These plot leaks have been floating around on Twitter for a couple days now ever since the red carpet premier. From our sources, we can confirm that these leaks are true. Edit: I would like to clarify that this is a basic plot outline. There is more.


Reminder not to freak out and base your opinions off of a half-baked plot leak that leaves a shit ton of details out.


For real. This makes it sound like Gorr just falls over dead after his daughter comes back, but it should be pretty obvious there'll be more to it than that.


Actually it turns out the above leak is 100% accurate to the smallest detail, and whole movie is about 8 minutes long.


*Team Gorr*


Gorr did... err, will do... uhh, will have done... nothing wrong?


Zeus: I am now pissed at Thor. Hercules: Yup. Zeus: Go kill him. Hercules: Yup.


Thor: Zeus, we try to warn you! Zeus: I'm evil and crazy! Best scene of the movie, I call it now.


The bit where zeus goes "I AM THE GOD OF THUNDER" and only sparks come out after his power is taken, then Thor goes "That happened to me once, performance issues happen in most men, at least that's what Stark used to say."


Nah, the whole movie is just gonna be that discord message read out by Christian Bale. It’s gonna be about 2.5 mins long but about 13 mins w/credits. The after credit scene I just gonna be the “flick” scene from the trailer, cut exactly like it was in the trailer.


Only if he keeps the typos in.


Of course “He reunite with Korg” Lmao


>caner >drians >answwr >Miljoner


On the bright side, theaters can have more showings in a day.


Seeing the 6:45 so I can make my 7:00 dinner reservations I think


They did say it was the shortest MCU movie.... /s


I think it's reasonable to be concerned that the plot is resolved when a character named Gorr the God Butcher has a change of heart, lol.


No, Taika movies are always resolved by the power of friendship


I'm honestly curious about how exactly Jane's sacrifice will cause Gorr to turn somewhat good.


“You aren’t like the other gods I killed, you have something to fight for”.


That was two separate lines in the trailer. Gor says "You aren't like the other gods I've killed." and Thor says "I have something worth fighting for."


Fucking dies


“You got that dawg in you”


She shows him that not all gods are douchebags.


Maybe he sees her as a “good” deity?


I'm convinced that Taika is inspired by (the Netflix) She-ra, and My little pony series, and Thor is just Twilight Sparkle.


Correct, but thor is pinkie pie. Head in the clouds, and without the others would just party all day.


The real gods are the ones we butchered along the way.


Ragnarok definitely didn't end like that


Well to be fair. Judging by what NoobMaster has said on Twitter, all the gods (well basically the ones we see at Omnipotence City) are completely fucking useless who spend 24/7 partying. Jane's death and Thor will prove to him that not all gods are worth killing.


This movie really feels close to The Boys, since that show is all about a person who has an insane hatred of superheroes and his mission to kill them all, because they don’t give a fuck about lower beings and spend all their time partying and doing depraved shit, and everyone else thinks they’re great and helping people




Gorr's heart grows three sizes that day.


Well shit, no wonder he dies.


Remember the Endgame plot leak? This sub flipped the fuck out lmao


[This one?](https://www.reddit.com/r/MarvelStudiosSpoilers/comments/bgfu90/endgame_leak/)


Bingo. I remember that thread going crazy about Endgame, looking back at the comments is hilarious. The doomsday talk was coming from everyone and this was after that 10 minutes of footage leaked (showing the biggest moments of the last hour) which had tons of hype.


"Feige always hated RDJ" was my favorite take from that


I agree with them Cap going to the past sucked


But brutally realistic. Guy is fed up with the modern world and just packed his bags and left when he could.


Whoa that's a wild thread.


God damn. That was only around 3 years ago. Watching Endgame in a theatre feels like a lifetime ago.


Whoa. That’s was bizarre trip down memory lane. I forgot about how people reacted to that leak. Damn that was wild.


Don't worry it's already begun lmao..


Won’t stop Anti-MCU Twitter complaining & the neck beard sweating grifters who say “M-She-U” with a straight face from making 50+ a day about how it’s “the worst movie ever”, “A flop, Disney are financially going bankrupt & going out of business because of it.” since 2018.


Man, just ignore them. Life gets so much better when you stop bringing them up and not let their messages spread


Yup. Most of this I could have gleaned from watching the trailers. Also I saw plot leaks for No Way Home and Multiverse of Madness that sounded so dumb when I read them, but turns out they were 100% legit and the movies were fantastic.


Idk about MoM… the plot leaks were very “this happens and then this happens” and tbh, the movie felt the exact same. It was so fast paced that the leaks left nothing outta the film lol


Jane does die? Dang bro, I was hoping this could end up being a happy love ending for Thor. But his destiny is to lose everybody I guess. But I’m really really glad that we see she’s in Valhalla with Heimdall. Also really curious who gorr’s daughter is and if she’s now thors love interest.


Maybe that blue-haired woman from the trailer.


The one he kisses? Yeah, definitely not her.


Why not?


Jane/Thor is a central emotional throughline of the movie, which apparently results in Jane's death. It's not going to end with Thor running off in a fling with the *adult* daughter of Gorr (who looks nothing like Gorr btw).


There's no way we can say that. And skin color aside Gorr is just a normal human in looks, depending on the mother it could be her. Or she could be adopted, who knows. I'm not saying it is that pirate woman, but it *could* be.


I don't think it could be at all. It doesn't fit.


Sure it could be just as it could be any one of the random female extras we see in the movie. All he's saying is if that's the case it would be terrible writing.


Shoot I forgot about that, maybe she is


I called it from the Jump I just had the feeling. Thor lives in hemsworth isn’t going anywhere anytime soon


Taika Waititi actually letting Hemsworth be Hemsworth and act in Ragnarok realy opened Marvel’s eyes to what they could do with the character


Id expect him to do a second trilogy just like Tom Holland will do. Maybe more he loves the role as does Tom.


I’d believe it. Especially if they film the other two in here in Aus like they did Ragnarok and Love & Thunder, so he can be close to his wife and kids.


I’m sure they will he’s the OG from the big three that’s left he’ll get that


God I hope that there's a second trilogy. It would kill me if Thor's main story ended and he never gets to chance to reunite with Loki in some capacity.


He definitely is judging by the post credits.


In a lot of ways we owe Ghostbusters 2016 for first letting Hemsworth stretch his comedy chops and developing the Thor we know and love today


A soul for a soul


Seems like that's the clear option, assuming she's similar in age to Thor. That is, unless they do what they did in Thor Ragnarok and they don't give him a love interest in the next movie


Gorr’s daughter is an actual child. >! The movie is framed like a romance and early on there’s a flashback to how Thor and Jane’s actual relationship was (which we pretty much never see elsewhere). He wanted a family and to settle down with Jane but they both became too busy and grew apart. The daughter he adopts fills in the love in his heart, and the scenes with her mirror the scenes with Jane except it’s Thor being a dad instead of a boyfriend. !< Source: Saw the film last week at a screening


Oh, that's cute. I can work with that


Given MCU latest entries, I'm gonna guess they are gonna make Thor a dad figure to the daughter.


This won't happen if Gorr's daughter turns out to be a literal kid. I'm not opposed to the idea tho


That was rumored along with the cancer. Pretty sad ending unless Thor 5 has him dying and reuniting with Jane in Valhalla. That would be a fitting end for Thor unless they plan on reuniting him with Loki.


Similar to comic, being Thor is keeping her alive


Eh im guessing Jane gets resurrected in a future project. Natalie Portman really excited to be back in the MCU and i dont think she would come back just to die.


Hey he is the mandelorian now after this and joins the long list of single dads from Disney


She's just a kid, man


I don’t see one “it’s Gorrbin time,” here. This is obviously bullshit.


Don't worry, apparently the phrase "It's Korgin' time" appears 50 times during the film


Even better. We better get a “it’s Portman time,” from Natalie too. Break that 4th wall girl.


Wow they are really making Jane be a one off…but MTTSH leaked that they are making a series/movie (likely movie) featuring her? And other leakers said she is getting a solo project..


Shine also said Deadpool would be in DS2. They're generally reliable, but not 100%.


Is she reliable? I know she got a ton of NWH right but since then, it’s been a lot of throwing shit at the wall, and seeing what’s true with an added dose of Snyder cultist behavior.


As some have speculated before, she probably works at Marvel Studios on the visual department or some other department that may leak plot details, characters and concepts for shows and movies that may or may not happen in the final project. I also do think that sometimes she states bs just to generate clicks and stay relevant. A mix of both IMO


They were also right about Ms. Marvel


I highly doubt Deadpool would've shown up in Dark Souls 2


KC Walsh backed her up


Don’t quote me but I feel like it was confirmed that in a early draft for DS2 Deadpool would’ve showed up but it was changed/taken out before filming began


Tbf, wouldn't be the first time a dead character has come back in some form (Gamora, Loki, Phil Coulson, Marc Spector).


They may go the way the comics went and [make her a valkyrie] (#spoiler). Or, you know, [there's the multiverse](#spoiler).


I suspect they’ll make her something different because we already have one Valkyrie and one Thor running around. Having a character with the exact same name and/or powers seems redundant.


They also haven't done anything WITH Valkyrie regarding her being one or what powers she has to warrant another one. If Jane ever comes back I expect it will probably be something unique for her, but I personally don't expect her to come back.


There's a reason they show her in Valhalla in the post credits. Leaves the door open for her return


Granted it's comics, but didn't the same thing happen in the run this movie is largely based on?


Miljoner 🥴








looking at OP and the replies ![gif](giphy|1X7lCRp8iE0yrdZvwd)




Idk why yall just assume that Natalie is 100% done as Jane. There being a post credit scene of her going to Valhalla prolly means that Valhalla is gonna be crucial for a future project and can mean that Jane returns. We did just see Marc and Steven return from the Egyptian afterlife so anything can happen. This just leaves it open-ended so if Natalie wants to return as Jane then she can, but if she doesnt then its all good. The fact that we got her back as the Mighty Thor even for 1 film is awesome.


Marc and Steven has special access of being an avatar that needs to fufill a duty though Unless Thor makes her his avatar to rulebreak???


let’s not act like they won’t introduce a new “rule” or “loophole” to get Natalie Portman back haha


In the comics, she's made a Valkyrie after going to Valhalla


Really glosses over Gorr dying and his daughter coming back. I imagine it'll be something like a god gives her back at the cost of his life. I know it's a strange thing to bring up, but the Thor movies are really confusing when it comes to what the Asgardians are. Thor 1 and 2 pretty firmly establish they aren't gods and are just long lived aliens who have been mistaken for gods. But then Ragnarok has Surtr, fated to destroy Asgard and this apparently has Valhalla. So...are they aliens or gods?


They’re alien gods. They’re just also mortal. They have their own afterlife system and religion.


There religion is literally the royal family


Sounds like England to me


Like in actual comics they are the blurry line between gods and aliens. They are techniquelly alien but has so much power that they are gods, they just dont need worship for power boosts.


Although the God Butcher arc DOES talk about prayer and faith in regards to power boosts since to stop the God Bomb all the gods pray to Thor, but it's still very blurry and vague like you said. I'd love more concrete understanding of godhood in both the MCU and the comics tbh.


Well there is the lore of all the gods of earth being descendents of the elder gods, who themselves are creations of the cosmic entity “demiurge”. And that all pantheons have the same earth goddess gaea just that all of them have different names for her


Yeah, comics Thor is Gaea's son (and also somehow phoenix's??) as per the most recent Thor comics reiterating that with him accessing both his dad's power via the Odin Force and his mom's via plant-based abilities. Odd tangent but that could even be a plot to explore in the MCU if they wanted, comics Thor seems to have multiple mothers, maybe they could connect him to Gaea in the MCU too, even if they make her his maternal grandmother instead to avoid removing his connection to Frigga. It's still funny to me that Gaea wanted to further all the pantheons so she just went out there having babies with so many gods and everyone has a different name for her, I guess elder gods gonna elder god.


We’ve established there to be different afterlives that even gods usually can’t fuck around with Moon Knight. Not a stretch to say there’s a few that are floating around depending on who/where you are.




Same… I haven’t watched one trailer or scene so that when I see it, it can be fresh for me


With all due respect, why are you even in this post, let alone this subreddit?


This sub is wayyyy better for MCU news/rumors/casting and project scoops than any other Marvel sub on here. I don’t care much for being spoiled since it’s just too tempting but I definitely know people that hate spoilers yet use this sub because of the actual news. Plus, better this than fan art, karma farming and the same “this movie/show is so underrated/overrated” post 10 times a day haha


There's a difference between spoilers and being completely spoiled.


I've enjoyed almost everything Taika has been involved with, and Ragnarok was fun, so I'm pretty sure I'll enjoy it.


Heimdall welcoming Jane to Valhalla is wholesome as fuck


I didn't think he would come back for this after IW.


I guess it makes sense, he died and understandably went to Valhalla. ( the trajectory of how the Asgardians go to Valhalla is still confusing to me. Like is Odin in there ? Or pre-variant Loki after Thanos killed him ? Or do the Aeisir have their own separate place)


oh shit, yeah. that loki question might actually be a serious concern if we're being honest. it seems like they had initially planned for the two to have their paths reconverge, sun rising and all that. i think stuff like this is about to get a whole lot worse honestly. i have a strong feeling we're about to have a whole lot of films outright ignore various pieces ignore established continuity going forward.


iirc, the whole deal was that elba was very unhappy with how thor 1&2 were handled, and had to be kinda convinced to do ragnarok, but with how things went, he softened up on it all. iirc there was talk of him straight up saying things along the line of "he needs to be cooler" and that's why heimdall, ultimately, became cool as shit the way he did. so, as we saw with many others, things just got a whole lot better once the creative committee was disbanded and feige got full control. i would be surprised if there was anyone from phase 3 who WOULDNT return honestly. the dude is playing knuckles now and loving it. I'd bet after ragnarok, he'd probably love to come back and do interesting things with heimdall.


> the dude is playing knuckles now and loving it. i love that he actually studied the Sonic lore to play Knuckles


Any word on who plays Gorr’s daughter? Kinda hoped that Thor decided to semi-retire to set up Beta Ray Bill finding Stormbreaker. But I’ll take Hercules tease for Thor 5




The original Thor “trilogy” I’d say revolves around Thor’s maturity and the throne. Thor 1 is about him being reckless and endangering the people around him. Thor 2 is him having the wisdom to realize he’s not ready to rule, and Thor 3 is him forced to become the paternal figure for Asgard. Thor 4 and beyond is probably more focused on Thor’s self discovery of who he wants to be than King of Asgard/a god


I think they’l’ do secret wars before Thor 6, even Thor 5. Ragnarok was 5 years ago.


i truly hope not. right now things dont look good for secret wars if they intend to release it any sooner than like...8 years out. i cannot handle more "uh...somehow the memory spell opened the multiverse. i guess i can open the multiverse? covid, i guess." type of thrown togetherness. that shit has been seeping into every project recently and it's all had enough reasons to look past, but it's very obvious that patience is wearing thin with most fans.


I was hoping for Beta Ray Bill as well, but Hercules makes sense given the fact that we know Zeus is in this one. Still, seems kind of dumb to have Hercules go after Thor when Thor is the one who stops Gorr or whatever.


> Still, seems kind of dumb Well it *is* the Greek pantheon. I’m hoping Hercules is basically a co-lead and Thor ends up growing on him by the end of their little fated adventure


It won't even be that far. They'll fight, some greater threat will come along, they'll team up, then they'll be bros. ~~this is just the first half of Thor 5. The back half is just Thor and Herc in a Marvel remake of Step Brothers.~~ If they're adapting the Multiversal Avengers bits of the lead up to Hickman Secret Wars, MCU Herc will fill the role that Hyperion did in that.


I figured they could throw in the Eternals in Thor 5


It's not much to base an opinion on. I'll always remember the Endgame leaks. Still, I think I like this, despite the terrible wording. Honestly, I'm okay with Jane dying. It sounds like we'll get some good stuff in Valhalla eventually, and I want this movie to make me cry lol. Taika, when he writes his stuff, tends to really do a number on my emotions. Besides, wasn't that the main criticism of Ragnarok from a lot of people? The lack of emotional impact and the undercutting of serious moments with jokes? I think that's a fair criticism. Then again, Jane could die and Korg could go "womp womp", so we'll have to wait and see. I think this will land emotionally though. **EDIT**: That reminds me. I want to know if Korg makes it!


I just find the “single dad raising a child” plot to be too repetitive at this point


I don’t think that the MCU ever went full on this plot, like, for example, Joel & Ellie from The Last of Us and Mando & Grogu from The Mandalorian. The most close they got was recently in Multiverse of Madness with Doctor Strange and America Chavez, but in my opinion wasn’t the same as the two I mentioned above. So yeah, I think if they do this with Thor and Gorr’s daughter would be the first time the MCU goes full on this plot.


Not the MCU (for now), but Logan was entirely this too with Wolverine and Laura. So I can understand people getting a bit fatigued of the trope, but I trust Taika (if he's back for Thor 5) to handle it in a new and interesting way.


I just want to know what Sif's role in the movie is


I recall reading something about her having a small cameo in the fight against the black berserkers in New Asgard. Don't know if it's true or not, but I imagine it'll be a small role anyway.


Dramatic death scene for plot progression and motivation for team Thor


God, I really hope not. I honestly didn't like how they easily they wrote the W3 out of the story by killing them the way they did in Ragnarok.


So Zeus is just like the Grand Master last time? An enjoyable time sink that doesn't affect the plot at all? I was at least hoping Gorr would show up and lay Olympus to waste.


1. The city in the trailer isn't actually Olympus. It's Omnipotence City where hundreds of gods and aliens from all cultures go to hang out and party. We see in a TV Spot that there are two Celestials there who are literally just there to party. Why do I mention this? Because honestly as powerful as Gorr may be, if he attacked Omnipotence City, there is no way he is making it out alive with how many powerhouses there. 2. They likely kept Zeus and other Greek Gods alive to set them up as the villains of Thor 5.


Yeah Gorr would get literally pasted if he showed up and tried to cause shit at Omnipotence City. I'm not sure why so many people want Olympus wrecked and the Greek gods to all get killed off, that's a whole section of Marvel's gods/cosmic section to explore with their own stories and mythos. It'd be a waste to throw out all of that. Maybe killing minor gods sure but I'd rather have room for more stories than just a bloodbath.


they are still a faction for power struggle


the lack of details makes this look pretty weird, it bothers me a little to bring Jane back to kill her, I thought something like her ending in the comics at least, I think if there's a Thor 5 with Taika they'll find a way to bring and destroy Mjolnir again, it's become tradition anyway it surprised me they managed to hide things for so long


I mean the comic series that this movie is based on, the where they take literal frames of the comic and recreate it, as we’ve seen in the trailers and the whole premise of Jane Foster Thor is that she’s bound to die. As Vision said, a thing isn’t beautiful because it lasts.


I think what is must interesting is Jane in vahalla. Why show this? Unless something else bigger KS planned for this. This may not. E the last time we see jane...


Jane has caner? Bummer.


I guess the red Aether in her body gave her cancer




Same as the comics.


She doesn’t have caner, although she would probably need one


Honestly? I can totally see >!Zeus being evil and crazy.!< Like that is not a stretch of the imagination at all.


He's gonna be the Grandmaster of this movie.


Gorr is a friends we made along the way type end of my villainy? Thats...terrible.


It’ll definitely be better in the actual movie. Y’all can’t let a rushed plot leak ruin your expectation.


"Wenwu is a genocidal tyrant who killed thousands Abuses kids and ignores his daughter Wenwu dies giving rings to his son" See how stupid it sounds when you just cut the context?


Actually Ragnarok was all about Thor becoming friends again with Hulk, then Valkyrie, then Loki. Hunt for the Wildebeast was about the friendship between Sam Neil and kid. All Taika movies follow this formula, it’s great


But the real villain isn't the friends we made along the way.


You can say the same thing about characters like Wenwu or Darth Vader.


What worries me is that death can now be reversed in the MCU. Since *Doctor Strange,* as the Ancient One said, death is definitive. And it has been so far... I know Vision came back, but he's synthetic: what applies to him (and possibly to the eternals as well) does not work for everybody. But now the MCU is making the first exception. I'm not couting the *What If...?* Christine, because her resurrection literally destroyed her home reality (herself included), so it's not a fully functional way to escape Death's grip. I hope the MCU don't overdo it, like the comics...


We had death undone in Moon Knight too and I'm not a fan of them setting this up either tbh. I'd rather we not have characters die and then three projects later they're back from the dead. I want the movies to actually stick to the choices they've made. I don't mind multiverse stuff, that's not the same "person", but it can start getting muddy too.


>I don't mind multiverse stuff, that's not the same "person", but it can start getting muddy too. Agreed as long as they don't ever use the multiverse to bring back dead/retired characters by having their version from another universe permanently moving to the main universe. I'd hate it if the Iron Man, Black Widow or Steve Rogers of another universe for whatever reason permanently ended up in the main universe.


RDJ will probably make a voice cameo for Ironheart. And I’d 1000% bet on Scarlett and Chris in-person cameos at some point during the 20th Anniversary Secret Wars conclusion. Not permanently brought back but one last go around.


I blame *Infinity War* & *Endgame* — while it made sense there, it set the precedent for death being cheap.


>But now the MCU is making the first exception. Are we just ignoring the snap then?


Awful lot of people in here not knowing that Jane's been a Valkyrie for years in the comics. You know...an agent of Valhalla tasked with escorting the dead to their rightful places in the afterlife.


99% of the users in MSS don't read comics, this isn't surprising lol


I wonder if that’s where they’re actually going with this or if it’s just additional closure since it could work both ways.


Can not wait to see Eternity in this movie. I fucking love the Cosmic Entities from the comics and seeing one in the MCU finally is gonna be great.


They’re finally working up to a proper iteration of Galactus and Norin Radd. I hope we get a cosmic battle as epic as the IW comics soon.


We need a complete plot leak so people can stop bitching about this one that literally is missing a lot of context, a lot of scenes, dialogues, action scenes, etc…


For a cliff notes, 2 paragraph plot point summary, I like it. I can imagine where some of the more emotional beats will be, but not sure how I feel about that ending of Gorr turning around at the end. I put my trust in Waititi and the reactions thus far though 😌


Thor goes on adventures with Gorrs daughter??


You know gorrin' time.


"Gorr is touched by this and decided not to kill gods", I mean but why? This seems out of character based on what we had in the comics.


God, that’s as good as we can get here? Chicken scratches?


But does Thor bust a moon? Idk why I care about that so much but I must know if the trailers lied to me again


Noobmaster says that the shot of a massive blast of lightning hitting the moon in the trailers is done by Thor and is "apart of a really cool scene"


Comic thor feat when now that Wanda got her comic upgrade and being an avatar of Cthon


Ah I was hoping gorr would go fuck up olympus


I don't think it'll happen like this but this makes it seem like Jane dies right after giving up her powers. And this is the first I'm hearing of Gorr's daughter. Overall this seems plausible.


I hope in Thor 5 that if they further explore Valhalla, we get a proper sendoff to the Warriors Three. Thor got some closure seeing Frigga again via time travel in Endgame, it feels weird to have never seen him react or even acknowledge the deaths of his closest friends other than Heimdall.


So Taika has basically just mixed Mighty Thor and God of Thunder and made his own edits?


Well will this sub learn about rushing to conclusions based off a summary lol.


How the hell is Gorr not gonna kill Zeus here that’ll be so lam e


It's a nice subversion and allows for him to have a bigger role in a future sequel. Plus, it would feel a bit too similar to Multiverse of Madness to have this all powerful and recognizable team/pantheon capture our hero, not listen to whatever they're saying and then get killed within five minutes.


So Russel Crowe sticks around, which is nice


Interesting they're going with the "Jane has cancer" route which is why she ends up getting Mjolnir. There's no way she's worthy (not because Jane is a bad person or anything) but I feel like it would be a weak use of mjolnir especially after the build-up of Captain America being worthy and using the hammer. I'm thinking something like Mjolnir being broken also broke the worthiness enchantment. And maybe Mjolnir being Thor's hammer and a conduit for his powers, somehow it recognized Jane as important to Thor.


I dunno, I’m not a big fan of the whole “villain feels sad/touched by what the hero does, so they just give up” thing this this movie and Multiverse of Madness did. (Yeah, I’m oversimplifying it and people are gonna shit on me, I know)


wtf is this 🤣🤣🤣


I realize that this is a very brief summary, but one thing I was kind of curious about (not the only thing) is I remember reading something about Valkyrie looking for her Queen. Is that actually in the movie as a plotline? Also, the description makes me curious about what gods if any we see Gorr kill onscreen. Because before reading this spoiler, I had assumed that >!Zeus and the rest of the Greek pantheon would be killed!<.


No, the Valkyrie romance plot isn't in the movie. There's been a few people who have seen the movie say it's not there.


Zeus and the pantheon do not die and Valkyrie doesn't find a queen


We’re getting a lot of set ups for the afterlife? We got a whole explanation of the afterlife in Moon Knight including a mention of the ancestral plane from Black Panther. And now Valhalla


I guess the whole thing about Valkyrie finding a love interest like they announced, was scrapped?


Jane has cancer ,Gorr dies afther his dauther gets revived , Zeus sending hercules to kill thor , interesting but damm this movie sounds like its going to be epic




[This has been floating around](https://www.reddit.com/r/LeaksAndRumors/comments/vkjzsb/possible_plot_leak_for_thor_love_and_thunder/?utm_medium=android_app&utm_source=share) for awhile and plenty of people claiming it's true.