Probably got it from the wrong site. Only place should be: unknowncheats.me


He'll still have the virus on his pc if its still going, I'd work on getting rid of that. But as long as you actually own the accounts that got stolen (aka not buying cracked accs) They all should be pretty easy to recover through support (ik cuz i've had all my shit hacked and got everything back besides gmail cuz their support is ass)


u sure he downloaded if from the official unknown cheats thread?


Lmao he probably got a bad link Lesson learned from getting my steam account stolen before never use fishy sites only ones that are proven to work(ex. Theres a group on discord that updates news on kiddions literally monthly and has loads of cheaters i feel like this subreddit is literally just a Reddit version of it) and make sure firewall and virus protection is never turned off saved me from a fishy kiddions link instantly started going crazy with notifications with all kinds of shit getting blocked luckily i didnt have the same fate as your friend Edit: id imagine its not hard for someone that knows what they are doing to make a Trojan or some other type of virus and just simply name it a popular mod menu for a popular game... kids love modding... alot of ppl love modding and kiddions being free is an easy target so I wouldn’t be suprised if that’s exactly what happened to your friend


If you’re talking about modest support there is a Reddit version of it Literally r/kiddions Mods on the subreddit are also mods on the discord


They have a Link to the discord where you can download directly the mod menu without account in unknowncheats. Do you know if it's safe/legit?


I am aware of that I’m literally a mod on the discord server xd Yes, it is safe, the mega link is just for people who are too lazy to make a UC account


Ok ty very much. I did myself an account at UC but it doesn't let me login so I downloaded from discord's link. Once again ty for this and also for your work


Did he get it from Kiddion with an S or without the S?


Which one is the official?




Your friend will have downloaded an unofficial version of Kiddions or will have downloaded a rat from somewhere else. ​ You can find the official kiddions version here: https://www.unknowncheats.me/forum/downloads.php?do=file&id=35820


Either they got it from an unofficial link or they downloaded some other weird shit unrelated to kiddions.