As a 335 owner, you need to get the 340


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IMO if you can afford a 340, it is worth the extra $$. The b58 is the best engine of the 2010s by a long shot.


I asked a similar question a few weeks ago. Check out the comments, but seems like majority say 340i, unless they own a 335 lol. [https://www.reddit.com/r/F30/comments/v69jmb/335i\_m\_sport\_vs\_340i\_without/?utm\_source=share&utm\_medium=web2x&context=3](https://www.reddit.com/r/F30/comments/v69jmb/335i_m_sport_vs_340i_without/?utm_source=share&utm_medium=web2x&context=3) I ended up waiting for a 340i with m sport that I wanted to get the best of both. If you can wait then I would wait and find a 340 with fewer miles if this one has you concerned. if you can't then it all comes down to maintenance histories.


I have a stage 2 fbo 335i and it’s great but bruh in all reality it’s an easy answer outside of saving a few bucks get the 340.


Go for 340i and the B58. For just 5k, it’s a no brainer. All the kinks and weaknesses are fixed in B58, also it is a very reliable engine.


I owned a E92 335xi with the N55, same N55 as in the F series.. I got a F32 440xi M sport now and hands down the B58 is the winner.


I've owned both an F30 335i and an F30 340i, and the 340i is better in every way besides the noise that the engine makes. The 340i still sounds amazing, but the 335i just sounded a little bit better.


340 absolutely no question


I dont remember numbers but i wanna say with all the cars my mechanic has worked on, he’s only seen like 3 blown N54s, 1 blown B58, and an insane amount of blown N55s. The built block F30 N55 that was being done at the same time i was putting a big turbo on my B58 already blew its motor months ago and has just been sitting meanwhile i’ve “only” had to replace injectors haha


I’ll pick the B58 any day but the N55 is very solid. Blown engines are not common at all


What kinda power are you making with a big turbo on the b58?


Never dyno’d so idk. my port injection/LPFP arent working together so only running 20psi on e85, but kept up with a ZX10r yesterday. I shoulda followed him longer probably woulda given him a gap if we had road to run


I just got a 340i and was following up with performance shops that worked on one I was looking at and told similar stories. I asked this specific question in terms of looking at used cars in the 30-60k mile range and they all say 340 over 335.


Interesting about the N54s, those are famously unreliable whereas the N55 was seen as a big improvement to reliability but a step down in tuning potential.


From what I’ve read it was the early N55’s that had most of the issues. I would take a b58 all day over an N55 though and I have an N55


I test drove both 3.5 years ago. I really liked the B58 engine better, handling is better as well. 90k on my car without a single issue. Stage 1 MHD and stage 2 Xhp tunes. Either one you get, do Maintenace, that is all I recommend.


335's are for poor people who want bmws. 340's are for who can afford and need bmws.


I guess the people who went and got a 6 cylinder for those years before the 340 came out are just poooooor then But back to OP, for 5k difference? 340 all the way


What a loser thing to say. I say we should welcome anyone to the BMW community who has a passion for the cars, regardless of what their financial situation is. Also, 335i's can be really clean.


You're not wrong


your 335i looks rich


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If you can't afford two BMW's, you can't afford one.


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