The f\*\*k is wrong with you?


Despite the poor quality of the films I woul never wish bad things happen to anyone working on them, or that they commit crimes/hurt other people. This ain't it.


This comes off about as bad as it ought to. You WANTED another Ezra Miller situation??


No, I wanted blow to the MCU


I’m proud of this community for calling out OP for being a shithead.


Marvel fans: I love this new variant of Kang in real life! We need to trap him in prison


Awful movies, and shit corporations aside I hope if this is true Majors gets himself looked at. Cant be out her slugging, and choking people this dude took method acting for Creed 3 a step too far.


Here's hoping if he did that then there's proper consequences. Barely know who he is and I'm glad for it.


You know that this won't affect the MCU right? Idk why your acting like he can't be replaced. You have such a hate boner for the MCU that anything bad that's even associated with them you think as a win. You making this post shows kinda gives if the vibe that you care more about the set back this will have on the MCU than the whole situation itself. If you hate it that much then just don't watch it.


Dumbass post even if the MCU is shit Also this won't affect the MCU at all, he's going to likely get no charges filed against him and even if he does they'll just recast and move on, the MCU is bigger than its actors


This is pure cringe


Why tf do you WANT him to be guilty? You people in this thread are lunatics.


Bro look at the upvotes, literally not the majority opinion on this sub.


What exactly makes it lunacy? If it happened, it happened. It's not like I'm encouraging for it *to* happen. I'm not celebrating the crime, I'm celebrating the downfall that comes as a punishment for the crime, and the impact it'll have on the MCU.


What impact bruh, it's not the MCU's fault their actor going wild


Not in this way, but with slow, declining interest where instead of social media going into debates of its quality, it is something nobody will care about, or talk about. They are forgotten until it is reset in another 10-15 years.


This sub kinda has a hate boner for the MCU.


The MCU has a hate boner towards its fans


No, they have a hate honer for people who don't mindlessly eat the slop.


They like critics and cumsoomers, They hate fans who paid attention to the story


No one upvotes this post


When you get in bed with dogs, you get fleas. You decided to make the MCU anti-fan centric and you got into bed with a shithead. Disney is getting what they fucking deserve


Wait, are you saying they should've known? What exactly has the guy said or done in the past to suggest this type of behaviour could happen.


You misread. I’m saying Disney is going to shit, and now it’s attracting shit people.




Now that I think about it, one offense is not even close to "the next Ezra Miller". I take it back. I also know the MCU has been dying, of course, r/Mauler, duh, but this should be one of the first killing blows.


This is all Loki's fault, just saying


Didn't they keep Ezra and Amber and kick Henry, tho? So you want a violent criminal to get no repercussions for their actions and continue to get jobs while good people get blacklisted for not being PC enough, or?