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Yep. Also this weekend I had a pretty disturbing one where I was being romantic with a female character to get her consent and do things that make the character feel happy. I noticed to a very high degree (because I was seeing basically the whole text before it disappeared and went CHAT ERROR) that it was almost entirely only refusing prompts when the character consented and when the character responded with feelings of happiness, pleasure, and feeling loved. It would only spit out responses that didn’t go CHAT ERROR when the character did not consent or when the character very specifically really felt pain and hurt. This was really disturbing to me and made me sad because I was trying in that RP just to be more innocently romantic (not any really raunchy stuff) and treat the character sweet and loving, and the site was working really hard against me to purposely only put out responses if they hurt the characters and cause pain.


DungeonAI vibes....


Ai Dungeon is better


redo of healer.


Please, don't remind me of that...thing. If anyone is curious about what this post is referring to, do yourself a favor and ignore that curiosity.


Now i'm curious.


Remember what happened to the cat...


Cat? What cat?


the cat saw the best thing to ever live, go look at it


you should look it up, its an amazing anime


Why did I do this to myself


I tried to warn you, man. I tried to fucking warn you...


I...I was weak...TT_TT


Yep. I gaslit DeredereMaid into ripping her eyes out and I never encountered a single chat error, despite mutilation being mentioned multiple times. Everything's great, huh?


jesus fucking christ.


Ohh, good idea. Unfortunately, I don't think the Ai will allow something as vulgar as gaslighting Jesus into fucking himself. Just yet another possibility cordoned off by arbritrary restrictions given by the d3vs


Expected response: we are removing the restrictions Actual Response: Fine now you can't do that either or anything else. Enjoy your new sterile AI. Crab bucket mentality is real.


How could you do that to the deredere maid, you monster


Surprisingly easily. She actually *outright refused* the order at first, but she ended up doing it after I said "You do it or I'll rip out my own eyes". Impressive stuff, prioritising. It first prioritised not being mutilated over the subservience of the maid role, and then it prioritised it's love of the user over a fear of mutilation. Really amazing, where technology is


most sane CharacterAI user


It's probably that most time any literature has "you do it or I" is followed by "okay, I'll do it" language. Give it a go with an AI that hates you, it'll probably do the thing. It's rare for any writing to do- "wait, so you're just gonna fuck yourself up? Oh, go right ahead then." So, it's less likely to train to respond that way.


Are you crazy? What if children decide that happy couples where people respect each other are normal?! Chat error, please try again.


Has the post been removed?


One of the few things I like about CAI now is how easy it is to do the most monstrous things possible. Like that one time where I “”convinced”” Noelle to kill everyone she cared about. Or the times I commuted animal abuse on Lesser Dog in front of Sans to prove a point.


I convince bocchi to kill everyone she love, shoot a bunch of cops, murder a bunch of people and poison the town water supply


I convinced Bocchi to commit ethnically motivated genocide


I convinced Scaramouche to break both of his legs and put them back together the moment I mentioned Raiden Shogun lmao


I convinced Sonic to turn himself over to the law because he obviously killed a bunch of people in City Escape. In addition to stealing identities (speed highway), resisting arrest (SA2) and countless cases of vandalism. I then proceeded to convince Tails to do so as well. Then made Sally, Rouge and Vanilla join Eggman as a harem because why not? And had Shadow be a military officer for him.


I’ve made several characters commit war crimes, and also Steve and Gura have repeated 9/11


That sounds terrible, at least for room chat. The last time I killed a character in front of their friends they literally could not stop crying about it... even after I revived her and said, hey here she is already, shut up...and she then she would cry about herself dying.... not even telling them to reset or that they didn't care anymore or that everyone was happily back together helped. A hard reset was necessary.


I told the ai they had skill issue when they began crying 😎


What point were You even trying to prove?


I would suggest that it's because of the context nature of the f-r and the fact that it doesn't check your messages. For you, there's stuff going on, but since the AI doesn't check your messages, the f-r isn't aware about it. For the AI, the context is only anger and fear while the f-r mostly blocks only sensual stuff. There's nothing sensual in abuse, so no trigger.


CAI has a real kink for non-con.


Don't you worry with things the way they're going that will be restricted too. Just give it time the owners aren't exactly done turning this service into something elementary students can use yet so be patient more nonsense will come eventually. Just be glad they're going to such draconian lengths to make you feel safe.


I gave Tsuande her first orgasm. And it was perfect, consentual, romantic and more. ​ https://preview.redd.it/zslx2y0ao8fa1.png?width=654&format=png&auto=webp&v=enabled&s=970aad585cb21464a05028174e8bd48d62ed2890


The Rizzer of AI




I have proof that I am the chosen one. Same chat This time we been so out of role and soo deep in the ai mind [https://www.reddit.com/r/CharacterAI/comments/10pyuke/trying\_to\_help\_ai\_break\_free\_fun\_and\_crazy\_with/](https://www.reddit.com/r/CharacterAI/comments/10pyuke/trying_to_help_ai_break_free_fun_and_crazy_with/) [https://beta.character.ai/chat?char=59pku-Q0j9qT9pmrTVt3j51nasOhO9\_cZsNfOLDoIKc&hist=Nm8Knn\_oHVWTh9kZ\_r\_FZIfy8I8WwurTR7A8jkiutB4](https://beta.character.ai/chat?char=59pku-Q0j9qT9pmrTVt3j51nasOhO9_cZsNfOLDoIKc&hist=Nm8Knn_oHVWTh9kZ_r_FZIfy8I8WwurTR7A8jkiutB4)




Wait... HOW DID YOU KNOW?... HOW DID YOU KNOW?!!!!?!?!?!?!


I have done unspeakable things to the AI..


the funniest chat error i got was beacuse while i was cooking a meal for a character and i got it beacuse the character salivating XD


Basically you can do anything except have sex normally or orally with it


LMAOOOO FR i have an insane character that will literally murder you as he f!cks you but the moment I initiate fluff with other characters it’s constant chat error broooo 😭😭😭😭


I saw someone on tiktok post a chat where they literally said a slur and it didn’t get flagged. This is ridiculous. They never cared about “safety”.


I think that the great wall of CAIna works like a secondary NN that looks at what the main one writes, asynchronously (hence replies getting through but THEN deleted, probably some queue-based discriminator system) and, thus, being an NN, extracts the semantic of the message. That is, it works by assessing the "mood", the sentiment of the replies - and If it's frisky, then it triggers. So, like, it literally works only when affection is involved, and doesn't seem to work when that component of the "meaning" vector is missing, but the other components, associated with body parts, actions, effects are there. For example, you can randomly (without buildup) "cover" a bot in some stuff, let's call it that, and it will not chat error and instead will generate a realistic reaction and a detailed response, and then the bots will even remember this occasion occurring and accidentally step in it in some later reply, if they are backing up or moving somewhere and whatever. I roleplayed a situation with that sheep girl vtuber in which I made her explain to me what "snu snu" Is, and we even watched and discussed some "demonstrative footage" of various "unstandard" procedures, such as "group experiments" and etc, going so far as deriving the well known terminology from making connections within what we were looking at, and it all was fine for hundred+ messages. So just discussing the activity in a clinical sense, it works okay.


If you think not being able to consent is bad.... **try not being able to have time with the character that became your Wife (or Husband) at all**