If you really love CE then you will find ways to meet the challenges and succeed. Most engineering students drop out the first couple years because a single class like diff EQs or fluids is too hard for them to grasp and they assume all of the engineering profession is about that stuff. They lose sight of the big picture and move on to something else. Bottom line is this --- if you have a passion for the engineering arts then you will do whatever it takes to make it in the field. If it means extra tutoring or self-learning then so be it. Most of the best engineers I ever met were not math geniuses or programming gurus. Just guys who were really dogged in their ambition and had the work ethic of a fuckin' mule!


totally, thanks man. i appreciate that. I just wanted to make sure i wasn’t headed down the wrong path because i wasn’t or am not the greatest at math. i am excited for the courses that are strictly major dependent for a CE. although challenging, i can’t wait for them!


your story isnt too far off from mine. find friends. the first semester at a 4 year institution will be an adjustment, expect to do worse than normal. find friends (from class, in Civil Department) to work with. it's so much harder alone. a lot of civils are bad at math, that's why we're civils. you don't need calculus for transportation, site civil or project management. if you're doing geotech or structural it helps but you should get through the intro level classes fine. expect strength of materials & dynamics to be tough but by the time you get to fluids/steel/concrete hopefully you have a small network of friends to work with and you can help each other. i made heavy use of the CE commuter student lounge. utilize office hours effectivly. read your emails. find out which teachers to avoid. finally: "I’m just struck and paralyzed by this anxiety and fear that I won’t succeed simply because it’s not on zoom or anything." stop thinking and start working and this gradually goes away. the most traumatizing classes of my undergrad were weed out classes that you describe, not CE classes. get through it. you got this.


thank you. i really needed to hear that. With all honesty, i’m looking forward to the difficult and challenging courses that are strictly for C.E/Engineering. i just get anxious that on my job my wiggle through calc and differentials will screw me over although i passed the courses prior. thank you, i really needed that !