Point to remember: NONE (and I mean NONE, on all sides) of the money is real when Kit is involved. Even the gift cards are fake and the websites are “fake” (Kit has his own pre-programmed sites)


I believe he used to use throw away credit cards with something like $1 on them. That way the card validates as legit, but the scammers get basically nothing. I haven't seen him do this in a long time though. The scammers seem to prefer bank transfers and gift cards these days.


He's done it very recently as well. He generally only bothers when showing how the scam works though, since most of the time, when a scammer is asking for a credit card, that's the end goal. There's not really anywhere to go from there.


I thought he did that too. Maybe they picked up on it like with the fake banks. Was always funny when the scammers had no idea that not only is it a fake account but the bank doesn't even exist. Unfortunately, they are getting better at noticing fake accounts...the experienced ones at least!


In the older videos Kit had a completely fake bank that was coded by him and his team. Then he moved to Bank of America. The Bank of America website you see is a “man in the middle attack” on himself - he’s redirecting the BoA demo account to his personal computer so he can modify the code. He can modify the dollar amount, transactions and even the account holder’s name. He’s also disabled Zelle on the page. When scammers connect to his virtual computer they don’t know the bank account is fake. Redeeming the gift cards is a similar method. He generates fake gift card codes and spoofs the Google redeem page so that anything he puts into the redeem field is “accepted”. No real money is ever transferred to or from Kit or the scammers. But he makes it look real!


ahhh exactly what i was wondering. yeah this makes a lot of sense. i watched one vid so far (since they’re long) and it was the one of the my angriest scam call. it was the green bank looking thing with the old lady who dug 10k into a hole or something like that 💀


And when he would generate the gift card codes, he would have the amount of money dependant on the first or last digit. If it was a ‘1’ it’d be worth 500, a 0 be worth 100 or something along those lines.


Everything that the scammer sees is on Kit's virtual machine, which is a computer used to test programs and for coding, that is inside of another computer. The bank account that Kit uses is the Bank of America demo account that he has hacked by doing a man in the middle attack on himself. He does the Google Play card redemption by using a plug in for the Google Play site. So most of what they see is things Kit and his team has coded and no real money is at stake or being transferred. The scammers do not know that though. The way the refund scam works is they tell you they need you to log into your bank account and they need to install screen sharing software so they can confirm you got the refund. They then distract the victim or black out the screen and transfer money from savings to checking. Then they change the html in the savings account to look like the money is still there. Then they tell you that you made a mistake or they did and you have thousands too much and they will be fired if you don't give the money back. The pressure the victim and keep them on the phone while they do one of these things usually: 1) go get gift cards for the amount the victim needs to "pay back", 2) Get cash and mail it 3) they get them to transfer the money through a service like Zelle linked to their bank. Kit never takes money from them or hacks into their computers since that is illegal. He does however, collect websites, forms, bank accounts numbers, and any other info he can get from the scammers and turns them into authorities, all while entertaining us and showing us how the scams work. I hope that helps. :)


Thanks for explaining this! I also recently discovered his YouTube and have been binging his streams - this helps answer some questions I had about how his fake bank works :)


definitely helps, so in a sense, they somewhat do innocent people what he does to them in the sense of step1) transferring money from their savings into their checkings then faking an amount in their checkings. so for ex: i have 100 bucks in checking, 200 in saving. they transfer my 200 into my checkings and then hack my screen to make it look like i now have 300 real dollars in my checkings, and just a fake display of 400 bucks in day my savings. they then say you need to refund them 400 bucks. correct ?


As mentioned before. The bank account is fake. The gift cards are fake. The scammers do not know anything. They are reading scripts and kit knows it better than they do. A lot of the scams they try are only successful on old people who usually probably have some dementia or something.


I loved the times he uses their own script on them and takes them so long to realize. If they do!


Hi friend - just here to say welcome.


hello 👋


I myself am a new fan. I came across his videos from Twitch in YouTube. I was hooked and have been watching on Twitch. I've even gotten my wife to watch some of the Twitch streams with me. She usually find that stuff 'dumb' but she's laughed at a lot of the dialogue transfer back and fourth.


So many have explained it already very well so I won't repeat it. I'll just say, enjoy! You will find yourself spending hours on end watching the videos, then watching the live stream and will be completely hooked. It doesn't take long! Kit is great at what he does. I don't know how he can keep up with all the characters, their back stories, etc all while scam baiting these scumbags. It's no surprise he's as popular as he is. The things he gets them to say & do is hysterical.


The nuances, character variety, use of space and essentially “death by a thousand cuts” strategy with these scammers makes his masterful content funnier than most stuff on TV. He also takes risks which can fall flat on their face but keeps the streams fresh.


Just out of curiosity, how often does he fail on his live streams? I’ve watched a few, but typically just watch his YouTube videos.


His live streams are like going to a live concert or improv comedy act. He doesn’t ‘fail’ so to speak. Sometimes a scammer won’t have the patience trying to get Edna to enter a URL for a half hour or Kit will hilariously go way over the top right from the start and the scammer catches on or they just get suspicious over all. Either way, it’s still hilarious even if it’s short lived. It’s hard to catch the ‘big fish.’ I swear that Kit doesn’t know what character he’s going to be until the scammer answers the call.


I get what you’re saying. By “fail”, I’m referring to the scammer immediately or very quickly realizing they’re talking to Kitboga or, at the very least, a scam baiter.


i think that has happened once. i saw it on a tiktok compilation (how i found him) where one of the scammers supervisors came over and interrupted the call and legit said “you’re that Kitboga scammer guy aren’t you” and he went full rage mode when Kit began laughing like crazy


Don't trust Kit when he's on the call: neither what you see, nor what you hear :)