You can always just click "dismiss" and let the client go unfulfilled. You'll lose some reputation/karma but you'll be able to move on. Alternatively, you could look for an alternate recipe for this potion.


I didn't know that! Thank you :)


You don’t have to use the recipe you saved before. Experiment and find another way to the explosion element.


If the customer is asking for 4 mad mushrooms it will provide a bonus payout but will not affect the base selling price if you don’t meet their expectations. If you have a saved recipe that calls for 4 mad mushrooms you can just not follow the recipe. Frankly even when I have recipes for some items I will make at least the first potion of that type manually because you can’t collect the XP bubbles using recipes


Customers will never ask for four mad mushrooms, though they could ask for half mad mushrooms or atleast one.