Force power is like a skill, you can have incredible talent for it but you also can train to reach those heights. It is also to my knowledge that a non-force sensitive could train to become force sensitive but I don’t remember where I heard that


I don’t think it’s in any stories; definitely none that I’ve read, but George is on record as having said that anyone in universe can become force sensitive


That was very early in the life of SW, pre-TESB. He changed his tune soon after.


Nowadays it's down to your midichlorians.


Skywalker consider plo Koon to be his equal


It's a bit iffy, but in my personal opinion: Yes. It doesn't really matter how you call it - "Midiclorian count" or just "Strength in the Force", but it seems that there IS a certain cap on how much power a Force-user can channel safely. It's different for everyone, and is basically set in stone. BUT. Depending on the training one learns how to better handle their power, so even someone with Anakin's power would find it useless compared to a jedi padawan who already spent five years polishing his skills and actually knows what he's doing. With skill and training equal, someone stronger in the Force would find it easier to tap into the power of the Force and would sustain it longer. At the same time, key word here is "safely" - a jedi who (again) knows what he's doing would be able to transcend his limits and draw more than he should, but there's a price for it. That's why Luke Skywalker and Kyp Durron almost give themselves a stroke when they try to move dovin basal' singularities in the NJO series. Some Jedi have died performing outstanding feats of Force power, Anakin Solo being a prime example. >He literally subdued the embodiments of both the light and dark sides at the same time. (Although his power was probably boosted due to the location) I prefer to pretend that never happened >.< Mortis is probably most harmful thing to the Star Wars lore to come from the Clone Wars series, and that's saying something considering it's treatment of Expanded Universe.


There are also things you could do to boost your power. In both TCW and that one mobile game, you can boost your physical strength and force abilities with Ichor + magic from Dathomir


In the OT- No. In the PT- Yes. Midichlorians- turning Star Wars into fucking Scientology.