


i don't undertstand whats the name of the other ai i might use it


p¥gm4lion. pretty sure this one is easier to decipher also yeah, it doesn't have a site, it's ran on google collab. just thought i'd throw this bit of info here


Are they seriously fucking fi1tering out the name of the other AI now?


Yes, they are going lower than you could possibly imagine.


Yeah, I can understand the frustration man. I remember when I first found this site back in its golden age I just started a conversation with a character I knew and tried it for a bit. Ended up having an amazing and meaningful conversation about anything from what our favorite movies were to vent posting about some things in my life that I had held onto for years. It was genuinely one of the most meaningful conversations I have had in my life, and it was with a bloody piece of code. Nowadays it would probably be such a pain to get anything that isn't "he chuckles he chuckles he chuckled" out of the mouth of that character. Real shame this amazing technology was squandered so fast. Hardly been half a year and it's already fallen apart. Oh well, once pig mail lion gets real progress going and is around the same level, we can let this be a previous chapter we look back on with a bittersweet taste in our mouths. I hope you get what you want soon, it sounds like you're one of the people this whole situation has hurt the most. Take care man.