There’s tons of training videos out there that will help you gain familiarity with the different civil 3D tools. It really just depends on the topic. But the real learning happens when you’re working on different projects and have to figure things out by googling/YouTube or asking good questions to more experienced engineers. If you’re getting the opportunity to work on different projects that require Civil 3d tools you will eventually become proficient.It just takes time, practice,a desire to learn, and most importantly perseverance. You’re going to get stuck and mess things up just have to push through that. It’ll definitely get easier and more enjoyable.


[https://civilimmersion.typepad.com/](https://civilimmersion.typepad.com/) Learned a ton from these guys when I started in my current position. They work at Autodesk and started these “30 minute workouts” in 2020. You can find them on YouTube but the website has categories you can sort by.


Jeff Bartels is the GOAT


100% recommend Jeff. I'm fairly sure his YouTube has playlists too where the videos are sorted into categories/topic areas.


There are a couple courses on LinkedIn.


Jeff Bartels is all you need


I learned that and autocad by writing a made up assignments and then googling how to… everytime I got stuck


Does your work provide any AutoCAD training? Informal or formal? If not, you are in a poor environment. Nearly all of my AutoCAD Civil 3D knowledge beyond the basics came from directly working on projects or directly assisting PEs with projects. The PE’s above you should be mentoring you to some degree if they expect you to learn this very complicated software IMO. Some things you can learn on your own or with classes, but the best skills come from doing it on the job


I learned a lot by making simple projects "complicated" throw in surfaces, corridors, use manholes and manhole tables recklessly, put your alignments and surfaces in separate drawings just to data shortcut them in, you get the point. Half of what you are trying to learn are the menus and how the things crash.


You’re response should have been “ok please pay for a course so I can improve my skills”


Go to your local community College


Just going to piggyback off this thread - does anyone have any suggestions on where to learn more skills associated with OpenRoads Designer? I've used Bentley's learning system before and was wondering if there were any other resources people found useful.


google the various civil 3D tools you need help with to find answers (type the name of the tool & civil 3d into the search engine). It helps to find pretty much whatever you're looking for. Also, search under the videos tab of google - I have found that youtube videos normally help a ton as you can watch somebody else go thru the motions. But as somebody else said - the best learning comes from experience working on projects and finding your mistakes. Civil 3D is a good program but it has it's quirks


YouTube is responsible for 90% of my CAD proficiency. Everything you could potentially learn about the software is there and it's free. Just buckle down and force yourself to watch them everyday.