God no that's just dumb. Are you gettleman by chance ?


Why are you all so hellbent to actively making us worse? Aren't we bad enough? Got people talking about trading players because of the type of field we play on, Get rid of KG, Martinez before the ink even dry on they contracs... Shipping out Kadarius Toney next season? Like stop it.


How is adding one of the better QBs in the league making us worse exactly? We could manage to push off the other 1st rounder till next season & still have one left for this upcoming draft. The Giants will just continue building around Daniel Jones for another year & then realize it was a mistake & have to start a new rebuild. I'd rather them just bite the bullet, get rid of Danny once & for all, and rebuild around a HOF caliber QB.


I don't trust them to not fuck it up. And I feel our picks hold more value to addressing wider team needs and I say that hesitantly because indeed they might just fuck it up.


That’s my thought- no matter what they’ll fuck it up and there will be a guy who we should have gotten but didn’t. To me we got a tight window here cuz Russ is more than likely already thinking about where he’ll go next and there are probably teams already putting together a package to get him. I just don’t see how another year of Danny and Joe Judge will be any different. They need to just rip off the band aid. Danny isn’t our guy. And worst case scenario if Russ can’t bring us many wins then we get to draft his replacement next draft and then have the young QB learn behind Russ for a while


This team cannot win with Russ.


Someone post one of these on here everyday and then quickly deletes it after they realize Giant fans dont want team to give up premium picks for Wilson, can't afford him, and aren't a QB away from competing


I’d do it for Jones and a 3rd


Love how people think that adding Russ would make us worse. lol. Yeah because Danny Dimes has won us soooo many games & clearly isn't the problem! I'd absolutely nail this trade because no matter what, we're wasting those picks anyway. The Giants aren't gonna suddenly bring in the best most competent GM in the world. We'll probably like drop Engram & then reach for a TE or something. They could make the deal so it's a 1st rounder this year & next year, and then we still got a 1st that we could use to fix the OL, then take an edge rushing LB in the 2nd or 3rd. That combined with a HOF QB is a winning situation. That & find a young minded OC. And get rid of Joe Judge. But no we'll probably keep Danny, Judge, and then promote some incompetent GM from within, have to get rid of all three next offseason, and then realize in hindsight we should have just gotten Russ, cleaned house, and build around him for the next 5 years. Look at what the Rams are doing. They weren't like "ahh Stafford is good but he's too old." He's 33 meaning he could potentially have 5-6 years of good football left in him. Look at Aaron Rodgers. Dude looks like he could still play another few years. I know the Giants team is wildly different than the aforementioned and they don't have the talent but they have a good defense & on paper good offensive weapons & maybe two solid lineman away from having a good line. I'm tired of them trying to build around Daniel Jones & not just realize he's not our franchise guy & move on like the Cardinals did when they mistakenly drafted Rosen.


Wilson’s washed


I would put a bullet in my brain if we traded for russel wilson


This would only make sense if we had an actual good coach who could coach up the players