Send an email to the teacher and ask him about the rationale of his decision. Contact the study board as well. And best of all if it's possible. Contact a second teacher of the same subject and ask for his opinion.


Physics prof used to write all the exam tallies up for the different sections on the front of your exams, and made it explicitly clear that he wanted you to count up the numbers yourself. In his own words, “most the grading errors we make are doing the basic addition at midnight when we collect all the sections”. Sounds entirely possible someone fat fingered a column in your final grade.


Reach out to professor with what you’ve said here. It’s rare, but sometimes mistakes happen. And if not, at least you’ll learn what happened


Had a teacher who failed me in biology because he didn't like me. This was in the early 2000s and I had no idea of all the ways you can go above the teacher. So instead I attempted to get my advisor involved. They arranged a sit down with the biology teacher, the advisor, my mom, and I ... Biology teacher said they plain didn't like me and that I was a delinquent. There was no other teacher at my school that taught biology so I had to take it somewhere else... Got a B without even trying. Please do what I couldn't and get others involved that have power over the teacher so that the teacher can't do this to others. Assuming of course this was malicious and not a really, really dumb mistake.


Teachers do make mistakes, so don't wait. Nobody else is going to advocate for you.


Like others said, it's worth reaching out to the professor. You might want to ask whether you can see your final exam - either you'll find out that you messed up and need to practice some topic, or you'll find that the grader messed up and you deserve a better grade.


I’ve had a mistake happen where I had a C in a class and didn’t know how that was possible. Asked the professor to look into it and turns out my final exam grade had been incorrectly entered. Ended up with an A.