Read the URL. I think THR made an oopsie (and potentially spoiled a future article?)


A great choice. *Lovecraft Country* was a really well-made series, and it's a bit of a bummer that it didn't garner the audience necessary to make it a "thing" for HBO.


It was allegedly cancelled due to the production being a toxic work environment


Yeah people say the showrunner was hell and was working them like a dog. I remember hearing the show traumatized Michael k Williams a lot after. RIP to that guy


How the heck networks keep giving shows to asshole showrunners who hate thouse they are working with as well the source material?


Like a lot of Hollywood, often times a showrunner gets in because of who they know rather than how suited they are. Maybe they’re friends with a producer in the studio, or maybe they’ve created hits for the studio before. No matter the reason, it’s often a case of picking someone they know rather than taking a chance on something less predictable. Many studios would prefer an irritating showrunner who they know the habits and methods of to a pleasing showrunner who they’ve never worked with before.


They usually know someone because the showrunner for the show was a first time showrunner


If studios canceled shoots singularly for toxic work environments we wouldn’t have very many finished products.


Yeah, this was mostly because HBO didn't see it as financially viable. If this had the viewership numbers and merchandising potential that some of their other shows have had it would've gotten a 2nd season.


I wasn't aware of that, but I don't think that it got the viewership necessary to warrant further seasons, either.






She might be directing it, too.


That surprised me too, but I’m not surprised the worse ppl in Hollywood are always handed projects left and right


I have faith that Feige asked Jonathan Majors about this dude, and if he was a toxic prick he wouldn’t have gotten the job.


Oh, I wasn’t talking about the director. Just the cancellation of Lovecraft Country. He’s never been mentioned in any of the allegations, other names have been




She was a first time showrunner too which is crazy. But she was also handed tomb raider too


Was this guy allegedly part of the problem?


I believe he only directed the pilot. Edit: a damn good pilot, mind you


doubt it since he only did the pilot


No, people were accusing the showrunner


I saw that HBO cancelled because the second season didn’t have source material to base it off of, and the showrunner wanted to make the second season another zombie show.


Lovecraft Country was great,. Blade is the thing i wanna see the most from the MCU




It was really well made in department of directing, cinematography, acting etc, but I just couldn't get into the actual plot of the show. But I think the first episode and the Korea episode are some of the best tv I've seen in recent years.


First episode was great


Perfect choice


IIRC the first season adapted the entirety of the book.


I mean it adapted half of it and then they did their own thing with the other half (which, incidentally, treats the book that the show is based on as an in-universe work of fiction made years later). The basic story is still the same, though.


I guess I am going to be the odd man out here, but I didn't care for the show. I really wanted to like it and watched all the way through, but it didn't do it for me.


I thought it was kinda cheeks


The url for the article as of now ([https://www.hollywoodreporter.com/movies/movie-news/blade-will-be-rated-r-marvel-1235267361/](https://www.hollywoodreporter.com/movies/movie-news/blade-will-be-rated-r-marvel-1235267361/)) says "blade-will-be-rated-r-marvel" so looks like the movie is potentially R Rated but the information isn't supposed to be public yet. Super exciting news if true! EDIT: Article also says *"Details are being kept under wraps but sources say the new intent is for Blade to dark and gritty in tone, falling on the edgier side of Marvel fare and maybe even find common shading with the fondly-remembered Blade movies made in the early 2000s by New Line."* EDIT 2: The [Deadline article](https://deadline.com/2022/11/blade-yann-demange-marvel-michael-starrbury-1235179303/) says this as well: "*While it probably won’t be as dark as the previous Blade pics, Insiders say Marvel is looking to go with a darker tone on this film than other MCU projects have been in the past."*


wait holy shit nice find


Man I've been praying for this and also hope that the alleged daughter storyline will be scrapped..


Yeah literally every movie this year has involved a younger character being integral to the plot and being mentored by an existing character, it's getting a little tiring. America Chavez in *Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness* Love in *Thor: Love and Thunder* Ironheart in *Black Panther: Wakanda Forever* And *Ant-Man and The Wasp: Quantumania* looks to be the same with Cassie, *The Marvels* obviously has Kamala and then there's the *Blade* rumours (which are hopefully untrue)


Don’t forget Hawkeye with Kate Bishop


And Yelena in Black Widow.


Tbf Yelena is around Natasha's age


To be fair Love was in one scene, you want to refer to Jane Foster even if she’s older than the other characters.


I’m gonna be that guy and say thor and Valkeryie are over a thousand years old. But yeah no almost every project has had a young or replacement character. (I’d agree with you that Jane is a better example than Love for LaT, although clearly for the future Love is more likely to replace Thor than Jane)


100% Young Avengers


Generally correct, but Love was by no means a younger character being mentored that was integral to the plot, she has a few lines at the end of the movie


It was likely a slightly retooled Rachael Van Helsing










Thanks god it’s going for a darker tone It’s vampires and a vampire hunter, why marvel would go any other direction I have no idea. Having all the production issues might end up being a blessing.


Okay, it’s rated-R Please, Ali, say *the* line


even under Iger??


Blade wouldn't be here - along with Werewolf by night. Without him being okay with it.


Sounds awesome! Honestly, I was always very hesitant about the idea of Marvel doing rated R projects, not because I didn't want them to, but because I always thought that them being under the "Disney" brand would limit them from doing so. I don't necessarily believe that just because the movie has a higher rate means it'll be automatically better (since you could very well do a great PG-13 Blade movie), but higher ratings do allow for more experimentation and discussion of more "mature" topics/subjects. Hopefully it all turns out well if that's the case.


*Bob Iger enters the chat


He's the one that green lighted Blade in the first place...




Michael Starrbury (When They See Us) to write the new script. >Ali was personally involved in selecting the writer, according to sources.


So Beau DeMayo is out?




I’m out of the loop now, is he a bad writer?


No, but he hasn't done anything that makes him a standout pick either and he's a company guy. Around here that means he sucks.


I mean it certainly means he’s uninteresting. I really want this movie to stand out.


Same. All I want from the MCU right now is a movie that goes in a brand new direction and proves that they can make something that works in a vacuum. The Midnight Sons side of marvel should be its own thing. Let the young avengers carry the MCU brand as we know it and let Blade kickstart something else.


Just let it be dark and mystical and violent.


Thanks for answering in my place, but that's not actually true. Beau wrote episodes of The Witcher and Moon Knight that I didn't like, so I wasn't excited about him writing Blade


Just because you didn't like those episodes doesn't mean he's a bad writer lol. What kind of logic is that?


Did I say he was a bad writer? I said I didn't like his episodes. Try using the same logic you are claiming I am not using, maybe?


I believe he did the 3rd episode of Moonknight which is considered the worst episode and worked on the witcher show. But apparently marvel likes how he's writing the upcoming Xmen 97 show


Seems like it.


Was DeMayo not meant to be rewriting the script?




>According to The Direct's sources, writer Beau DeMayo is leading Marvel Studios' efforts to overhaul the movie, starting from scratch and writing a script that is essentially entirely new. The direct said this when the news about him broke out.


I feel like a read somewhere that DeMayo had already taken a crack at the script before the complete overhaul, but some wires got crossed and said he was just then taking a pass. Grain of salt, because I can't source it and I don't even remember if they did, lol.


It's a page one rewrite, so it's possible that some of his work makes it into the finished movie, but more likely than not, it's getting pretty much completely overdone.


Hell yes Lovecraft Country is great and the article says the idea is for it to be lean more gritty and dark. Sounds perfect.


He only directed the pilot for that show, but the pilot was great. This is exciting news, since Blade has seems like the MCU child that no one talks about.


The pilot was my favorite episode tbh


Yes! I might have to rewatch it tonight.


The Sundown Town scene was more harrowing and terrifying than most recent horror movies I've seen


The pilot director establishes the visual style of the show.


Really great point, thanks.


Did anyone else see what the URL says for the THR article? It says Blade will be rated R... is that true? https://www.hollywoodreporter.com/movies/movie-news/blade-will-be-rated-r-marvel-1235267361/


Blade's "Some motherfuckers are always trying to ice skate uphill," can still be said in a PG-13 movie, right? Its only one f word and used in a non sexual manner. It can't be Blade without the line.


I think that "motherfucker" is usually treated as grounds for an instant R-rating, although there was apparently a Sidney Poitier movie where he got away with using it on a PG-13 rating.


I think "Stupid Fuckers" could work for a PG-13.


You can actually get away with multiple "fucks" on a PG-13. I think that *Operation Mincemeat* had 3 or 4 and got away with it because none of the uses of the term were sexual.


Think there's an Iraq War documentary that holds the record for most f words in a PG-13 film, with around 36 uses.


More of a reason to keep the new Blade R rated.


> sources say the new intent is for Blade to dark and gritty in tone, falling on the edgier side of Marvel fare I’m hoping this part is true. With this director/writer combo and this character, this could make for an awesome horror-action movie, especially after what we saw with *Werewolf By Night*. Overall, solid choices for the new director and the new director




>indicates a total re**vamp** Ha.


>According to The Direct's sources, writer Beau DeMayo is leading Marvel Studios' efforts to overhaul the movie, starting from scratch and writing a script that is essentially entirely new.


Some interesting tidbits from the article. Mahershala Ali was personally involved in the process of selecting a new writer and the intent is to make the movie Dark and Gritty, I’m so glad Marvel paused this thing and took their time to fix it up when everything was falling apart, Cause it’s looking like we’re gonna get something great here.


I really want to know what direction they'll go? should be interesting. I'd love to Del Toro be a creative consultant on this film.


my most anticipated movie!! hope they do mahershalas talent justice


Yeah he can for sure match Wesley imo. Just needs a banger script


Acting talent for sure, Ali is way better, but overall screen presence I'm taking prime Snipes. Incredibly fun to watch in any role he was in.


Watching Ali's work in Luke Cage really makes me confident he can pull off whatever they throw at him.


Oh totally the first two Blades are amazing and Snipes rules in them


That’s true. Snipes has presence and dominates the screen.


Snipes has the prescience and the skills to sell Blade. He sold Blade so well that he redefined Blade in every appearance going forward from the Comics, To Videogames and Animation.


Apparently, he's very involved on developing this movie.


As he should be since Feige never planned a Blade project prior to Ali walking into his office and asking to do Blade


Won't be his first MCU rodeo.


Finally Marvel finds a non-Rick and Morty writer, but an Emmy nominee for an amazing miniseries


THE URL: "[https://www.hollywoodreporter.com/movies/movie-news/blade-will-be-rated-r-marvel-1235267361/](https://www.hollywoodreporter.com/movies/movie-news/blade-will-be-rated-r-marvel-1235267361/)" "blade-will-be-rate-r-marvel" W


Wow, that’s a very interesting pick. I can see it tho especially if they’re gonna lean more into the horror aspects


No disrespect to Bassam Tariq, he seems like a really talented guy, but this is a huge upgrade. ‘71 and Lovecraft Country are supremely legit stuff.


Yeah, I’d still be down for Tariq to handle an MCU property, but I think he needs more experience under his belt before jumping into it headfirst


This new guy is definitely a huge upgrade because he has more work under his belt that matches the tone for a blade film


Good choices


It's Blading time!


- Ric Flair


Great choice by Marvel. Loved Lovecraft country




On one hand, pretty solid pick. Already did a black led horror, so I trust him with Blade On the other, I’m bummed those Spike Lee talks went nowhere because that would’ve been insanity.


There were probably never any Spike Lee talks. Grace Randolph was the only one to [report](https://www.reddit.com/r/MarvelStudiosSpoilers/comments/xqd38z/marvel_is_apparently_in_talks_with_multiple/) that, and her scoops are hit or miss. It was weird that none of the other scoopers corroborated that (and BSL [explicitly said](https://twitter.com/bigscreenleaks/status/1575159143555821568) he never heard Spike Lee was in talks) so it was probably false.


It’s love to see Spike do a Special Presentation of something.


A Blue marvel special presentation by spike lee


I’m down for that or Xavier’s School Daze. 😂


...There were talks of making this a Spike Lee joint?!


Lol that’s news to me too 🤣


I don't think it was ever more than people just floating his name out there because he's the highest-profile black director.


There were rumors. It was always a long shot though. MCU isn't really his style.


I believe he was on the replacement director shortlist we got here


Actually it wouldn’t work. At least not very well imo. The marvel marriage w established auteurs won’t work the same way it does at dc. Mcu connectivity seems to clash w other creative efforts


‘71 is a great movie


hoping the peroid piece aspect is kept, i remember someone saying it was probably too far along to change that so i hope thats the case


I'm still thinking that this movie will be the precursor for Midnight Sons/Suns.


Most likely he'll also direct the Midnight Suns


Love this pick and he was behind a lot of Top boy as a producer and was behind the film 71'. A great choice, he isn't scared of pushing 'edge" or dark themes or concepts. And writer is a top flight choice by Ali Even though I still can't bring myself to watch "When They See Us" cause I know that story and it still pisses me off about everything that happen to those boys.


Dude was in contention for *No Time To Die*. He's a great director. Not that well known, but his films are geniunely great. I'm kinda hyped ngl


>Details are being kept under wraps but sources say the new intent is for Blade to dark and gritty in tone, falling on the edgier side of Marvel fare and maybe even find common shading with the fondly-remembered Blade movies made in the early 2000s by New Line. AWESOME!!


Good choice. Lovecraft was well-directed.


This is a great pick because he did a good job on lovecraft country


Finally some good news for Blade.




The visuals of Lovecraft Country are quite incredible. If Blade is somewhat a period piece, this is a phenomenal choice.


lovecraft country went off the rails fast but he directed the pilot which is imo top tier television. I'm excited!


amazing news, i'm so fucking hyped now.


my mom has never seen the original blade films and knows nothing about the character except vampires being involved but for some reason is extremely interested in this film and would get increasingly disappointed every time I told her of the production issues and delays.


Ali casting perhaps? Sounds funny either way lol


I'm glad it wasn't that one name that was being thrown around who had directed a whole bunch of nothing. Lovecraft Country's pilot was pretty good.


And to think, a month ago so many people thought this project was doomed.


They cut Doctor Doom out of Blade, too? Jeez, Marvel.


Well it was at one point (even caused a big slate delay) but I'm glad Marvel was able to find new talent fairly soon after that


https://www.reddit.com/r/marvelstudios/comments/xrkhyg/gareth_evans_is_the_perfect_director_for_blade/iqgwd4z?utm_medium=android_app&utm_source=share&context=3 When I said Yann Demange was my top choice for Blade, people weren't too happy about it.


Great choice. Lovecraft Country is one of my absolute favorite series. Such a shame it didn't get another season.


Ok I loved love craft so this is a start let’s go blade 🤫🤫


Nice!! Looking forward to this.


'71 was fucking dope. Great hire.


I'll be happy if they just get free-rein to make it R-rated rather than *aiming* for an R-rating. Like, just make a movie and hit the tone you want without worrying about its content-rating. For example, if they end up making a film with solid action involving vamps that get dusted (which I'll be shocked if they don't do, because it's a distinct visual that can be used outside of R-rated projects), does anyone want them to just toss in some random f-bombs just to snag an R?




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the cinematography for this was awesome - hope he brings some of his crew


I’m hyped, he directed the movie 71 starring the stellar Jack O’Connell and it was damn good. Also the zombie series he was a director for back in the day was solid too, his direction in top boy was good as well,like this pick he’s a good director. Love 71 tho so that gets me the most hyped, his best work Imo.


Don’t really know how to feel about it, but after the problematic production until this point, I was expecting Marvel to go the safe way by hiring someone with a good amount of experience. I mean looking at the director and script writer I can see potential, but I think it’s a big gamble again, because especially the script writer seems like a wild choice.


I never watched Lovecraft County but a prestige TV show director is probably a better fit for the MCU than a typical film director imo. Leave creative to the show runner (Feige) and writers, concentrate on handling logistics, management, and filming.


>Details are being kept under wraps but sources say the new intent is for Blade to dark and gritty in tone, falling on the edgier side of Marvel fare and maybe even find common shading with the fondly-remembered Blade movies made in the early 2000s by New Line. This sounds too good to be true


Why does the link says that it will be Rated R????


Wasn't the original blade rated r?


I’ve heard that Wesley Snipes isn’t I. This?


What a good fit


I've never seen Lovecraft Country, but I've always wanted to. Maybe this'll give me a reason to check it out.


Let’s go!!!


Nice. ALthough I wouldn't read too suoer much in the URL thingy.


I don’t know much about this dude but his name sounds like the type of dude to direct a vampire movie


Is is true that because of the delays with Blade, there won't be a new Marvel movie during the Christmas season 2023?


What happened to Elegance Bratton?


Much better pick than Bassam Tariq.


I'm glad they seem to actually be giving mahershala some ownership over this character and story


Oh lord, hated that show


Niiiiiiiice. '71 was fantastic, can't wait to see him play in the Marvel sandbox


this is awesome news. cancelling lovecraft country was such a huge mistake, that show was amazing.


Some mother f’ers always trying to ice skate uphill




Smart choice. I like Lovecraft Country.


Yo…if *Blade* ends up getting an R-rating and does well at the box-office (along with *Deadpool 3* which is a lock to make close to $1B), maybe we could finally get an R-rated *Doctor Strange* movie for his third solo film, hopefully with Scott Derrickson back with a vengeance. *Logan*, *Joker* and *Deadpool* have already set promising precedents for the profit return a big-budget R-rated movie can bring.


All this love for Lovecraft Country but I despised that show. Anyone else with me? Incredible first episode followed by the strangest horribly written following two episodes. I couldn't even finish the series out.


Damn they are going to ruin Blade aren't they?


This is just a personal wish but I kind of wish this was just Devil May Cry in the MCU, Blade is a very edge lord type character and they should embrace that, have him doing ridiculously cool action stuff and throwing cheesy 90s one liners


I really want this movie to have its own self contained, dark feel. It shouldn't FEEL like an MCU film


There is a chance for this to be rated R and the Hollywood Reporter's sources even say that its gonna lean into more gritty and dark territory.


>Details are being kept under wraps but sources say the new intent is for Blade to dark and gritty in tone, falling on the edgier side of Marvel fare and maybe even find common shading with the fondly-remembered Blade movies made in the early 2000s by New Line.