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about 40 yrs of wage inflation.


to everybody ITT wildin $95k AUD is $61k USD $250k AUD is $160k USD


Self employment


I dare OP to reply here and clarify that they actually expect this wage in this field …


Thats only possible in this industry when you are 50+ years old and a principal at a big firm, after having worked 60 hrs a week for 20 years. There are easier ways to make 250k.


Have a read of the engineering remuneration report.


Become a landscaper owner


Fairly assuming you mean legaly, you in public sector, your bosses don't fail in ethics and politics and you are not a very good engineer because you are in the public sector then you need to progress faster than the software develops and be more productive than anyone else. As a bonus, I suggest you instead to think enjoying a decent pension.


You should be able to find the wage ranges for public employees where you work to get an idea of how much more you can realistically make by sticking with the public route.


If you work in public sector all the salaries should be listed right? Look what the top civil guy makes. If you don’t see 250k don’t expect to make that. In private you have a chance to make that if you work for a larger company and become a principle, but to be a principle at a large company you have to buy in. I know my company you need to buy $500k in company stock to be a principle. You could also work for yourself and charge your own rates.


Public works directory for a big city you may make that much


You want to make 250k but you’ll be technically getting less because your taxes will increase. On top of that to get a salary like that you are gonna have to most likely work ALL the time ,80+ hours a week. Its possible in this industry but you just won’t have a life and time to spend it on. Save money and buy assets for the long term. This isn’t like the finance where you get rich quick. People want experience. I only see guys in their 50’s making this much. Ofcourse after a tough divorce and many nights dreading work


Don't work at a small engineering firm or work in the public sector. Find a large engineering firm, in you're case an international since Australia, and work for them for 10-15 years.


You will never get there employed for a public entity. The only way to make that is own your own place, or be a pm on the mega projects, and be damn good at it.


Lot of people saying it can't be done but thats not exactly true. I'm a civil I make just above 200k in my 30s. If you want to make what you are looking for, you cannot be an engineer pushing paperwork put. You have to bring in business or manage important things. If you want to do engineering exclusively, you'll need to be one of the partners or something like that. Finding work in the higher paying industry like power will help accelerate your pay


Money first vs achievements first always strikes me a missing the point. Never the less, if money is you primary goal - start a business. Working for somebody puts your limit at the whims of your employer and achieving that CEO or whatever position is highly competitive and challenging.