Restart game


Haven’t had a chance to play yet as I’m at work - but wondering what the drop rate of these tokens is? I’m prob only going to play MP, so on average how many rounds would I need to compete to earn a single token? Do you think it’s possible to unlock the entire battlepass within a season only playing MP causally?


I've basically only been playing mp and I'm at 12% already so I think it's definitely possible. I played a few matches of dmz though and you can get a lot of xp through that


No. Ive played hours everyday and its near impossible with the battlepass tokens going away constantly. Same thing happens on guns. I played hundreds of games with a gun, and the level goes down or stays same. I got gold as soon as gun maxxed.


I’ve earned 9 tokens I’ve only been able to use 1. They have disappeared, even after resetting the game and reinstalling the game they still haven’t showed up!


Yup had the same issue, backed out and restarted. They all came back.


I've that happening constantly, keeps asking to install Warzone when it's already installed.


Lot of glitches playing and now tokens vanished???


Just had this happening to me, right after I'd earn a new token it would show 0. Restarting the game resolved it


Same here. Had 3 prior to a BR match. After the match it showed I had ZERO!!


I have been having this same issue. I just now found out that restarting the game brings them back but that's not a fix it's a workaround. Does anyone know if this issue is being worked on because I didn't see it it on their trello board.


I notice that they constantly disappear, and eventually re-appear after either a few rounds or when I switch game modes. I had one disappear yesterday, and I have a feeling it will show back up when I log in this evening. It's an annoying ass glitch, and it's a shame that this keeps happening even 3 months after release.