We couldn't give our son stimulants because of this reason. He did well for a couple days the tics escalated badly. We quit that medicine fast. I hope you can find another med.


If you really like the meds and you don't want to give them up, try and see if an AP works to calm your tics. It doesn't work for everyone though you miss 100% of the shots you don't take


Are you diagnosed with Tourettes? Back in my day, they would not prescribe ADHD medication for me as they were known for making Tourettes worse. I wonder what changed? Maybe your doctor doesn't have experience with Tourettes?


Stimulants can definitely make your tics worse. However, don't give up just yet! A lot of the time, initial side effects of meds will calm down if you give your body a few weeks to adapt. I recommend chatting with the person who prescribes your concerta. They'll be able to help you decide whether the benefits of concerta outweigh the costs for you. You should also ask them about whether you can try taking occasional breaks from the concerta on days when your tics are bad (lots of folks with ADHD do this, either because of the side effects of meds or to avoid building up a tolerance). Good luck!


It was working just fine the first 5 days then suddenly went against me. Not only that but the side effects got bad too. Idk everyone on here says stimulants make them worse. Id be really satisfied if my tics stayed the same but benefits of concerta work too


Give it some time, the tics usually calm down after a little while of taking medication. Don’t panic haha. Give it at least a week or two.


I had that problem and went to a mental hospital in which they got my meds fixed. I’m now on guanfacine which is not a stimulant or antipsychotic and it really helps me focus. I’m also on hydroxyzine as a prn


Do you use it with a stimulant? Since stimulants are making my tics worse


Definitely not. Two days after I stopped the stimulants my tics were down by 90%