This reminds me of a time where I had people telling me I didn’t pick up a manhole that was off the property. I assumed it was underground so I probed the area and couldn’t find it. I told them there was no evidence of a manhole and that I swept the area. They made comments about how I didn’t know how to do my job so they sent out the city guys and the design engineer to prove me wrong. The design engineer (the guy who said I didn’t know what I was doing) punctured a gas line because he got a little overzealous to prove his point. It’a one of my most fondest memories watching a man in clean khakis and a polo fuck up. By the way, there was no manhole. He was going off of conceptual design instead of as-builts for the utilities.


that is fucking beautiful. Did you take the opportunity to shit on him or just leave him to reflect on it himself?


When the gas line broke we had to evacuate the area. My PSM came out to check things out and ended up talking with the engineer and the city guys. The city guys told the engineer that no other manhole has anything going in the direction of the suppose manhole. My PSM was asking him some really basic questions because he knew it wasn’t there and was hoping he would catch on. I stayed quite throughout the whole ordeal until he finally shrugged he shoulders and admitted defeat. All I said was “I guess we can all agree now that there is no manhole but there is a gas line”. It wasn’t much but even if I had to cut line for the rest of that week, it still would have been a great week.


Username checks out


That's even better haha


That story warms the cockles of the heart.


Happy Cake Day!


Drainage Structure Cover, Adjust - 1 ea.


I see you marked this “could not open”, do you mind going back and trying again? It’s really important


Fuckin handholes feel like that sometimes when they’ve paved over them and all I’ve got is a claw hammer and 60D


Text from the office: figure it out


We once had a handhole in a busy ass intersection that was jammed shut with asphalt. Needless to say, they were pissed we didn’t shoot it cause it made their little drawings harder. Get your office monkey ass off your chair and go do it yourself. Long story short, we head back out the next day and figured it out.


Somebody must have found an open manhole further down and crawled the pipe to that point, because I don't see how the fuck they got that chain hooked through there otherwise...


This comment has been overwritten


If you look at the opposite side of the manhole, it looks like they punched a fist size hole in it. You can see it best in the last frame. Sucks to be the FNG who had to stick their arm in that roach den to fish it back out and hook it.


Sounds like Day 3 of the project then... Day 1: realized they needed acetylene Day 2: torch cut and cool off overnight Day 3: crank'em & yank'em I've met some dumb FNGs in my time, but not one dumb enough to stick their arm in a freshly melted hole yet....XD


Holy Shit....did somebody forget to tell them to just turn that lid to unlock it??


What's this about locking lids? Edit: I'm serious, I have never heard of a "locking lid". I know in my area they welded the lids on the major highway because some dumbass was stealing them, but other than that, a locking lid?


Yep, they're not super common but they exist for sure.


Usually they're for manholes in a floodplain. I've seen a few that were bolted for security reasons though. Typically they're just bolted with a non-standard sized bolt/ non standard bit shape like a pentagon rather than some actual locking mechanism. The manhole in the video was likely not properly installed/ affixed to the top of the casing, then asphalt got stuck around the rim and hardened in place.


Most of the bolted ones around me are for force mains, I just note that it's locked and move on. The funnest ones are when you're beating the shit out of a manhole with a sledge to try to get it open and it's either corroded shut beyond belief or the secret service welded it shut.


You can be glad when a force main lid won't open/ you can just move on lol. I think a lot of those FM manholes are typically for blow off valves. In my area a lot of the older manholes (especially in flood plains) were also tarred over to keep em shut. I've seen some telecom welded shut around here... near a federal building among other places.


lol my first thought too. Oops.


​ https://preview.redd.it/72erzujff1ia1.jpeg?width=1700&format=pjpg&auto=webp&v=enabled&s=da24591b06095418a747bcd8ec9b43bce699aad7


Holy shit city standard details on my Reddit


lolol for real! Big Life lessons learned later that afternoon


The foundry could use this to advertise how secure the lock is ; )




I swear there was a scribe x somewhere around here


As a road surveyor, this disturbs me


Those people trust that chain a little more than I would feel comfortable with.


Stand back and put on your safety squints, shit's about to get real...


Am I the only one wondering how they looped that chain through that lid???


The fist size hole they punched in the opposite side of the manhole.


Damn!!! There must be a major drainage/sewage issue nearby.




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Was it bolted?


I see a change order in the near future🤣 forget the rfis anymore.


It is holds the world peace, so it must be shot.