What is it now?! My man, don’t keep us hangin’


LOL, sorry! It's an LS-swapped... no, sorry, just kidding... 4 lug -> 5 lug tiny brakes -> FD brakes manual steering -> power steering open diff -> LSD T2 hood because my original was damaged Still NA for the moment...cobbling the parts for a T2 swap. But it still has manual crank windows!


crank windows are based, the less degrading 80s electronics the better


I love power windows, but as someone who just rebuilt his FC's power windows... you make a compelling case...


Facts goated


what LSD did you go with? and do you wanna mail me your manual steering rack? lol


I got the trans and the LSD from a friend's GXL. Both needed rebuilding, so I had that done. I know that they won't hold too much power when I do the T2 swap, but it's a daily, so I'm not going to be throwing crazy power at it. Ha, the manual rack was picked up by another friend of mind who is depowering his 10th ann. If mine were a track car, I'd have kept it, but parallel parking this thing was murder on my shoulder. Plus my wife couldn't drive it...which probably was a good thing, now that I think about it. :D


What did you need for FD brakes?


You will need to do the 5-lug conversion first. You will need: * Front hubs from any 5-lug FC - these are super easy to swap out * Front rotors (5 lug) * Rear 5-lug hubs with knuckles. The rears require the whole knuckle to come off, so not as easy, especially if you have a car that's seen any kind of weather. You might need an air hammer to get the hub separated from the half shaft. * Rear rotors (5 lug) * 4-pot front calipers from an FD or from a big brake FC (T2 or GXL) * T2 rear calipers (or you can just keep your stock calipers and stick with the smaller non-slotted rotor) * front dust shields (if you want to keep them) as your 4-lug shields will be too small. * rear dust shields (if you go for the bigger rear rotors) * brake pads, all around * 15" or greater 5-lug wheels, preferably with good tires * 4 extra lug nuts. Believe it or not, that was the only thing I forgot to get when I did this swap...SUPER annoying to get all of that done only to realize I didn't have enough lugs to put my wheels on! * DOT 3 or DOT 4 brake fluid, depending on how hard you're going to run your car * a friend, spouse, or kid to help you bleed your brakes (or a speed bleeder if you have none of these) * a morning or an afternoon to get it all swapped over


Silly me, I actually have a GXL with the good four pot brakes. I thought the FD might be a potential upgrade, though. I've seen forum members do 350Z brake swaps if I recall correctly. Others have put four pot calipers on the rear. There's also the master cylinder/booster upgrades from the 626 or Subaru legacy, which I have done on mine, and a bracket on the shock tower to brace the cylinder against the firewall with a large bolt.


Yup, those are essentially the same calipers, so no need to do this swap.


Beautiful 🤩