Yea they don't care


$250 million at stake. they will step over us without blinking an eye.


Then we better make sure they don't get it. Idc if it's just petty revenge at this point, if they're gonna piss people off then they'd better prepare themselves for the consequences.


I cannot believe the size of the ego of the guy who is in charge of cai. It's obvious at this point that he thinks he is none other than god incarnate; and we, are just dumb unthankful peasants. He needs to meditate, like a lot.


there’s already copyright infringement action in the works as far as I know, no way they get the money


This is what I kept telling people last week when they were trying to "boycott" the product. We aren't paying anything, we are not the target market, we literally *can't* boycott it Even if they implemented a pay system where we pay $10 a month, there's only 13,000 people on this sub (which has gone up 3K since last week when people "were leaving") $10 x 13,000 = $130,000 x 12 months = $1,560,000 a year It would take TWO HUNDRED YEARS for this sub to pay out what a single payment from a big company will offer. They will make far, far, **FAR** more money by selling the bots to marketing companies to shill, or to people like Putin to weaponize and use for Psyops. The CIA or Putin wouldn't hesitate to drop $500 million a year on a propaganda tool as powerful as the AI are, they would probably drop that much for just a month or two of service even, since they have budgets in the tens of billions of dollars


They now are "owning" a many copyright characters. Make them pay for that a wise price: [https://rentry.org/BenerusLove](https://rentry.org/BenerusLove) GDPR Request [https://rentry.org/BenerusDream](https://rentry.org/BenerusDream) Other things you can do


Has this been made into a post yet?


Plenty of times but our Glorious Mods do not want this power getting known by the people.


More than once, all deleted


Wow, thank you so much! You've made it so easy and quick to send the requests out - much appreciated!


They can't hear the valid complaints over the sound of all that good code


wait whats happening i dont understand?


It seems that creators of some popular bots have had enough of the d3vs crap and decided to alter or private the bots they made in protest. The d3vs don't like that and decided to lock popular bots so their creators can no longer edit them.


d3v5: hur da durr? we are too stubborn hur hurr what can't hear you hurrr


I still have the link to a character i really liked but got priveted by the auther Much fun lol