It may not be 1 game, the trackers will sometimes lump games together if they’re not left on, so that -784 and -379 could have been the cumulative mmr loss over an entire night of ranked.


I asked.. him if this was the case, he said not but just checked his profile myself and he indeed had 6 loss and 4 loss in those, ty


Happy to help! I did a little more digging to see if the KD could prove multiple games played, and it can, I looked at the 0.34 KD w the -784, the combination of kills-deaths that returns that ratio are: * 10K : 29D (estimated 4-8 games played) * 11K : 32D (estimated 4-8 games played) * 12K : 35D (estimated 4-9 games played) * 13K : 38D (estimated 5-10 games played)


I’m actually impressed with what you did there. Big brain shit


Yup, the K/D ratio can happen in many sets, I originally thought this happened because our friend who newly bought the game calibrated together with us (stopped playing siege for few months) and got boosted a little compared to his skills and when he went solo,the system punished him for his performance but welp he lost many games and came to his real skill set ig


Its sorta new when ur new the first couple matches after u do the 10 ranked its unsuslly at high stake Maybe its bugged and still counts it like the 10 calibration


The first games you play are more important to MMR then later games. The more games you play the less it effects your MMR.


He probably reinforced between two sites and the MMR counter didn't like it


Based MMR system


“Friend” I see what you did there


Ahem I am no good in fps as well, currently have a k/d of 0.6, it used to be 0.8-0.95 before I quitted fps games


He probably played against other “bad” players and did poorly against those people so the system dumped his MMR to get him where he should be. Judging by the last few games MMR swings being a lot lower Hes right where he should be.


Was going to say, coming from SC2, your Mmr can be wildly volatile at beginning as it’s trying to find your home. Get on a bunch of winning or losing streaks and it can get volatile again. If win/loss is equal, it will change very little.


thats the reason nearly every game will hide your mmr for the first 10 games


The more games you play the less mmr will change, meaning earlier games in a season or for a new player the first 40ish games are impactful.


Lol people trying to make sense of it when it’s just because siege ranking is kinda shit bro. Gotta live with it




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so is what I said


Man im just saying he gets absolutly fucked in Ranked. Like im just curious why he does that to himself. I dont want to offend someone. Im sorry if i insulted you


You didn't insult me, you insulted ops friend. We can clearly see he's certainly not the best at ranked, but your phrasing was entirely uncalled for.