As far as I'm concerned, races are the single most broken aspect of the entire game. TT has never gotten races right. Which is a shame, because it's such a simple fix. 1. Add 'invert y-axis' option to the controls. That is a simple code update. Take the y-input and multiply it by -1. An update/option that, by the way, has been included in other TT lego games. I realize inverting the controls only affects the users who prefer to invert, but that option is HUGE to those who do. And 2, and here is the much MUCH bigger issue/fix. And such a simple fix. Give the damn gold brick as the reward for finishing races as bronze. The whole point of gold bricks is to encourage players to experience content. Oh, you ran the race and finished at least third? Good for you. You experienced the content. Here's your gold brick. Done. Oh ... you're pretty good at races and want to push yourself endlessly to overcome these sloppy cumbersome controls to clear rings with ridiculous split-second timing? Even better. Here are some awesome stud rewards for silver and gold. In fact, for those of you who want to punish yourself with completing gold on races, you can use those wins as a source to farm studs to upgrade your vehicles. Win/win. I mean Jesus, TT ... it's just not that hard. edit: corrected "good brick" to "gold brick".


I know this is an insane opinion but I thought the Sonic races were the absolute best part of the game. They were so fun to do


It's been a while since I've played LD, but the most broken part of the game on Wii U wasn't necessarily the Sonic races, but the entire Sonic World's performance. Sonic World is horribly optimized on Wii U and slows to a chug when you're moving fast. You have to plan your moves out well in advance before you make them. That being said, after some trial and error I was able to beat everything anyway.


Seeing how badly the Sonic world performed on Wii U motivated me to get the Xbox One version. It's still a glitchy game, but it's a lot less glitchy.


I know. I usually use superman