Wow 8 full months of experience and people aren’t taking your ideas and running with them? Wow what bigots


Your work speaks for itself, in any industry you are a part of. If you get shit done, and are an proven asset based on your work products, respect of your peers/superiors comes organically. It sounds like your work product does not command respect. This is an extremely entitled post. -28 y.o civil engineer


Imagine being an 8 month on the job EIT demanding respect lmao


Almost 5 years in. What’s respect? Can you use it in a sentence?


See the 3rd sentence in my comment.


It's probably more so your projected insecurities than your actual stature.


Agree with this comment. Im a small blonde woman and definitely don’t fit the stereotype of an engineer but I am well respected by my colleagues. I definitely put the work in to prove myself though, especially with some of the old hats. Kill them with kindness and be a badass engineer!


I work for a badass female engineer, who’s boss is also a female. I had previous work experience in the field and working for them was my first experience of criticism without the additional sting that’s found so frequently with construction types. I’ve learned a lot from them about not only subject matter but also what leadership can be. I can’t stress enough how much of a positive impact they have been on my development, and I have so much respect for them.


Your last comment on Reddit was about how a stripper would start losing money once she turned 25. What “ism” would you call that?


I think it’s a unique blend of ageism and misogyny.


I'd call that a fledgling tech-bro.


I feel like there is a good market for milfs that are in shape and/or voluptuous so I disagree with ops point.


Why would I care how my surgeon looks like if he is one of the best, on the other hand………


They don’t respect you because you’re weird. Have fun in CS 🥳


Why is Civil so fucking easy? I swear they can compress a 4 year degree into a 6month one. No wonder some employers only require you to have a pulse in order to hire you.


Bud, you're leaving civil engineering due to a lack of respect, and yet here you are lashing out at strangers like a sociopath. You seem to expect respect from others while acting like an absolute child at every perceived slight against you. It sure seems like you've got some deeper issues to work out. You might want to look into a therapist of you haven't already.


You’re not only a troll but an especially dumb one. Enjoy your career in CS, things sound great.


You’re picking the absolute worst time to join a bootcamp. It is NOT a good time to be completely green and trying to enter SWE.


Let him go, he needs to understand it isn’t his stature that is holding him back…


I totally agree, but at this time they aren’t going anywhere. A bootcamp will just be an expensive detour back to civil engineering.


any more details on this? Is it because of massive FAANG layoffs and so lots of talent out there?


There is a ridiculous amount of talent out there right now. New grads with offers rescinded are on the market and the only real major hiring going on is backfilling. If you’re a new grad with a CS degree and internships, it’s tight but opportunities are out there. Bootcampers are flat out last resort hires in this kind of market. We’re hiring SWEs aggressively, but 3-5 yoe minimums unless it’s a more specialized new grad with a masters/PhD.


Yeah those who go to boot camps without an engineering degree. Those with an engineering degree have it much easier. Why is my electrical and mechanical engineering freídnos working at Amazon and google? Obviously much harder than those with cs degrees


They’re working at Amazon because they got hired during their mega growth period which led to massive layoffs. If they got hired within the last 2-3 years, that’s a completely different animal than the market now. As a bootcamper you’d be currently fucked competing against the laid off Ex Amazon/MS/Google/“Other Unicorn Company” or new grads without offers but impressive internships. It was only a year ago that a Bootcamp would’ve been a bang on idea.


Well you can always do the bootcamp and then comeback to Civil while the cs market improves. It is not always black or white


You’re better off just skipping the Bootcamp and spending your time leetcoding. You’re going to come under leetocde easies and building a webapp. If you’re talking big tech then the reality building some resume project and spending the rest of your time leetcoding is a better return on investment. Or even leetcode first and then hit the Bootcamp once things start to turn around to get more out of it. I was prepping for SWE but lucked into technical product management before this shit storm started.


Idk man. My boss is a whopping 5’4” and an extremely competent engineer. The company’s previous owners were two pretty tall guys and they never figuratively looked down on him and his abilities


I mean... education and intelligence are not the same. You are clearly lacking one.


Sounds like you need to leave THE field and not THIS field. The only difference between doing that and switching to software engineer is picking which computer screen you want to be miserable in front of.


This post is amazing.


I have blue hair, my office is pink, and I've literally shown up to work events in full Lolita/egl coordinates. I do fine and people like me. I think it's just you man


This is inspiring. Here I am dressing normally because I think I have to (this is not sarcastic I promise).


There are ways to be professional and alt. It's a lovely way to express myself Something like this with a collard blouse underneath for example https://modcloth.com/products/black-bow-affair-fit-and-flare-dress-cb0001 This top with a long skirt is perfect for work https://m.shein.com/us/ROMWE-Kawaii-Gingham-Frill-Trim-Sailor-Collar-Blouse-p-11308706-cat-1733.html?scici=Search~~EditSearch~~1~~Blouse%20kawaii~~~~0&mallCode=1&src_module=search&src_identifier=st%3D2%60sc%3DBlouse%20kawaii%60sr%3D0%60ps%3D0&src_tab_page_id=page_pre_search1674595265404 I have a bunch of black platforms and boots. Lolita blouses are a bit OTT but I have worn them for work stuff.


Thank you for the tips :)


If you find anything cute let me know. A lot of my peices I can style for both street and work. I can't find of good picture of it, but a great trick is to use old leather garters to make sorta loops you can tie to hike up your skirt asymmetricaly. I can post a picture if that's not making sense


I take it you’ve never worked in a kitchen or held a blue collar job. The comments and laughs are part of any male dominated field, that’s why you get it more from contractors. Go hang out with iron workers for a day, they harass each other constantly, especially new people. It sounds strange but it builds comradery. People that can’t take it will leave, others toughen their skin and they all become best friends. Also dude, you’re new. I have my ideas and designs dismissed all the time. Keep working and making a reputation for yourself and people will listen to you. It has nothing to do with how you look.


You don't need a career change, you need a different job and therapy to overcome some pretty deep-seated issues. I'm short and skinny and no one dismisses me because I've built a rep based on competence and being right in the long run even after the bosses decide to take the project in a different direction.


Hey everyone, come check out Mr. Decent GPA 8 month graduate engineer who thinks he has a bunch of new idea that folks who’ve been in the profession for decades haven’t thought of


Oh man I just know you are insufferable to work with. Seen it too many times from insecure people who have quite a bit they need to work out in therapy lol.


I teach all my young engineers to *listen* and *watch* the seasoned contractors. They didn't get good at their professions without learning and seeing a few things. I will take the opinion of a 20-yr experienced contractor over that of a green 8-mo experienced engineer any day. No offense OP but until you have some years on you, your opinion is not going to move to the top of the action list. Especially if you have copped the attitude of "I'm the Engineer and you are the lowly contractor, you will do as I say." That is the quickest way to any contractor's shit list. Listen. Learn. Be respectful.


I work for a contractor. I'm brown in a mostly white region. If people comment on me, I give it right back. Don't dish out what you can't take.


What do you say lol


I remember when I was new and brought donuts to the office. I think I picked them of from some local shop. One of the bosses said "Damn you didn't even grab Krispy Kreme? Terrible." So I said "Don't eat them then! You don't have to eat anything I bring. Moving forward, I won't bring anything for the office anymore." hahaha Or when the supes try yelling to get their way. I just tell them to fuck off and say "good luck trying to get my help."


I think you should give civil engineering another chance. I’m a new EIT as well and a woman too. Sometimes when I go to site inspections I know the contractors are calling me names in Spanish (my coworker told me so) because I’m very green and look a bit out of place. But I believe they are just making fun and I act lighthearted about it. That’s just how you are when you’re new. After a few years you’ll get more experience and people will take you seriously. It may be a bit more difficult for us since you’re skinny, and I’m a woman, but we both still definitely have our place in this field and I absolutely love what I do.


Software engineering as all of the major tech companies are going through massive layoffs… Good luck OP.


With an attitude and perception like that you'll have a hard time making it anywhere without getting your feelings hurt.


Something tells me the problem is your attitude, bro.


I mean you could just get a better attitude, do better work and stop making yourself a victim of life. But, nah. You’d rather refuse to work on yourself and complain to strangers on the internet about how terrible it is that your coworkers don’t recognize how special you are. People have their own shit going on in life, they don’t have the time to coddle a special-wecial baby genius (who somehow couldn’t earn a 4.0?). Get it together.


They humanities ho*s really fucked me over


If you paid more attention in those classes, you’d probably do more fucking IRL


I work for a firm of about 100 people and haven't laid eyes on about half of them. Literally no idea what any of them look like. At least 10 of the people I don't even know if the are male or female. I'm sorry to hear you have been treated poorly but I don't think it's an industry-wide problem. I'd look for a different job. Or you could talk to HR.


I don't mean to be a jerk, but it sounds like the "looks" part is more of an expression or side complaint dancing around the real problem you might have: it seems like you might be a bit entitled and/or abrasive. Even if you were/are smarter than others, people with experience in a field are going to be pissed with newbies who try to tell them what's what. There's a way to show you have ideas, but you can't expect to be a full company game changer in just a couple of months. That movie sh•t isn't real. I might be completely off-base, and if this IS solely lookism, I am sorry for you. But your description sounds like the EXACT type of people that work in tech/engineering, so I doubt it, lol. You've basically described myself, and I've never had that problem, personally.


I absolutely promise you you’re going to have this in any and every field. You can switch to construction, teaching, computer science, business management, finances - it doesn’t matter; clients will always question the competency of young professionals. Why would they (in their mind) hire someone <10 years out of college when they could hire the late 50’s guy the same job but he’s been doing it since you were born? Clients (and employers) just want to hire the most experienced individual, and that’s usually (again, in their mind) the oldest person. It doesn’t make you any less competent, it’s just a reality of the professional world and something you’ll have to work through


I have a tiny Asian engineer friend who works in construction company. She experienced something similar, but she refused to back down and prove herself worthy to the company.


8 months out of college isn't enough to earn respect from co-workers. Keep trying


I know a skinny little white woman in construction inspection. I thought there was no way she was cut out for it until one day an ironworker made a joke about her and she walked over to him and told him exactly which orifice he could insert his head into and then made a joke about how he drove a big truck because he had a little penis. Contractors can be brutal and you don't appear to have the personality or backbone to deal with them. Is it right? No. But it is the way it is.


You just have to spit into the contractors mouth to assert your dominance.


I mean I'm not going to try that because I'm a heavy set man and that will likely get me shot. Of course it wouldn't be the first time I've had a gun drawn on me at work.


Going into coding now at peak market saturation…right as Big Tech start their mass layoffs… Can’t go wrong with that I guess, good luck


You just have to spit into the contractors mouths to assert dominance.


Also a short skinny EIT. I get along great with contractors, probably because I spent a few years in the field and know that college didn’t teach me jack shit. Imagine trying to tell someone with 20 years of experience how to do their job when you’ve been out of college for 8 months. Instead of switching fields, spend a year on a survey crew.


Construction people flip shit to everyone, if you can’t handle it or learn to flip it right back then probably better off moving on.


Do what makes you happy and makes you money. If you need to change course, the skills you developed will be portable to some extent and it’s a good idea to take stock of what you have learned (sort of an inventory of experience) before you switch. That said, it’s reasonable to expect that while you climb the learning curve you will need to cut your teeth and that takes patience, diligence and perseverance. A good guideline for all, especially when your new: 2 eyes, 2 ears, 1 mouth Do the math on that in regards to how you interact with the space and people. Be well and good luck.


This may be the most pathetic thing I've seen on this sub.


I can’t tell if this is a shit post.


My least effective colleagues, that I dread working with on a project, are the ones that confuse a 3.XX GPA however many years ago with their merit as a practicing engineer. Not a great attitude to show up to work with a closed mind, thinking you know everything.