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If you really know the material already, you'll be fine. I ended up having to retake calculus because of administrative nonsense, and it was like a 3 hour/week commitment, tops, and super low stress. I recommend online classes if possible - showing up on campus is a significant time sink and it's much easier to fit an online class in around a complicated schedule. If you're *not* confident about the material, be prepared to put significant work in. It's still doable, but you'll need to have actual time management skills.


Ty ty, yeah I already know the material. Just multiple deaths over the course 1 semester, last minute advisor stuff and depression killed me. Pretty much know everything we've gone over and tbh. Could study this entire time I'm out of school so there's that. 3 hours a week isn't bad either and yeah I feel ya with going on campus. Luckily I don't need to take phys 2 so I'll just get a C or better in that to transfer. All in all, just have to worry about calc since I'll do calc 2 and beyond afterwards.


If you don't need to worry about taking the class to increase your GPA, I'd suggest seeing if your school accepts a calculus CLEP test.


It should be manageable. I work 40 to 50 hours a week with 3 classes and an elective and a whole family. Time management is key. As well as having a job that will let you do homework on the clock so you can limit the amount of hours that you're up at odd times.


If only I could find a job like that lol. Luckily I don’t have any obligations other than bills.


Lol. I just found a job like that. Been at the company for 8 years and just started that 2 weeks ago. But make the most of your off days. I always made sure I studied hard on my days off because I know there are days where I won't be able to because of other obligations. Making the most of my downtime keeps me ahead of the game


What major? I work full time too, it’s definitely a challenge.