Have you ever met a senior engineer? Inconvenient, cumbersome and error-prone describes like 80% of their workflow. They're still all about their "leading edge" methods they developed 30 years ago (when to be fair, they were probably the greatest new development the industry had ever seen). Absolutely not surprised if they're writing the manual in word and the formulas are snipping tooled into the document as an image from somewhere else.


I’m guessing my they do exactly that, they use word to reproduce everything and did calcs by hand. If it’s been around forever probably isn’t much work to update, vs if it was done now it would be a huge issue to put together


Idk the answer. If I had to guess, the code writers are all dinosaurs so MS Word is all they know.


The code writers are some of the most well-respected people in the industry. But you are right, many of them are in the twighlight of their careers. They are brilliant, but in my experience, my many of them are not current on current technology.


I absolutely agree with this. There's a lot of knowledge there. Just not a lot of technological prowess.


Yeah. It very much appears to be that way. It just seems like it would be an awfully difficult document to revise, check, and issue.


Our industry is dropping the ball so hard on git haha, we're looking at it going "It won't work because it only works on plain text files". Meanwhile we don't realize project level document control in our industry already doesn't work, specifically because we refuse to go back to plain text files. There's a ton of instances like that where we act like it's not our job to know these things and it bites us in the ass though. It's every engineer's responsibility to maintain some degree of technical prowess. This is how we ended up with these terrible file names and organizational structures in the first place.


They did it by hand, and put it in a word file.