Any internship is better than no internship at all. However while I am familiar with ASME, I am not familiar with their internship program. It sounds like it wouldn't be in a company, so might not be that much worthy but at least it will put some relevant engineering work experience on your resume before you graduate. If you could find a technical internship that would be better.


If it's all you can get, it's better than nothing. You can accept and turn it down if something better comes up too, you never signed a contract after all.


If you think you'll enjoy the work, then yes. Planning events and project management are basically the same skill, and you'll probably get tons of opportunities to network. They might be called "soft skills", but they're the most important skills in your toolkit. On the other hand, definitely *don't* take it if you would be miserable - personally, I would be hate it if I had to go to a bunch of events all summer, let alone plan them XD


I'm a huge proponent of soft skills and work on them with the engineers I mentor. However, those soft skills come as an added item that go beyond your technical skills and can really help in your career. All that to say, soft skills are great and will definitely help you in your career. However, I would not pick them instead of the technical skills unless you have not other options at this time. The only caveat to this specific role, is that you would likely make some great network connections with the general ASME chapter in your area that includes lots of professionals. So that is a huge bonus where you can meet engineers across various areas of the field.