Great tune, definitely one of my faves off Chinese Democracy. It deserves way more attention than it gets. Totally agreed it could be on a Bond soundtrack. It was on the soundtrack for the movie “Body of Lies”, which I think was kind of a spy flick if I recall. But yeah, awesome song, super underrated. Prostitute as well, super underrated, maybe my favorite song off the album. I always think of those 2 songs together since they leaked at the same time 08 or whatever.


'08? Really? That's so long ago.....


The album came out in 09 right? So yeah, they leaked in 07 or 08 together. Crazy how long it’s been (again) without an album, only getting 2 reworked songs just at the end of 2021.


Excellent song. One of the songs on CD with near perfect production.


Not really what I consider a rock song, but I do agree, it is a song that would go good to a 007 movie. ​ edit: Axl explains the purpose of the song [here](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pX9vgwKsUtc)


Thanks for posting this, this thread turned into a downvoting shitshow because fans don't realize why the song exists and just think it's accidentally weird.


Wow, I had never heard Axl's explanation. Thank you


Was at the end of 'Body of Lies' w DiCaprio


I love this song. It's just so slick and smooth.


One of the first songs I choose off CD every time. Absolutely love singing along with those challenging high notes and I love the songwriting too.


I like the song, but I’m not a fan of the verses. It loses momentum and sounds a little empty. Beautiful intro, solo and outro though


Bottom tier gnr song, imo


Agreed it’s always a skip for me




Totally agree, together with the remaining song of this horrible album


I think the album has some fantastic songs on it. If The World isn't one of them


If you like that kind music, maybe yes.


Better is one of my all time favorite GNR songs


Opinions man, and I respect it but I can’t find any song on that cd that sounds like a legit GN’R song.. I’d rather listen to spaghetti all day long on repeat.


CD isn't for everyone. It certainly sounds different, that's for sure


Great song, not very "GN'R" obviously, but proof of how versatile Axl is in his musical preferences. Subtle and elegant solo as well.


It was specifically written as a “cheesy theme song for a fictional Bond film”


The guitar solo is pretty epic. The best way for me to describe the song is industrial jazz rock blues lol. I definitely ranked it lower on my Chinese favorites at first, but over the years it has grown on me and I appreciate it. It’s definitely an acquired taste personally.


My ex GF called it “the porno song” and requested it during sex.


The funky-porno riff ruins it for me, this and Shackles Revenge are my least liked songs in that album. I like funky bass lines and songs but that one just sounds way too cheesy, even for me who likes cheesy songs