I'm here to complain about dealer markups.


Sir, the line starts behind back behind those 500 other nice people.


And they paid to be in front


They'll sell it to you for a nominal fee


Yeah, but I already paid $4,000 for a non-markup-circle-jerk flesh varnish. It's semi-permeable, it's not osmotic, what it does is it coats and seals the skin and allows me to slide to the front of the line.


Gold comments right here lol


There are plenty of dealerships right now offering a Core at MSRP.


Paying exactly sticker for mine.


damn ok


When did you order? That's awesome btw. Fucking congratulations good person.


Thank ya! Don’t really get the option of ordering and it’s more of a take what you like. It’s a code with all 3 option packs.


Yea, I remembered that Toyota doesn't do the ordering thing after I posted that. My son wants to buy his first 'new' car this year and the GRC is on his list behind the 400Z. I think he knows he's not getting a Z unless he's paying way over MSRP or he's been on a list for a few years, even then probably not. The GRC might be the better option. I should have asked how long the process was from talking to the dealer to getting conformation it's yours? Or did you find one actually on the lot or in transit and grab it that way?


Available? I talked to the dealers close to me and some of them weren't getting one and others only were receiving one GR and it's been reserved long ago


You think that's bad Japan is doing a lottery to get their cars


Thank you guys so much for excellent timestamps and transitions!


The production is increasing at some point. So you might not be able to find one on a lot, but likely could preorder one at MSRP and get it within a year.


You can't pre-order with Toyota, the dealer is given an allocation and they can't change what it is. I'm first in line at my local dealer and would have one by now, but the one the dealer got allocated did not have the LSDs or winter package, in a state that is below freezing for half the year.


>You can't pre-order with Toyota, Everyone on this sub knows that by now, people just use the word "preorder" as a colloquially for having put down a deposit and waiting in line for a car to be delivered to that.


When I say preorder, I mean get in line for an allocation. Also, dealers can trade with other dealers before the vehicles are even on the truck. So, for example, I went to buy a Tundra last year. I told them the exact options I wanted and asked them to work on it. They called me a few weeks later and said that the color I wanted (Army Green) is in very high demand and most dealers aren't trading them, so it would be about a 6 month wait for them to make it happen. I gave them a few backup colors and they made it happen in a few weeks. They didn't even trade a Tundra for it. They had an allocation for a 4Runner TRD Pro that was similar price and was able to make the swap for one of my backup colors with the exact set of options I requested. With that said, more production means more allocation. Your dealer's ability to get to the one you want is obviously limited, but they do have some tools at their disposal to get their customers the configuration they want.


My local dealer wants $54k for a CORE


At that point you can buy so many better cars for less, you can get a used m2 for low 40s and the list goes on. These may be a cool car at MSRP but 54k is higher than a s3.


tell them to fuck off


But magically when you call the price goes up. You can’t really trust the prices you see on Cargurus, etc.


You sure about that? I'm sure there are some, but the ones I've seen advertised for msrp on their websites leave out the market adjustment until you call and ask.


So was the dealer mark up thing overhyped for this car? I'm sure there are dealers who are adding some obnoxious mark up, but if there are plenty who aren't, that means to me that prices should stabilize around MSRP rather quickly


I’ve just started ignoring cars that are marked up unobtanium, for all intents and purposes this cars a marketing stunt that doesn’t exist


I'm here to complain about being poor


r/antiwork is that way lol —>




Tough but fair.


There are different trim levels with the morizo edition being the rarest, only 200 per year will be made. With the markup I’m sure price will be equivalent to a 911 gt2


What’s everyone thoughts of the core with no performance package? My dealer has one but the open diffs don’t seem worth it when for an extra $1.2k you get the front/rear Torsen diffs.


Jumping on what everyone else has already said, another thing to keep in mind is how the lack of performance package would affect resale value down the road.


Seems like a waste imo especially for the money youd be paying. Theres nothing worse than having buyers remorse on a car you just bought lol


My honest opinion is that most casual drivers would not miss that their performance car has open front and rear diffs on the street, in the modern era with always-on stability and traction control. That's why they're not standard. Most buyers will hop in a base Core and feel the center diff and stability control keeping the car in line when they punch it and be happy with how it drives. But I've had people dig up six year old comments of mine saying this to tell me I'm wrong and stupid and know nothing about cars for saying that, so YMMV. I also say this while currently in the middle of installing an LSD in my project car. But it's an old all-analog RWD car where your only option to control a one wheel peel is staying off the throttle. I would spend the $1200 for the diffs in a GR Corolla, but I would notice them being missing at autocrosses.


It depends on your use case. If you are only driving on street, you are probably right. On track, you will end up cooking the brakes because the system is always using them to keep wheels from spinning and pull you out of corners.


I’ve never had this problem on track. What system is supposedly cooking the brakes?


I don't have specific experience with the GR Corolla, but a lot of fwd-based performance cars without an LSD have some kind of brake-based torque vectoring that brakes the inside wheels to keep them from spinning and help the car rotate. It can work well but it makes the brakes work harder. Impact varies by platform and can usually be overcome with better pads/fluid, but that has costs too.


The sports rear dif on the b8.5s4 worked magic on the back of that car when comparing to the standard rear. The same with the GT350 rear dif. Enthusiasts know what’s up. Everyone else not so much.


Waste of money. Get one with the LSDs. Why wouldn’t you? It’s supposed to be a high performance car.


If I was never or hardly ever going to drive in snow or do a track day, I could see justify not having it if you wanted a car right now. Otherwise, it’s a must have. Certainly for someone like me that lives in a snowy climate.




I'd think as a "should we try for a long-term car" the main question is similar to the Civic Type R: is the price more justifiable if you are actually going to use it and put miles on it. I had a R32 Skyline GTR for a few years and it was absolutely worth it because I added 10,000 KM on it having fun on the weekends.


10000 km in a few years. If I'm buying a GR Corolla I'm dailying it.


Yes its a perfect daily honestly


i put 20k miles into an MK5 Supra in 9 months before selling. Worth it.


Yeah this is definitely a daily. If I am lucky to get this in the next few years at MSRP, I'm driving this thing into the ground lol


i own an r32 also but cant find time for it :/, sadly only did 6000 km in 3 years


I’d be more than happy to take it off your hands, I have enough free time 👀


Prepare to pay more than launch price for a rustbucket shitbox with failing plastic that'll have you chasing gremlins electrical or otherwise every weekend.


So… every old car?


Pmed you I have one fore sale soon. 99pct stock too!


Anyone thinking about paying a markup for a core just needs to wait 6-12 months. Toyota is ramping up production because these are higher profit than normal Corollas. I guarantee in 12 months, these will be available below MSRP. If you want the Circuit or Morizo, this thought doesn’t apply. Those have enough special parts, such as the CF roof, that Toyota may struggle to increase supply significantly. It’s just hard to ramp up CF production because the tooling and skills aren’t trivial if you want to do it right, meaning make actual light and strong prices rather than heavy pieces that look pretty, which is what most aftermarket CF pieces are. **TL;DR: Don’t feed the markup beast, be patient. **


If Civic Type R's can stay at 40k then this definitely can. Shit all of the Toyotas are backed up. I bet 12 months from now people will still be paying a markup on the regular Corolla


One of my coworkers recently paid $80k CAD for a Rav-4 Prime 😬 No fucking idea why


Shit like this is what's gonna start a recession when people have like 20k of negative equity on these fucking cars.


Wow wtf lol


Pretty sure that the recent news came out that Toyota was going to ramp up production is for the Circuit Edition, not the core


I think both are true. The Circuit has been trickling out due to issues with the CF roof - Toyota prioritized the Morizos for the roofs that they did have. Toyota has also announced they're going to produce more of all variants next year.


wrong, they are increasing volume of production for the whole model


I believe thr announcement was that they were increasing production of the core and the circuit would continue for another year.


Dont need to wait at all, plenty of places are doing MSRP now


You're right, but a lot of folks are a bit skittish about buying from a dealer that is 8+ hours away. In some areas the dealers quietly collude on selling certain cars above MSRP and if you're in one of those areas you'll either have to wait them out or go elsewhere.


People are also really impatient. Dealerships that sell for MSRP usually have much longer wait times. I waited 8 months for my car. I was lucky that the closest dealership to my house just happened to be the only MSRP dealership in a 200 mile radius though.


I’ve got a dealership near me that does MSRP only. Waitlist for the car is 35 deep and they have moved 1 unit. I’m in the Denver area too so not a small market.


They're going to ramp production from 2 to 4. 100% increase!! I think the number they said was up to 1500 per year by next year. But the order backlog is 3-4x that depending who you believe so maybe 3-4 years.


God damn I hope you're right.


Really does feel like without the diff/performance package and what not the car should be in the $32k range. Now it being a Toyota products means that was never gonna stay at that price. Sort of disappointing to hear about the diff being overwhelmed.


Seems like a classic fwd-based awd problem. I'd only buy this car if I knew I could throw it in 30/70 and drive it like that because rwd bias is just way more fun.


For RWD biased AWDs system you are looking at a high premium and getting a BMW X drive or a Porsche


IS250/300/350 and q50 all have rwd bias too


two different animals, but I wanted a GR corolla with every fiber of my body (being the Toyota nut of my group) and I ended up getting an AWD is300 instead. And I love it


How's the IS300? I've been considering one of those but I'm worried it would feel underpowered.


It makes me so happy every time I drive it, I could go on and on about it. Handles extremely well, comfortable, looks pretty, and the gauge cluster on the F sport package as well as the other visual changes is what made me set on the car. RR racing has stock 300/350 baseline dynos at the bottom of [this page](https://www.rr-racing.com/RR-Racing-Lexus-IS3XX-ECU-Upgrade-Tune-p/ig3xxtne02.htm) where you can see the power is really only cut after 4200 RPM. so for casual driving around and occasional spirited drives on the mountains it’s more than enough for me. Granted I came from a full bolt ons/tuned Scion tC so I don’t really care about speed. All I’ve done to the Lexus is RR racing lower control arm bushings (stock lca bushings are fluid filled and cause toe wear) and tint. I was considering the RR racing tune but again, since it really only cuts power after 4k it doesn’t bother me. A 2016 is350 and I were messing around on the highway once and he was only about a car lengths ahead of me at 130mph. Only thing I don’t like: no Apple CarPlay on the models before 2021. And of course I expected this, but I live in a pretty mountainous area so I get 15mpg if I’m not careful. On 6+ hour trips I’ve been able to get it to around 25mpg and even 27mpg once in eco mode. Edit: so many typos since I wrote this on my phone. Tried to correct them all


Thanks for the detailed response!


No problem 👍🏻 good luck on your journey to get a new car, feel free to reply with what you ended up getting


I have an 06 is350 (the fastest year) and I love it. I can’t say it doesn’t feel underpowered, since that feeling of shiiit this things fast disappears within a month. It takes driving a normal econobox for a few days to appreciate it again. Like coleslaw said the fuel mileage is shite. I average 22 in the winter, 26 in the summer.


I believe my 05 STI does 35/65% at full rear bias on the diff. Later years reduce that. Just buy a 20 year old car. Nothing could possibly go wrong. Heh heh.


Yea it's a pretty sad state of affairs imo. I love the 40/60 split in my RS4


Honestly thats why AWD doesn't really hype me at all with these hatchback cars. Most of the systems are just part time AWD and FWD biased because they are an AWD system retrofitted onto a fwd car.


People really forgot about the Focus RS. I could be biased though, I’ve had some incredibly amusing seat time as both driver and passenger of a Focus RS. That thing was super eager to make me go “oh sh-“. That particular 2016 RS unit had A LOT of issues though. Engine block, fried ECU, engine issue *again* where entire thing got replaced, wheel bearing, back up cam, windshield wiper motors, … all covered within warranty, but repairs must’ve totalled at least $30k in to that thing had it not been for warranty. I’m at the point where an Ecoboost Mustang for super cheap is all I really need for simple thrill/cheap driftslut.


Well, the RS was an on-demand AWD system stapled into a FWD platform. It's just that, under spirited driving, it performs like a RWD-biased car. I had a 2018, absolute blast to drive, but even though mine was reliable owning one was... polarizing. It wasn't a very good commuter car for sure lol. Awful gas mileage and the driver's seat position was pretty uncomfortable. I do miss it though. IMO the Focus RS was the most fun car to drive in the segment.


the RS system is actually quite similar mechanically to the AWD system installed on the GR corolla.


Somewhat. The Focus RS had clutches at the rear differential outputs I believe, so it had true rear torque vectoring. The GR Corolla disconnects the entire rear differential, and relies on limited slip differentials for torque split. Conceptually the mk8 Golf R is the most similar in layout to the Focus RS. Both used their rear torque vectoring to do a drift mode. I think Honda’s SH-AWD is also similar in implementation as well.


Agree, not perfect, at all. It annoyed me. Car was like a wild temperamental Pokémon that had to be tamed. Another one was turning start/stop off every time, and if I forgot, the stumble it would do upon restart would cause me to stall it sometimes. Car really kept me in on my toes in different ways lol.


The Ford C1 platform was actually designed to facilitate AWD from the start, so I wouldn't call it 'stapled'. More like 'unlocked'.


Get a GT man, trust me, exhaust note worth it.


Oddly enough, some of the press day track reviews from a few months back had mentioned they felt more understeer in 30/70 than 50/50.


The driving portion looked...boring to me? Like the car is too good? I did have a 2018 Focus ST for a little while. While light on its feet and very tossable, it just didn't excite me. This look similar. We are planning for kids soon - thought about an STI. Was 2021 the last year they made them? I love the exhaust note. Curious to hear how your ownership experience has been.


It’s definitely more nimble than my STI by looks but as it should the STI is basically a full sedan in size now with 245 tires on it. Also, I too came from a Focus ST and it seems the Corolla is sized almost identical to it. Lastly, yes the 2021 is the last year of the STI.


> While light on its feet and very tossable, it just didn't excite me. This look similar. Unfortunately this is the nature of almost every modern hot hatch, EPAS + very high limits = not exciting on the street in the dry.


Rough ride and poor fuel economy. Child seat in rear means your passenger sits nearly up against the dash. I don't recommend it if you have small kids.


I had a 2006 STi and it was great. I had cross shopped with the Evo IX. I think today I'd probably go Evo because better seats and quicker steering (and more bulletproof engine), but they're great cars. I haven't driven a new GR or CTR, but even the newer STis none of them felt as fun as the 2004-2006. Maybe them getting "better" and more refined made them less interesting? The newer cars felt like squashed crossovers rather than exciting fun cars. So I can't say what's right for you but can say you should try and drive as many of these as you can. I'm actually very curious if these new cars are as fun as the old ones or if they're just good for the current times we are in.


This car is more exciting than 99% of new cars that cost less than $40,000. It will also feature Toyota reliability.


But can you realistically get one for less than 40k that is the real question.


I’ll be surprised if you can get a base one out the door for less than 50k.


What didn't excite you about the Focus ST? Lack of power?


I had the ST2. I liked a lot about the car and think its under appreciated. Recaros, FANTASTIC. Sound system, GREAT. Space/Hatch, wonderful. Its a handsome looking car and the suspension felt really dialed in. I took it to Road Atlanta and AMP, it shined at AMP and I could pass cars that were "Sportier". It was good on small tracks. The car needed an LSD and should've been able to option one. Its an econo-hot hatch though, I get why they didn't offer one. You really had to meter your throttle out of a corner or you would be one wheel drive. Then again, I like to track and ST is not a track car. That was my mistake but at the time it was what I could afford. I blame myself for this and not the car. Shifter feel left a lot to be desired. Not being directly mounted on tranny it felt slushy. I know you can upgrade this with better linkage but didn't want to. And then the motor. I've come to realize I need a large displacement N/A motor. The ST always had turbo lag. Not a fan of it. At the end of the day I realized - do I want to mod an LSD in? Shifter? Cobb tune etc? Am I going to try and make an econo car meet my standards or get something else? Opted to get something else.


> The car needed an LSD and should've been able to option one. Biggest shortcoming of the ST, honestly. But I'm sure they didn't want it encroaching on RS territory. I had looked into a Quaife diff for a looooooong time when I had mine, but never pulled the trigger. If I'd tracked it more I probably would've - I've driven one with an LSD (I think it was an MFactory) and it was a gamechanger. Shifter linkage upgrades were one of the easiest and most impactful upgrades I ever did. Solid cable bracket bushings, shifter base bushings, and a JBR shift arm turned it from mush to delightfully crisp, and it only took an hour or two of work. Well worth it, but yeah, the shifter feel from the factory was bad. Way too long, way too soft.


I have an ST1 and agree with basically everything you've said. Especially the part about modding it versus saving for something else. I disagree a bit on your negatives. The shifter is...fine...decent...mediocre? But I wouldn't say it's actually bad. Also, I wouldn't say there's much turbo lag in any modern engine. But the boost threshold, especially in first/second gear, is annoyingly high. I might end up getting a tune that will hopefully take care of some of that. But then, you know the car won't really be able to put all that power down to the front wheels. So if you give a mouse a cookie lol


If you want to change up the shifter feel, I highly recommend Mountune's short shift arm. Install is pretty easy and it adds a bit of weight to the shift engagement and reduces the throw length. One of my favorite mods I've done.


> The shifter is...fine...decent...mediocre? But I wouldn't say it's actually bad. It's bad. Throws are way too long, and there's a ton of slop from the rubber bushings literally everywhere between your hand and the actual transmission. Drive someone's ST with a Steeda clutch spring, upgraded shift arm (I liked JBR's the most), weighted knob, and solid cable bracket and base bushings. It is a completely and totally different experience. Wildly different.


> The driving portion looked...boring to me? Like the car is too good? I did have a 2018 Focus ST for a little while. While light on its feet and very tossable, it just didn't excite me. This look similar. It doesn't really have enough power to have drama. Especially with AWD. My 1st gen DSM didn't really start being rowdy until it was around 400hp.


Hey, a former ST owner that now has a GT350! There are dozens of us! I thought the FoST was fun as hell, but you really had to push it. And once you had a bunch of aftermarket mods on it, it was almost making too much power to be fun. The FiST was the much frisky and fun one out of the ST's, but the Corolla definitely trends much more Focus than Fiesta.


The interior and driving portions of this video seemed like they were filmed in my ’17 WRX. Like, it’s incredibly similar in all aspects. I’ve put $5k worth of mods into my car since buying it used with 35k miles so I’m right around $30k total investment. I don’t have front or rear LSDs but I now have 245 width 200tw tires on 20lb wheels, Brembos, short shifter, upgraded drivetrain bushings, and daily-driver reliable 350whp. My car also gets 28mpg on my commute. So yeah, $32k for the base GRC seems exactly right for what you’re getting.


Got an allocation for this thing. Just waiting to pick it up. No markup (Canada). Gonna be a big upgrade.


perfect upgrade from a Honda Fit


Going from a Fiesta ST to one, seemed logical as someone who wanted to retain reliability, slightly larger size, and gain more power and AWD.


Pft traitor... Sincerely, Proud ecoboom Focus RS owner.... *So very jealous of your upgrade!*


I've got an ST as well! Plan is to get a GRC in a few years time.


Keep the ST! From my experience, 4WD tends to be more capable whereas your ST will just be a little more fun to drive. Im not saying the GR wont be a joy to drive...they're two different personalities.


I like it but I’m just tired of scrambling for traction when it’s mildly wet. Plus when I pull out of my neighborhood in VT it’s on an incline so I find myself trying to make sure a big gap exists. The other benefits are the larger trunk and ability to fit rear facing car seats once that chapter comes.


Out of curiosity, how many miles does your FiST have and how reliable has it been for you? I'm debating between a Spice orange 2017 with 100k vs a white 2019 with 52k. Obviously the sensible thing is to buy the one with fewer miles, but boy that orange is HOT.


Ive had two, they’re pretty reliable but go for a lower miles. Check if the blend door acuators, swollen lug nuts, and the evap harness have been replaced. Stock clutch and motor can handle big power.


I’m at 84k and it’s been solid as a rock, always take the lower mile option though.




Haha yeah i was like Marks talking about me!


Congrats, what color did you go with? Also, looks like it's your Honda Fit but on absolute fucking steroids.


Black, wasn't too fussed about the colour tbh


Yeah, I wouldn't be either, for a GR Corolla. The thing is going to be sick, take good care of it and remember that frequent oil changes are going to be your best friend especially on that boosted 3 cylinder.


I don't think we get any package options, do we? I checked the website builder for fun and the only option available was the standard core with a disclaimer stating "this trim has no packages".


No options, we basically get the performance+tech package thrown in. We're missing red brake calipers and heated steering wheel which i don't understand... we're in Canada!


The up side of this is that you can accept any car!


That's not the worst then. I thought we didn't even get the perf pack.


Congrats! Is it Core or actually the Circuit Edition?


Just a core, i don't really care too much about the Circuit. Canadian cars get the LSDs standard so i can't really justify paying a $6k premium for the circuit. Yeah the CF hood looks nice but honestly the weight savings is minimal. The suede seats are always nice but not necessary.


How’d you find an allocation? My local dealer doesn’t seem to know anything (still) about when they might get one. Haven’t seen many resources for Canadians looking for them. It might come down to hitting up all the Toyota dealers, but I had hoped to avoid that.


Follow this thread: https://www.grcorollaforum.com/threads/canadian-stock-allocations.1243/page-25 However i think most if not all GRC's coming to Canada are being allocated to people who are on waitlists. I put my name on the waitlist about a week after the car was announced. I had to call many dealerships before I was able to get my name down. I was #3 on the waitlist but luckily the other two people in front of me are waiting on the circuit instead.


How? I put my name down at 3 dealers and haven't heard back from any. Don't know if my name really is down.


Just gotta be patient my man. Toyota's increasing production. Most dealers are getting at most 2 cars this year and they don't even know when.


This may sound dumb as hell, but no **armrest** is almost a deal breaker to me.


there are already aftermarket solutions being created


Especially in a manual. My elbow has to go somewhere


Really? I remember test driving a Focus ST back in 2013 and one of the things I instantly hated was the armrest *interfering* with shifting. I actually looked up the parts cost to swap to a armrest-less console from a base Focus sedan (because I loved the rest of the car) before just buying a different car that didn't have one.


I guess there's kind of a sweet spot for an arm rest in a manual. I want it to be there to rest my arm on between shifts, but I also don't want it to interfere with where I need my arm to go to shift


The best (and cheap) solution would’ve been just to incorporate a folding seat-mounted armrest, like we used to get in cars all the time. Fold it up for spirited driving, fold it down when you’re just sitting on the highway in top gear.


The one in my mk7 golf I find pretty good. It can go pretty low, I have never even thought about it while shifting.


My 2016 WRX has a slightly too low armrest to use. I fucking hate it. Will never buy a car without a proper arm rest again (as a DD).


I had a 2016 and it was too low, and then a 2020 that came with an extender from the factory and it was just about perfect


The Audi RS4 would like a word with you One of the worst armrest designs


both my vehicles are manual, neither has an armrest, no idea why you'd want one getting in the way


> Especially in a manual. Yuck. There should be no armrest at all in a manual. I need the area to actually move. All the best drivers cars don't have an armrest. Porsche 911, S2000, Lotus Exige, etc.


If you design the center console correctly you can easily incorporate an arm rest into a manual car. Both of my cars are manual with an arm rest and aren't in the way whatsoever.


Really? Engineering Explained said resting your hand on the shifter is bad. Had an armrest in my Mk7 GTI and only used it when parked. 9 & 3 at all times. Emergency maneuver ready.


fuck i didn't even notice that but the arm rest none existent in my wrx since it's so low so i just made it a habit to actually drive 10/12 so I don't use my phone honestly really love this new corolla gr, wish i could jump into one


Im pretty sure thats because the armrest was too high and just made it annoying to shift. I had the same problem in my Scion tC. The headrest was positioned in a way that your elbow would be blocked from shifting


My 08, VW rabbit had no arm rest now that I think about it lol


Most modern cars omit them now. Its wierd.


I was trying to get this car but I couldnt wait. My older WRX was destroyed by a deer. My wife and I decided to get a new WRX limited. Basically the same price as a GR with what feels like more luxury options. I couldn't even sit in a normal Corolla at the Toyota dealership because they don't have any on the lot.


I’m about to pull the trigger on a WRX limited after wanting a GR and being told I have a 1-2+ year wait. How happy are you with the WRX?


I'm still the the 1k mile break in period so I can't tell you too much yet about pushing it, but it feels very solid. Obviously moving from a 2003 to a 2022 is quite an upgrade in regards to modern/luxury options


Check out the Elantra N, too. The car is impressive and slept on because it's a Hyundai. I'm very happy coming from Subarus and into my Veloster.


brother picked up a [black 22](https://i.imgur.com/1hMuAvF.jpg) this past fall. thing is very comfortable, decent interior, excellent tune & feels great for the money. i'd buy one if it didn't have a trunk.


I'm disappointed in the all wheel drive system. Subaru and Mitsubishi did it better.


Great video all around, not a praise-all video but they do a great job showcasing the car in the real world -- without Toyota media representative in the corner c:


I own one. It’s exactly as described. For me it’s perfect. Analog driving, modern tech, hatch (although small) usability, Toyota reliability. More then enough for thrills on the road. Suitable for the weekend track goer. The AWD overheat condition is something that’s been know from GR Yaris owners for some time. Some seem to get the issue frequently, others barely at all. There’s a myriad of solutions for serious track cars but no silver bullet. It usually goes, exhaust wrap by the diff > under car air deflector to cool the heat fins > Cusco double capacity rear diff cover. There’s a lot of debate over what actually causes the issue. The sensor is in the center drive unit, and the fluid within is lifetime but the case is mated to the rear diff. Some speculate it’s thermal transfer from the rear diff, some think it’s the center system itself. Some others even think it’s simply a sensor issue which may explain why some expletive the issue way more then others. The first too solutions are cheap and simple but the Cusco diff cover is like $900.


Disappointing to hear the AWD system isn’t very robust and setup to be front wheel biased. But I’m sure that would have made this car more unattainable cost wise. Most people won’t push it that hard for that long anyway. Regardless, props to Toyota for building some really good fun cars.


Can’t you push a button and have 70% torque to the rear?


Yeah, but to put it simply it's 70% max possible torque going to the rear when needed.


It doesn't work like that. Its still FWD bias, and just means that on corner exit you'll get 'up to' 70% rear torque. The differential doesn't have any coolers so it can overheat easily, so its a part time 'on demand' AWD system. They probably did this for cost.


> The differential doesn’t have any coolers so it can overheat easily There’s no differential. It is an electronically controlled multiplate clutch bathed in oil. More sophisticated systems like on the STI can have a differential. This is definitely a cheaper, lighter, easier to package, and effective system for a road car. Most AWD cars work this way now. Everything from Subarus to SUVs. How effective the systems are is mostly decided by how good the tuning is. Well-tuned systems provide the torque when you want it and feel seamless and fun. They aren’t reactive like mechanical on-demand systems of years past. The car can be ahead of the driver all the time. Poorly-tuned systems of this nature might as well not even be AWD.


indeed especially with the advent of electric cars, I'll take what I can get :)


Considering how any “comparables” hold their value like crazy even after 10 years, and depending what price you get this GR at, I can see how you can’t go wrong with it. Focus RS, WRX/STI, Evo X, Golf R, … such a cool performance vehicle class/type.




Got allocated a core after a year on every local dealer's wait list....and AT MSRP! So, "high price" not found in my case... It arrived at the shipping port this past week, should be home before the month end. Can. Not. Wait. (Performance, tech, cold weather, and "styling" packages)


the wait is worth it. Just do a 650 mile break in and oil change and you will be set. I am almost there myself


I'm happy for you, I hope you enjoy it! That's gonna be an agonizing wait I bet


It normally would but we also just moved, so I've been so preoccupied with house projects and unpacking that I haven't even had time to sit down and count how many seconds are left to wait for the car... Plus, after a year of waiting without any calls from dealers or any idea if/when I'd get one at all, I've pretty much been of the mindset it never would happen, so I never really allowed myself to get excited. ....until now.


Kind of a hard sell if it’s roughly the same price of the Golf R which is more refined and a tad faster. You could also get a used M240i or other, much quicker car, for similar money. I guess it’s more about the overall vibe.


You have always been able to get a used car from a class up for the price of a new entry level performance car. There's a reason we don't all just drive used Ferraris instead of new hot hatches though.


I know, but for an apples to apples at $45K, a Golf R is a nicer place to be in, and if you opt for DSFG, it’s significantly quicker. But again, some people will value having a very light and toss-able car.


My issue with VW is maintenance. I’d never get a golf r personally because of that. I’ve owned three VWs and every one was a maintenance and reliability nightmare. Last one Was just a basic manual golf and it too was just as bad. The previous two were brand new and I was in the dealership 7-8 times a year for warranty work for issues. Love the interior, ride was great, but not worth the constant headaches.


Ditto on that, friend just sold his new 2022 GTI in manual after just over a year cause of all the gremlins he was having with it.


> which is more refined This is exactly the problem with the Golf R, and one of the reasons I definitely don’t want one.


I looked at the Golf R before jumping into a Focus RS, and my biggest issue was how boring it felt compared to the STi and the RS. It's a great car, don't get me wrong. It was quick and by far the most comfortable of the 3, but it just felt like it didn't know how to have fun. I have a friend looking to get into a GR Corolla, so I'm curious to drive it and compare. On paper, it looks like a fun car, but I wonder how it really translates in the real world.


Yeah, I totally get that. I actually traded in my Focus RS for a golf R for that reason. It was my daily and being in a car so harsh five days a week got old kinda fast. I love having a nicer interior and adjustable suspension. Now I have a my 4Runner as my daily and wouldn’t mind jumping back into something more raw. Maybe I’ll finally start modifying my R.


It's a cool car, I just think it's too expensive. I'd be happy with a "GR-Sport" version or something that had the same engine detuned to 250 HP, FWD, and an MSRP south of $35,000.


Yeah, I’d love my XSE with another 50-70hp/tq. It’s such a fun little package and the 2.0l is great and strikes a good balance of power and efficiency but something a touch more fun without going AWD would be great.


My other pet peeve is that Honda hasn’t made a Civic Si hatchback since the EP3. Why force people into a $50k Type R if they want more than 180hp and a hatch?


Yes, yes, say bad things about it so the hype dies off and I can get one in the future.


I feel like these things are taking the heat off of GR86 prices perhaps? So glad you can still get that for under 35k.


I just don’t like how it looks


It makes big turbo whoosh. $51k please


No LSD = no buy


I just like to predend this car doesn't exist until if/when they actually increase production.


The one thing that surprises me was it has an open-deck engine while Elentra n gets closed-deck one.


If anything happens and my VN is totaled, this is going to be my first choice for a replacement should I decide to get another new car. Have not seen one in person yet but I am really excited for when I finally do.


Honestly after watching this video I don't regret getting a VN at all which makes me really happy.. (I like my armrest) - However I'd love to try one of these out though and see the difference.


> Honestly after watching this video I don't regret getting a VN at all which makes me really happy.. Oh absolutly. I adore my VN, very happy with it. But they are not making them anymore so if something happened to mine finding another would be a bit of a tall order and would result in getting a used one. Where as if I wanted another brand new car the GR Corolla is the nest best thing. I do like the EN but I also am a diehard hatchback fan when it comes to dailies.


Do the CTR next!!!


Bro... he bought a CTR and then literally made a glowing advertisement for the dealership that was forced to sell him a CTR at MSRP because he is an influencer. Everyone shit all over him for how smug it came off.


I'm always waiting on that


https://youtu.be/ZgZUxXR-8SE https://youtu.be/emxKmlTpeNc


Hard to believe that a Toyota Corolla is a rare sports car that costs a small fortune.


These are so cool, and I'd love to have one as my next car, but for the price I'll probably be looking at a GR86 or a Golf GTI instead since I can find them MSRP near me.


Seems Toyota is on a roll with cars like this and the GR86 twins and Yaris GR where they've brought back the old school fun that new cars while immensely capable and fast don't have the same emotional connection like cars of the 90s/2000s... The civic siR, 7th Gen Celica GTS etc who weren't fast but oh so fun. I have a M4 nowadays but it's not nearly as raw/fun as those cars of my youth


It bugged me when they said this was the "spiritual successor to the Subaru WRX". The whole review they didn't once mention the TOYOTA CELICA GT-FOUR, which this car is a carbon copy of. I get it, it was a very rare car in the U.S. But worldwide they did make it for 13 years over 3 generations of Celica. Oh and it won the WRC championship a few times. To be succeeded by the...WRC Corolla. So Toyota comes out with an AWD manual turbo hatch and almost all the online reviews compare it to the ... Subaru WRX. Maybe I just need to watch more european reviews.


Doesn't Jack have one ordered, I recall them talking about it before.