If the battery was just installed, check your cables. Something probably went wrong while putting it in.


Jiggle the shifter, could be park lock thingy


I have a similar problem. Sometimes it wont start so I have to toggle the shifter then it'll start right up.


Neutral, safety switch


The comment above is pretty on for the starter, though mine was just doing the same exact thing and it ended up being the battery cables. I tightened down the negative terminal and replaced the positive terminal and fuse thing and it runs fine now. I’d start with those because they’re cheap, and if not those then it’s likely the starter


Second this, check the fuse attached to the positive battery cable.


Whack the starter w something to see if you get some life. Also what generation? Did you get another key ?


battery ground wire


Check cables and tighten bolts on batter, if that doesn't help it's going to be the starter. Happened to me


Your starter could be bad.


Is your timing belt ok? Distributor?


I'd check fuses first because I'm lazy. If the fuses are good it's probably the starter.


Push the clutch in


and check the button that the clutch engages to allow for starting - sometimes the plastic piece that helps with the contact falls off. press the metal button manually


Try starting in neutral


If the shifter isn’t the issue, maybe the security key is not working or locked out. You may have to wait over 24hours for the lockout to reset if this is the case.


New batteries don't always have a full charge, test the charge or just plug it in to a maintainer for a while. If the battery cables have corrosion, there can be enough power to run the computer/dash lights, but not enough to engage the starter solenoid. That's the only time I've seen nothing when I turn the key, low charge or bad battery connection. If the starter was bad, you'd probably hear a click when you turned the key as the solenoid clicked. Every starter I've ever lost was the actual starter motor. Solenoids go bad too, but it seems rarer to me.


check fuses, if good, go from the battery checking cables down until you find an issue , such as the starter


I had the same problem recently, it was a loose connection on my positive cable


When you removed the old battery and installed the new one did you remove the negative first and connect it last? Certain things on a vehicle have to be done in specific ways and not doing those can result in damage. Check the starter relay. Also check the new battery, it could be weak. One other thing, make absolutely sure that it's in park or neutral if a standard and the clutch is pushed in.


I had a similar issue, was driving down the road. Then it just cut out wouldn't start back up. But I've been told it was this little gear thing in the distributor (not a motorhead). Might be worth checking into


Happened to my sons Honda fit turned out lightening zapped computer


Wiggle the shifter back a bit the exact same thing happens to mine sometimes and all I have to do is pull it back a bit and it fires right up


Seems pretty obvious where to start troubleshooting.


I mean the car ran fine a month or two ago, it’s sat since then and ruined the battery. Put a new battery in and now it won’t even try to turn over. Starter doesn’t engage at all


Don't check your battery terminals. Remove them, look everything over and reinstall. Also, if your battery cables are marginal, the act of changing the battery may have finished them off.


This was the issue when I had this problem. I felt a little foolish when the AAA guys started it right up.


My first guess is starter. Mine looked the same when my starter died


Move the shifter from park to 1 then back to park. Then try to start it.


Maybe your spark plugs?