Professional licensure is where you should plan toward. During your senior year, or shortly after you graduate you will sit for the FE exam. It's not that difficult, it's an engineering basic skills exam. Yuo dont get anything for passing excepting checking off box 1. After that you get a job and start working. Work experience, that s box 2. Box 3 is the PE exam. California is a bit different and I'm not sure of all the steps but you need to pass the exam AND have qualifying design experience. 4 Yrs of experience is required in most states. Some states are decoupling experience from the exam, so you can take the exam sooner than 4 yrs in some states, where previously you needed to wait 4 years to sit for it. But you don't get your license until you both pass the exam and have enough experience. California has extra steps and exams, but once you are licensed in Ca, you can pretty much obtain licensing in every other state through comity. Once you have a PE license, you are now able to assume liability and sign and seal designs. This is not the path everyone takes, but most do and it's the path you should plan for now to maximize your options. I would absolutely advise planning to sit for the PE someday, you can always change later, but don't plan to not take it from the start, you don't want to be studying for the FE later because you didn't take it when you could have earlier. The California state board will lay out all the steps you need.


interesting, do you have any resources / articles for me to view to further educate myself on all this stuff? my overall goal was to open up my own business in home repair/applications. (i.e: fences and all that good stuff) and then eventually get into real estate and maybe repair beat up homes and sell/rent for profit (ofc it’s not that easy as it’s expensive). so would i need to pass the PE/FE exam in order to do this? what does the PE/FE exam essentially give me aside from what say my first C.E job give me?