Seems like this character from the casting call: >*This character is described as being ‘Confident, self-determined and fiery’. With there being mention of her tough exterior and more complex vulnerable side that surprises and shocks both her and those around her. The role has been described as being a strong supporting role. Meaning that this character is a hugely important part of the story.* https://thathashtagshow.com/2021/10/27/blade-casting-for-a-young-supporting-character-is-lilith-incoming/




Me when Marvel announces a Key Character/Blorko/Glup Shitto team-up film at D23: ![gif](giphy|U3Zmq4baoK25OGVtFi|downsized)


With a special El Muerto cameo to set up the Morbengers team-up movie


Can’t wait for Captain Morberica’s iconic line; “I can morb this all day.”


"I'll morb you to the end of the line"


"That's my secret... I'm always morbin"


“I Am Morbbbbbbb.”


"I love you three morbillion"


Some writer is going to put a Blorko in the comics. I guarantee it. I’d bet money on Al Ewing doing it, and it’ll be surprisingly great.


Key Character in Blade. Key Blade. Vampires drink blood from hearts. Heartless. I see where this is going.




It's a Kingdom Hearts joke By the way, considering how Star Wars is going to be in KH4, I genuinely wouldn't be surprised if there's a Marvel world too.


Sam Cap: "Avengers, we need a way to unlock this door!" Key Character, stepping out of the shadows: "I think I can help with that..."


Sora incoming!




Looks like it could be his daughter


wasnt there also rumor of dracula daughter https://twitter.com/BladeUpdate/status/1453599115607220226


I completely forgot about that


She better have his money.


I really don’t want to be negative, but I would have preferred not to have some kid sidekick in my blade movie. Maybe in a sequel but for a first outing I wanted the full focus on blade battling like crazy and not having to worry about someone else. Edit: I am just on bit of a annoyance at kids being shoehorned into my favourite franchises, dominion being another one which really didn’t need it.


They’re MCU movies, they need a component for the kids


Its sad this is a thing


There wouldn’t be a MCU without Marvel comics, there wouldn’t be Marvel comics without kids. It’s sad you need that explained.


I dislike laziness and dipping in the same well too many times. You can produce content kids like without pandering; its sad your reading comprehension causes you to interject arguments against things I didn’t say.


It’s a movie about a grown man that violently kills undead creatures that suck blood from innocent humans, kind of hard to relate to kids but ok man whatever you say.


? Why would it be sad




Because Batman having a Robin meant none of the stories were serious...


Very fair point, my claim was just stupid, it isnt even out so I can only hope they do it justice


Dominion? Isn't Jurassic parks franchise whole thing about shoe horning in kids. They were in all of the world trilogy at least


Kids were a big part of the Jurassic Park-franchise as a whole. Hammon's grandkids in the first Jurassic Park, Malcom's daughter in the second movie.


A solo story would be good, but keep in mind that like 85% of the time Blade works with a team of some sort. I honestly am hoping they adapt the Tomb of Dracula series. Anything before 1995ish with Blade was pretty great until they focused on making him like the Wesley Snipes version 90% of the time.


Yeah it looks like maybe they are trying to do that daughter storyline. But why does it seem they want to give ever Black Male Hero...a young ready made female replacement. They did it with T'Challa and Shuri (not to mention nerfed T'Challas intellect to prop her up at his expense....something they don't do for their other Heroes).


This exact same point can be made about half the characters regardless of race or gender because they want diverse movies with 4 quad appeal.


Except it cannot. Steve, Tony, Thor and Banner were in no way nerfed to benefit a younger female sidekick. Heck they don't even have young female sidekicks. Whereas T'Challa not even a super genius at all any more. There is no comparison sure you can say that those characters are weaker strength wise but that was translating into the MCU not to boost any supporting character at their expense.


It can be said about black widow, it can be said about Hawkeye, it can be said about ant man & wasp, it can be said about doctor strange with both Clea & America Chavez, what do you think Valkyrie was besides a new female supporting character for Thor? You’re just wrong my dude. Also she hulk lol.


Thor was not nerfed for Valkyrie to get a power boost. Also Valk is not a younger sidekick at all. Clea is the same age or older then him so too early for Dr. Strange. Dr. Strange wasn't nerfed to boost Chavez. Funny enough Chavez is nerfed relative to her comics if anything. Scott Lang has never been the brightest tool in the tool shed. Hawkeye had how many appearances before a hint of a sidekick? Same for Widow. I also don't think they were nerfed for Kate or Yelana. Again the issue is not having a young sidekick per se...its the Hero being nerfed to benefit their sidekick ie T'Challa is not a super genius in the MCU and that is purely to benefit Shuri. She Hulk is still a lawyer and Hulk is still a genius. In no way was he nerfed for her benefit .


She's Dracula daughter but funny enough Blade becomes her (dad like) mentor throughout the film and protects her from her father. Edit: Please don't dm me asking for more information.


Then can we talk here about the "more information"?


So is Dracula gonna be a Blacula?


and a big fucking nerd


That owes Moon Knight his goddamn money.


I think that’s who Aaron is playing and if he’s the villain up against Mahershala, we’re in for a good film


Aaron who? Edit: lol Aaron Brooks is Blade.


Wouldn’t that be kind of odd? Isn’t he Eastern European? Not sure how he is portrayed in the comics but I’d imagine a centuries old vampire from romania to be..romanian


I'm Romanian and yes i can safely say my whole country is gonna be angry if they make dracula black


Ok but how would they feel if he had a daughter with a black woman? Milan is mixed race irl so it could work.


As a lover of black women, I'd say fuck yea. Idk how many others share my feelings tho.


Isn't 'Dracula' older than his contemporary roots in the MCU? Isn't he like....Sumerian?


Don't know much about Marvel's Drac, but Dracula normally has some crazy shapeshifting abilities. Maybe this is just the form he takes in the present day?


Could be but also doesn’t have to be


I really hope not. After The Mandalorian, The Band Batch, MoM and Obi Wan Kenobi I'm very tired of these "older man protects kid" stories.


Creatively bankrupt is what you mean. Disney finds a formula and wears it the fuck out.


bro how you know that


Black Drac!!


Do you know anything about Dane/Black Knight's role in the film, if at all?


Aaron would make a amazing Dracula, them eyes.


I'm sorry... Aaron? I'm outside of the loop on the cast


Aaron Paul


Woah, is that the rumor? I'm just watching BB for the first time. He's definitely got great range.


Naw i'm just fucking with you, but sure would be nice to see him in the mcu, never seen breaking bad but i saw need for speed


Ah okay, I thought that was an odd choice if true. I would love to see him in the MCU though. I bet he could play a great version of The Hood.


Aaron Pierre is the actor btw. I dont know why every comment is being fuckwits instead of helpful. BUt thats the internet.


Wait, what? Dracula is in the first Blade movie? That is extremely disappointing


Any other blade info you can share?


If it's his daughter, that's just going to make me sad again and remind me that Tim Seeley dropped out of writing the Blade comic that had his daughter take over the mantle for him. Seeley was perfect for that book, and he let cancel culture spook him.




Tim Seeley introduced this new character at a con along with an announcement of a new Blade book. There was some criticism saying that the writer of the Blade book and the creator of this new character should’ve been black. He agreed with the criticism and quit the book himself. People can chalk it up to “cancel culture” however they want, but if he wanted to make the book and character after hearing the criticism, Marvel would have let him. I mean, GWW is white and wrote+co-created Kamala Khan. This was in the same era where Bendis created Miles Morales and Riri Williams. There will always be some criticism about everything. Neither the criticism itself, nor Marvel feeling pressured by the criticism, was what stopped him from writing the book and creating the character. Him agreeing with the criticism was what stopped it.


Which sucks because I think he was probably the most perfect person at the time to write a horror type book with a female lead. His work on Revival was awesome. Sucks that he felt he wasn't the right person. Not because he agreed with the race thing, but because it made it seem like his skill couldn't overcome that perception of the race thing. As a Latino myself, one of my favorite characters is Spiderman 2099. If Jonathan Hickman decided to do a whole run on Spiderman 2099, I would go nuts. He's my favorite writer and he's perfect for a futuristic setting. A Spiderman 2099 in the style of East of West would be amazing.


I feel like if he didn’t feel confident after the criticism, then it’s probably for the best that he didn’t write the book and character. I’m black and I believe that what matters most is good writing and good writers. With that being said, there’s nuance to that, and being a good writer doesn’t necessarily mean you’re good at writing characters from different backgrounds than you. And if you’re not confident in being able to do that (or just not good at it) regardless of your background and your general ability, your story will suffer because of it. Jonathan Hickman and Al Ewing, a white man from South Carolina and a white man from London, are responsible for two of my favorite characterizations of T’Challa. Al Ewing is currently responsible for the best characterization of Storm since 1980s Chris Claremont. These are writers who are great at writing in general but also great at writing outside their wheelhouse. (Mileage may vary on Claremont, as great as he is. But there wasn’t Google back then so I cut him some slack.) But there are great writers like Brian Michael Bendis who are hit or miss when it comes to things like this. Salute to him for creating Miles Morales and Riri Williams, but he just isn’t good at writing young teenagers of color. As soon as Eve L. Ewing—a good writer in general who is good at writing black characters in large part because of her experience as a black woman—touched Ironheart, that character became compelling to me because she knew how to write good stories and also knew how to write an awkward teenage black girl. I have a lot of problems with Miles Morales in just about every piece of media he’s in. I think a lot of problems stem from the fact that he’s very similar to Peter Parker unlike most legacy characters. Writers (who, for the most part, have not been black or hispanic or both) usually address that by either leaning into him being similar to Peter (an awkward teen but black and hispanic) or by leaning into his cultural background. Either way, to me, most major characterizations fail to do the former without making him lame and fail to do the latter without making a mockery of culture. Funny enough, my favorite characterization of Miles comes from Eve L. Ewing within the pages of Ironheart because she was able to land the awkward black and hispanic kid angle without making him lame and corny. Anyways, TL;DR: Good writing matters most but you need to be able to write characters outside your background. If you’re not confident in it for whatever reason, or just not good at it, then its best to avoid it. If Tim Seeley believed that Fallon Grey’s story was better in other hands, its fine. If he ended up writing this and missed the mark, it’s fine too. Creators should be allowed to fail sometimes. But all of this was his decision. No one forced it on him. So it’s okay.


> This was in the same era where Bendis created Miles Morales and Riri Williams. and Bendis wrote Riri as a huge stereotype which kinda disproves your point.


Disproves what point? I said that white creators were/are allowed to create and write non-white characters at Marvel if they wanted to, not that they were always good at it. I was making the point that Seeley wasn’t a victim of “cancel culture” and that he could have created and written this black character if he wanted to because other white Marvel writers were doing exactly that at the time and have since then. Whether or not it would’ve been good is separate from that and unknowable since he decided to not write it. See my other post within this thread. I specifically talk about how bad Bendis can be at writing non-white characters.


and Seeley probably thought he was going to end up with the stereotypes too. no self-respecting person wants to have "By Odin's fade" in their work lol.


Of course. We agree. That’s why I also said that it’s probably for the best that he passed on it if he didn’t feel confident in it.


Blade isn't a character defined by his skin color, he could've been white or Asian he will remain the same. I hate when cancel culture takes beloved characters hostage.


Whatever you’re saying here isn’t relevant to the situation at hand. The decision was his. He could’ve made the opposite decision if he wanted to. If you got a problem, take it up with Tim Seeley.


>cancel culture takes beloved characters hostage you just made that up


I dont think you know what cancel culture is


I do. Do you? Tim Seeley agreeing with the criticism doesn't take away from the fact that his skill and history with female lead horror books was the perfect scenario for this book. Cancel culture stepped in, criticized, he agreed, and ignored his own skill over the criticism, regardless if he thought it was right or wrong. It's wrong to criticize someone and want to prevent them on working on a project just because they don't match the race in said project. That's ridiculous. Especially when every other aspect of that project is well within his/her repertoire. This goes for any spectrum. Film, tv, games, any job, etc. Imagine if Guillermo del Toro was hired to direct a Brother Voodoo film or show. That would be dope. He'd be perfect for that based on his skill and history of the types of movies he does. But then cancel culture steps and and says he shouldn't be directing that. It should be a Haitian director. And he agrees and steps down. While it's his choice to step down, the criticism doesn't override his achievements on his ability to direct the film, regardless of his race. So yea, I know what cancel culture is. It's the tendency of engaging in mass canceling as a way of expressing disapproval and exerting social pressure. Seeley wasn't even thinking about race. He was just thinking about how to make the book awesome using his specific style, that was familiar with what the character is. But then the social pressure came about and people started to disapprove because of his race compared to the character's race.


You have no idea what cancel culture is, incel. Seeley heard a criticism, thought about it, and agreed. Marvel didn’t push him out, people weren’t even trying to cancel him just suggest he work on any other book. Your “definition” is also disconnected from reality because it equates a handful of people expressing their own opinions with some kind of coordinated and targeted attack with the intent of getting him fired. Republicans like you love to cry about “freedom of speech,” but if someone uses their freedom of speech to not agree with you, it’s “cancel culture.”


>Seeley heard a criticism, thought about it, and agreed. Marvel didn’t push him out, people weren’t even trying to cancel him just suggest he work on any other book. Is the indirect chilling effect on who takes what stories because of the implications from the author's identity not itself a form of cancel culture?


You're correct, but the "coordinated attack" kind of cancel culture absolutely does exist


Has it happend? Im sure you can find some examples, like James Gunn. But its never been a *thing* like you people make it out to be. Its almost entirely people like you having knee jerk reactions and labelling things "cancel culture" and when called out, falling back on "well it happens!" as if that was in any way relevant. Cancel culture is really just people on the internet being butt hurt that actions have consequences.


Look at Hartley Sawyer. Skai Jackson sent her twitter goons after him for...some reason? And dug up crap from a decade previous. Cost him his job and sent the show further downhill quality-wise with his absence Also >You people Lol


Yeah. As I said above, has it happened? Sure! Hartley lost his job - personally I was unhappy with that choice, but considering media companies are all about brands, Hartleys pretty out-there comments about abusing women potentially hurt WB's brand, and considering he played a tertiary character who had basically only just become a main player that previous season, I dont blame them for choosing to end their association with him. Was it fair? No, I think his apology was decent and heart felt. But like James Gunn, it sucks but this is the world of internet bullshit we live in. But its not a conspiracy of leftists or whatever you think it is that is going out and making people lose their jobs. Its the fact we live in the 21st century with things like the internet and instant communication, and we no longer have the 16th century capability to hide from the consequences of our actions. The reality is, media companies have about 30 aspiring actors lined up ready to go for every ONE of Hartley. Why keep Hartley on when he has a history of saying crazy shit, when you could tap anyone of those other actors waiting in the wings to play with your toys instead? Why do you people feel like other people are OWED a job or a role? Why not go with an actor who doesnt hurt your brand when WB isnt selling the goddamn Hartley-happy hour - they're selling the WB brand. The people who claim some deep conspiracy boggle my mind.


> the "coordinated attack" kind of cancel culture absolutely does exist oh, bunch of people disliking things is a "coordinated attack" now?


Look up what happened to Hartley Sawyer. That was a specific, intentional coordinated attack by Skai Jackson


I'm sorry but if you let yourself be "bullied" by a teenager, maybe you deserve it


What else was he supposed to do? Openly and actively attack a teenager and then get cancelled for picking on children? It was a lose-lose for him


"gET cAnCEllED fOr pICkiNg oN cHilDReN" No, he was supposed to simply apologize and move on


They finally introduced Blade's daughter in this year's Avengers Free Comic Book Day book. So that's moving forward soon.


Yup. Brielle aka Bloodline.


Very much hope they do go this route! The concept was awesome im also sad it never went anywhere. Would be a great way to differentiate from the Snipes Blade but I can imagine certain people screaming about BLADE IS A GIRL NOW.


You know about America Chavez But have you heard about Mexico Anderson?




You're reading way too far into that


Probably gonna get downvoted for this but are we gonna have a kid in every single MCU and Star Wars project now? I mean, seriously. The tension of seeing a kid in danger + the lightheartedness of a kid’s perspective within serious stakes + the pathos of seeing a supposedly unexpected relationship develop between the main character adult and a kid are character and thematic beats that don’t work if you do it in every movie/show. It was perfectly used with Harley and Tony in *Iron Man 3*. Was a more uncommon superhero trope then. Now it’s being done a little too much that it’s becoming predictable and diluting the overall effect it’s supposed to have.


A teenage girl, key character, and confident? I’m betting she’s playing Fallon Grey, Blade’s daughter. She was planned to be introduced in the comics in 2015, but the comic was scrapped after the white male writer stepped down to allow Marvel to find a black writer for the comic. She was going to be a popular girl and very much Marvel’s Buffy the Vampire Slayer. There’s supposed to be another daughter of Blade getting introduced soon, but I believe she was described as a nerd, which is why I think the movie’s using Fallon instead. Or I could be dead wrong and this is another character entirely.


This was actually being played out in Brielle (Bloodline) a new character recently introduced.


That’s the new daughter I was thinking of! So yeah, Milan is either Fallon or Brielle. Or another character entirely, but considering Phase 4 is all about setting up younger characters, I’d bet Bloodline is also coming with Blade.


​ ![gif](giphy|M34qPW6WjtZXMFltwu|downsized) key character ? idk this character from my blade comics lore ...


I can't wait for this movie. My most anticipated Marvel film in years. But Blade was one of the first action movies my dad let me watch alongside stuff like Aliens, T2, Raiders etc. so I have quite the soft spot. I hope they decide to keep an adaptation of Whistler. Shit, bring Snipes back as this universes Whistler!


I really hope people drop the “blade reboot” name pretty sure everyone can figure out its not a casting for the OG blade lol


I guess she is BLADE's daughter




They take so long now to make the movies but announce them so far in advance that I’m bored waiting for the movie. Wish they wouldn’t announce them and just make them and release them on us as surprises. Like here’s a new movie and then BAM ! Another new movie 6 months later !


I remember Greatphase mentioning that Fallon Grey might be in the movie, maybe she’s playing her?


Blade cast theory: * Mahershala Ali as Eric Brooks/Blade Delroy Lindo as Jamal Afari Aaron Pierre as Hannibal King Milan Ray as Lilith Drake, Daughter of Dracula


I’m sure Mahershala Ali will do an amazing job, but I wonder if they will address that he played another character in the mcu before. Not an alien or background character, mind you, but the villain of Luke Cage for an entire season


Blade’s daughter.


Nobody's mentioning this in this thread, this is not my connection. (I searched and didn't see if not, I apologize) Possible she's playing Excalibur, who was in some of the early casting calls. Excalibur is a connection between vampires, Blade, Moon Knight and was a romantic interest for Dane Whitman/Black Knight. Blade is going to end up being more like Del Toro's Hellboy I think. It would also be pretty easy to do a movie like that at a hard PG-13.


This film is looking worse by the day. Give us blade without sidekicks please. It’s going to be blade meets ms marvel I can tell


This better be rated R.


It's Disney and starring a little girl it's not going to be R.


14 ain't little lol


i thought it was gonna be a disney+ show... kinda disapointed ngl, as the shows allow for better character and sometimes story development but hopefully the movie budget allows for better action scenes... edit: ok i get it, im stupid for liking tv shows, jeez...


Movie is a way better option. I’m sick of every new project being a Disney plus show and looking bad and then people use the excuse “it’s a tv show” to justify the horrible set pieces and cgi


to each its own, but i mean, we had what? 6 live action disney+ shows until now, out of those, at least to me, just falcon and moon knight were problematic, seems like a good track so far... although, now that i think about it, blade already had a tv show, which i dont remember much aside from not having wesley snipes...